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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 3 Recap

I learned from Kyoto Miscellaneous that the spirit of Winter Moon is coming again for the ceremony to be held in the near future. Suddenly, I saw that the store threw out many new oil-paper umbrellas. It turned out that due to the drought in Kyoto in March, the umbrellas could not be sold, so we should throw them away. Dongyue picked up an umbrella. According to her memory, it will snow in Kyoto tomorrow. It seems that she is expected to enter the Taishi Bureau. There was a lone line on the umbrella, waiting for others to come to the poem, but Dongyue’s interest was not here at all. He ran to the Taishi Bureau and told the snowfall in the evening, but everyone only thought she was crazy and wanted to blast her out.

The noise disturbed the three princes who copied the book in the temple. He sent the maid Qingxiao to check it out. Qingxiao saw that Dongyue was so sure that she was going to stay with her for half a day, but who knew that Dongyue took out Feng Xi’s jade card in one fell swoop. Leave her alone. Until the evening, when the third prince went out, he ran into a gloomy winter moon with an umbrella, which was really strange in the summer weather. But Dongyue firmly believes that there will be heavy snowfall tonight, and this umbrella is just a precaution. The third prince bought two pieces of steamed cake for her. When she was full of energy, she gave the umbrella as a gift to the third prince. When asked about her name, she naturally blurted out her name as Dongyue, and then squatted to guard the Taishi Bureau. went.

When the third prince opened the umbrella and saw the solitary sentence, Feixue just fell. After thinking about it this way, the person who was clamoring outside today is also Dongyue, and she is expected to snow tonight.

When Lu Chuan left the Taishi Bureau early in the morning, he saw Dongyue sleeping at the door at a glance, and gave her both her appointment papers and the umbrella lent out yesterday. Who would have thought that it was the prince who was chatting with her last night, Dongyue opened the umbrella and found the solitary sentence and met the second half.

In this way, Dongyue became Sichen of the Taishi Bureau. After thanking the three princes, she felt that Feng Xi’s token was not as useful as the three princes, so she threw it in the flowerbed. Taking an umbrella and traveling with the three princes, Dongyue bought steamed cakes, ate with the three princes and enjoyed the beautiful scenery in the rain, as a reward for the grace of the encounter, but because of business, Dongyue went back first. The smile on his farewell face was straightforward and lovely, which inexplicably made the three princes feel strangely moved.

After running back from the rain, Dongyue needs a bath. But the Taishi Bureau bathroom was full of men, and she couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. Just as Lu Chuan arrived, he didn’t like a group of people crowding in the bathhouse. He understood Dongyue very well and was willing to guard her outside. Dongyue was grateful, and handed him a book of Kyoto Miscellaneous Talks to relieve his boredom. Lu Chuan was even more delighted to see her admiring Wangchuan’s book so much.

After several turns, Jade Pai finally returned to Feng Xi’s hands. Feng Xi was upset when he learned that the Taishi Bureau had excluded her because the three princes were speaking for Dongyue, but there was one exception. Wangchuan’s original poster Lu Chuan had a good relationship with Dongyue. Feng Xi heard this in mind, this Lu Chuan might still be of great use. In the next day, the bushes on the Anhou Mansion were stained with blood, which frightened him very much, causing him to face ashes ashes above the court. Feng Xi was half caring and half implying Lu Chuan, who had mentioned about writing about Kyoto with Anhou, said before. He sent a toad to shoot himself in the foot.

Hearing that An Hou had visited the Taishi Bureau, everyone was anxious. As soon as he came, he named Lu Chuan by name, and detained him as a hat of contempt for imperial power. Dongyue was also imprisoned when he pleaded for him. Everyone’s first reaction was to ask the third prince for help. But unfortunately, it was Feng Xi who came here. He made reasonable sentences for the emperor’s sake. In the end, it was just a small punishment and a big punishment to hit Lu Chuan’s board. As for the winter moon, it is predicted that in July, the flying snow will have vast magical powers, and the imperial concubines in the palace will be summoned to pray for the emperor, so Anhou naturally can’t move.

The three princes who arrived late saw Feng Xi look unsightly. They seemed to have a grudge. His Royal Highness followed the rules of elder and inferiority towards the throne. But now that the eldest brother has passed away, he still only knows how to chant poems. Don’t grow up at all. But Feng Xi was eager for quick success and instant benefits, and the third prince naturally looked down on him, and the relationship between the two was so rigid. Feng Xi handed the jade medal to Dongyue again, and if he dared to lose it again, he would tell her to stay in the Taishi Bureau. After the threat, Feng Xi smiled kindly and left.

After this catastrophe, Dongyue and Lu Chuan are also friends in trouble, knowing that Lu Chuan is the author of Kyoto Miscellany, but recently he always writes Feng Xi perfectly, and Dongyue simply focuses on other things. In a few days, there will be a ceremony to worship the heavens. If you want to get close to Lu Yuantong, you have to know some sacrificial books, but it is a pity that Lu Chuan knows very little about this.

When Dongyue went out the next day, Feng Xi happened to be caught. The two went to the street and saw a bunch of brightly colored women’s clothing. Feng Xi couldn’t help but sigh when he could see Dongyue wearing women’s clothing. But Dongyue is here to buy the book, and there will tell him if there are some. Feng Xi also proposed to go to him if he wanted to read, which was safe and unsuspecting. Dongyue wouldn’t let it be her mercy. From that day when her job search was blocked by a jade card, to the conversation between Feng Xi and the third prince yesterday, it was obvious that the two were rivals. According to common sense, even if he asked for help, he would give priority to the third prince. Rather than Feng Xi, the minister.

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