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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 2 Recap

Feng Xi by the lake secretly thought, but she turned around and the Winter Moon blade approached him again. She was still alive, and her wound was recovering fast. Dongyue remembered what Eryu had said that the lotus root body and the jade flute had the same spiritual power. As long as the jade flute was not damaged, she would not die, and even if she was injured, she could heal with water.

Feng Xi and An Yuanhou returned to Beijing together. The task was completed beautifully. They successfully persuaded Lu Yuantong to remove his armour and return to Beijing. Many rewards were sent to Feng Mansion. Madam Rou and Dao Le looked at these zero and zero chiefs, and only a moment later, they welcomed Feng Xi back to the mansion, promoted and got rich, and allowed Madam Rou to organize the banquet. Feng Xi ordered Daole to serve Feng Jingli. Under the tablet.

Dongyue walked on the street, admiring the prosperity eight years ago. The tiger dolls on the street were still there, but the person who bought her dolls and picked kites was missing. Thinking of these she couldn’t help tears.

Sitting in front of many spiritual positions, Feng Xi poured wine. After the death of his eldest brother Feng Jing, the Ming family’s grudges increased. Feng Jing used his life in exchange for the cooperation between him and Lu Yuantong. He wanted to become strong quickly. Feng Xi stared at the opposite of the spiritual position. He secretly vowed to insult the Ming family and he would not let go of the empty ranking.

In the past few days, Feng Mansion has been singing and dancing, and guests are constantly coming and going. All dignitaries and dignitaries have come to congratulate Feng Xi on her promotion. Shang Shu Anhou is no exception. He brought a golden toad, which is called the golden toad. Jin Shui Tu Bao is used to satirize Feng Xi. Feng Xi naturally took all the photos, and kindly added a pedestal to this toad, and saw an extremely ugly turtle carrying the toad. Many people said that this turtle looked peaceful. When I asked Anhou’s opinion again, the other party had to say that this was too ostentatious, and the implication was to put it away, don’t put it out as shameful.

Lu Chuan, who had been hiding outside the hall and recording the whole process, also laughed out loud. He was not only the director of the Taishi Bureau, but also the host of Wangchuan, who published the incident in the Kyoto Miscellaneous Talk. There is a list of all kinds of stories from Kyoto to astronomy and geography, and there is nothing that Wangchuan poster dare not write. Even Feng Xi noticed this miscellaneous narrative, and asked Wang Chuan’s poster, Lu Chuan, to write an issue of His Majesty’s Memorial Ceremony for immediate publication.

After the court meeting, several ministers came to the emperor’s study to discuss important matters. An Hou proposed that the border town’s troops should be brought to the capital. In fact, he was helping the emperor propose to retreat. He also agreed with Fang Yuan. When the emperor asked Feng In the evening, no one on either side of him should be guilty. Only Ding Yuan, who holds the military power in the audience, was unhappy. This was to force him to turn in.

There is still one year left in the Anyuan Rebellion, and Dongyue must kill Lu Yuantong before that. That day, I wandered to the small stall in Kyoto Zazhan, where she spread the main money, but she just couldn’t buy it, so she had to give him Feng Xi’s jade medal. Who knows that no one knows it, and no one dares to take it. It’s a book for nothing. Suddenly, there was a sound of An Yuan waiting for her to look at her, and she found that Feng Xi on the attic of Pingkangfang had been watching her for a long time.

An Yuanhou also came to Pingkangfang. Obviously, he came to Feng Xi because he had agreed to the emperor’s decision to cut his military power. But if you want to replace it, you must first give some sweetness. By then, Feng Xi will replace Shangshu, which is not more beneficial to Ding Yuanhou. After some remarks, I will wait for my heart to settle down, and there is still a leisurely sentiment to see the singing and dancing of Pingkangfang. Feng Xi was prepared for this and ordered the Qingzhu girl to perform the dance.

It is not Qingzhu who is covered by the red dress and red gauze, but Dongyue. An Yuanhou does not recognize her, but Feng Xi has several bonds with her. In this case, I would go along with her to play the war melody to add to the excitement. The piano sound is sonorous, the drums are distinct, a sword dance is getting faster and faster, and the distance to Anyuanhou is getting closer and closer, and the winter moon is about to play the sword. She had to stop.

This is not a plan, but such a good opportunity cannot be missed. Dongyue spared his life and tried desperately. Feng Xi also saw what she thought, and came up to hug her, and ordered someone to tie her back to the room and wait for him. Dongyue, whose hands were tied, was discouraged, but the sky was boundless, and she saw the candle beside the bed. In the banquet hall, Feng Xi and Ding Yuanhou began to discuss business affairs. Feng Xi promised to get rid of Shang Shu Anhou by the hand of the emperor. Ding Yuanhou had a definite promise and would not stay. Before leaving, Lefang mother said that the bamboo quilt was clear. Faint, then who is that sword dancing woman just now?

Even if Ding Yuanhou’s subordinate Zang Fei intervenes, Feng Xi is not afraid. The identity of an assassin is better than anything else. Dongyue must have already escaped the room, so naturally there is no need to worry, just pretend to be ignorant of this matter. When Zang Fei searched and left, the flute sounded and guided Feng Xi to a room. He first lighted the incense and found Dongyue. But for a while, she was so weak that she couldn’t hold the sword, lying on the ground and fainted. Go to sleep. Riding Feng Xi’s carriage Dongyue to get out of Pingkangfang, when asked why he insisted on killing Lu Yuantong, the reason couldn’t be simpler, the crime of leading the troops to condemn.

Daole drove the carriage, Zang Fei was blocking the road again, and he was about to be spotted when he saw it. Feng Xi looked like a romantic boy and wrapped Dongyue tightly with a cloak. What the discerning person still didn’t understand. After this hurdle, Dongyue should not be with this eternal servant, and will leave after getting off the bus. Feng Xi put on a cloak for her, only a few words of gentle exhortation, nothing else.

In the Taishi Bureau, Taishiling paced left and right, reprimanding these useless officials who monitored the celestial phenomena but could not see anything. At this time, the papers indicting the Taishi Bureau arrived as expected, and Tai Shiling’s face was even more ugly. Some people suggested that he should not go to the palace. In the hall, Pang Yu, the third prince, was solemn and elegant, and he was writing a green poem to pray for the right time and place.

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