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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 1 Recap

In the previous life, Dongyue, as a general defending his family and defending the country, died on the battlefield. In this life, he woke up and returned to the beginning of everything. At this time, Lu Yuantong was not dead, and Feng Xi, a traitorous courtier, had not yet brought harm to the country and people. She wanted to reverse the outcome before everything happened in this life. When she was shot by Lu Yuantong with an arrow in her previous life, she was still a female general who heard her heart, and a man appeared behind the exhausted woman with a flute. She let out a sigh of relief and she passed out. When she woke up, she was surrounded by a lake with only a white jade flute by her side, and she didn’t know what it was, who she was.

Randomly found a piece of clothes, put on a cloth and jade pendant, a man’s voice came from the hot spring pool, and she didn’t know where this place was and what my name was when she was nervous. Feng Jing quietly stared at the girl in the dark. Suddenly many snitches shot out from the sky. Seeing the jade pendant worn on the girl’s body, he knew at a glance that this person must be Feng Xi, and he was about to cut with a knife. In this trial, the girl actually found out that she had martial arts, and the assassin also found out that she had made a mistake. At this time, Feng Xi appeared, and they naturally cut off at the real Feng Xi. The girl didn’t think too much, stood in front of Feng Xi and took him to avoid the swords and guns.

Feng Xi was also surprised that she was pushed behind her to protect her, and the girl’s flute accidentally landed on the ground, and she began to mumble in front of him. Only then did not notice, the sword was eyeless, and the girl’s left arm was injured. Feng Xi thoughtfully tied her outer cloak. Next, while he was looking at the white jade flute, the girl changed into women’s clothing, and Feng Xi’s eyes were clearly seen as a delicate and smart girl with graceful demeanor. I thought that this jade flute belonged to a girl, and Feng Xi offered it together with Jinchuang Medicine.

Tomorrow Lu Yuantong is about to enter Beijing, Feng Xi took the initiative to meet the drudgery of the Lord Hou in order to get close to him, because only in this way can he pave the way for future events. As for the girl with high martial arts skills and unknown name in front of him, Feng Xi plans to slowly adopt it for himself. The white jade flute couldn’t make a sound, and the girl was distressed about it. Suddenly a holly flower fell in her palm. Since there is no name, then the holly flower blooms before the moon, otherwise it is called Dongyue. They exchanged names, and Feng Xi gave her a jade medal with her own name.

The next day, Dongyue went to visit an expert to take a look at this weird flute, but the flute seemed to recognize the master and attacked the old gentleman who wanted to inspect it. Dongyue could only try it again by himself, this time it actually rang. At the moment when the sound was blown, the past was like a passing cloud into a dream, and she remembered many things before.

She came down from the battlefield and was dying. It was Eryu who saved her life, gave her the jade flute that sealed his remnant soul and spiritual knowledge, and made her a lotus root body, sending her back to the country half a year ago. Still peaceful. By coincidence, God asked him to wake up and meet Feng Xi, the treacherous couple who colluded with Lu Yuantong inside and outside to harm the country and the people. Of course, the war that followed was also a gift from them.

Calculated by time, she is now on June 20, the fourteenth year of Qiyuan. Tomorrow will be the day when Lu Yuantong returns to Beijing and Feng Xi will pick him up. What Dongyue has to do now is to take this opportunity to kill Lu Yuantong first, and everything can be restored.

After riding a horse to the inn at Zhumingyi, someone came up to hook up with a glimpse of Dongyue, and a group of people followed, calling the man’s boss. Just at this moment, someone was kicked out of the door. The owner saw that it was sent to kill Feng Xi, and Feng Xi walked from inside unscathed. Everyone rushed up and fought again. As you can imagine, the owner died violently and Feng Xi was unharmed. Dongyue took advantage of this chaotic space to hide, but the jade flute kept ringing, and the next moment Feng Xi looked for a sound and stood in front of her. At this time, I don’t want to do anything. Dongyue’s dagger was pressed against Feng Xi’s neck. Hearing the sound of carriages and horses outside the door, Lu Yuantong must have arrived. Dongyue forced Feng Xi’s subordinates to aim the crossbow arrows at the door.

Feng Xi deliberately said her mouth. The flute sound seemed to be heard only by the two of them. Dongyue was angry. Feng Xi was waiting for this opportunity to hold her backhand. Then Feng Jingfei took it from her body and replaced it with his blade. Winter moon. Knowing that the two people in front of him are Feng Xi and Feng Jing, Dongyue yelled at him. Feng Xi was an extremely human minister a year later, but he did not die in the hands of Lu Yuantong at the peak, and Feng Jing would die in Zhumingyi today. Feng Xi insisted on taking Lu Yuantong’s words.

Who would believe in a girl’s nonsense, Feng Jing took Dongyue away, and she got out of control when she was not prepared, but the next second Feng Xi’s knife pierced her heart, and she died. At night, two of his subordinates threw Dongyue into the lake, and the flute sounded. In order to welcome An Yuanhou Lu Yuantong, Feng Xi killed these people who wanted to harm him, hoping to negotiate a deal with Lu Yuantong. He needs someone to assist him in his advancement, and Lu Yuantong needs someone to help him keep his military power. But the next moment, Feng Jing was assassinated and died on the spot. Lu Yuantong did not want to buy it.

When Feng Xi was frightened, he immediately regained his spirit. As long as Lu Yuantong can dispel the fire, Feng Jing’s death would be considered a good death. The husband is ruthless and Fang Cheng is a major event, and Lu Yuantong has a little approval of Feng Xi. In the dead of night, the lake was silent. Feng Xi was thinking about what happened today. Dongyue seemed to be an unknown prophet. Everything she said was fulfilled, and Feng Jing’s death would never be forgotten.

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