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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 28 Recap

Wei Xiaobao cried bitterly and showed his loyalty to Lord Hong. Lu Gaoxuan and Fat Toutuo publicly exposed Wei Xiaobao’s lies. Wei Xiaobao repeatedly claimed that they had given them five scriptures and asked them to give them to Lord Hong. Lord Hong asked about the whereabouts of the scriptures. He was wronged, Fat Tou Tuo suspected that he was taking it alone, Su Quan severely taught Lu Gaoxuan, and Lord Hong ordered the three of them to be locked up.

In the night, Shuang’er found a small boat and rescued Wei Xiaobao. Fat Tou Tuo quickly found out and reported to Master Hong loudly. Master Hong threw Thin Tou Tuo into the sea and asked him to swim and catch Wei Xiaobao back. The sea was too windy and Wei Xiaobao was swaying and standing unsteadily on the boat. Thin Touduo quickly caught up with Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao lied that Princess Jianning was pregnant with his child and vowed to treat her forever. Thin Toudo had to let him go.

Shi Lang sent people to look for Wei Xiaobao. Hearing that Wei Xiaobao had returned to the premises safely, he immediately went out to welcome him and set up a banquet to pick him up. Wei Xiaobao promised to go back and pay for him. Zhao Liangdong showed disdain to Wei Xiaobao and Shi Lang quickly explained. Wei Xiaobao led his army back to the capital, and the emperor sent hundreds of civil and military officials out of the city to welcome them triumphantly.

Wei Xiaobao came back to the emperor for the first time. The emperor praised him and showed that the real intention of the attack on Shenlong Island was to let the world see the power of the cannon. The emperor soon received Wu Sangui, Shang Kexi and Geng Jinzhong. Zhezi, took the initiative to request the withdrawal of the feudal clan. The emperor saw the wolf ambition of the three of them and wanted to send soldiers to encircle and suppress him, but he was worried that he would be insulted by an insult to the hero. The emperor explained this to the civil and military officials.

They all felt that San Francisco wanted to test it. I don’t really want to withdraw the feudal clan. Suo Etu suggested that he should withdraw the feudal clan after Wu Sangui’s life is over. Tou Hai thinks that he should withdraw the feudal clan and can no longer tolerate San Francisco’s misbehavior. He recommended Mingzhu to Yunnan and publicly revealed that his bracelet was sent from Yunnan.

Wei Xiaobao asked hundreds of civil and military officials to indicate their attitude on the spot. Most of the officials did not agree to withdraw from the feudal clan, and the emperor retreated without saying anything. Today is Shi Lang’s 70th birthday. Shi Lang sent someone to send invitations to Wei Xiaobao early in the morning. Wei Xiaobao’s political commissar was unhappy about the withdrawal of the feudal clan, and Shuang’er persuaded Wei Xiaobao to go to the banquet.

At this moment, Princess Jianning came to Wei Xiaobao aggressively, and Wei Xiaobao hurriedly hid in fright. Princess Jianning was so angry that she would wait for him at home. Wei Xiaobao had to show up. Princess Jianning cursed at him, telling Wu Yingxiong how coldly she was. Wei Xiaobao learned that Wu Yingxiong was helping Huang Shilang Zhang Luoshouyan, so he decided to check it out himself.

Tu Hai, Suo E Tu, Ming Zhu and others came to wish Huang Shilang his birthday. Tu Hai saw that Wu Yingxiong was also there, and left without looking back. The emperor was once again subjected to the memorial request of the San Francisco to withdraw the feudal clan. He consulted with hundreds of civil and military officials. Tuhai’s attitude changed drastically. He persuaded the emperor to think twice before proceeding.

Wei Xiaobao publicly exposed Wu Sangui’s rebellious heart. Little Yellow Oriole, and also listed three of Wu Sangui’s treasures one by one. Wu Sangui put a pigeon egg-sized ruby ​​on the hat, but the hat was too small. He felt that the white tiger skin was too big, but the chair was too small. Wei Xiaobao also knew clearly I remember that Wu Sangui had a large screen embroidered with hungry tigers coveting the little yellow oriole under the tree and climbing the high branches. This is iron proof that Wu Sangui wanted to usurp the throne.

Wei Xiaobao exposed that Wu Sangui had bribed the ministers of the DPRK with a lot of money, and deliberately lost to the ministers by playing cards. Wei Xiaobao took out a large bag of gold and silver jewelry, claiming that this was given to him by Wu Sangui, and begged him to make good words in front of the emperor not to withdraw the domain. The emperor was so angry. Gritting their teeth, Suo’etu, Mingzhu and others immediately knelt down and pleaded guilty, admitting that they had accepted Wu Sangui’s bribe.

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