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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 3 Plot

Ji Yanxin lied that Qi Nian was his girlfriend, Qi Nian wanted to pursue Ji Yanxin for his works

Qi Nian said that she needed him for various reasons, but Ji Yanxin did not believe what Qi Nian said. The two held each other in an argument. At this time, grandpa just went in, and she had to let her go on a blind date unless Ji Yanxin had a girlfriend. At this time, Ji Yanxin said that Qi Nian was his girlfriend. Grandpa asked him if Qi Nian was his girlfriend, what was her name? Qi Nian also looked forward to whether Ji Yanxin remembered her name. Ji Yanxin had no choice but to say that her name was Qi Nian. This made Qi Nian jump up with excitement. Ji Yanxin told his grandfather that although Qi Nian looked unreliable, but She is his girlfriend, and grandpa told them that no matter how long they can get along, as long as one day is his girlfriend and grandpa, he will worry about one less day.

Qi Nian and his friends asked about what they did when they were in a relationship. Just when Qi Nian called her friend to learn more about Ji Yanxin, Ji Yanxin went to assign a lot of work to Qi Nian’s friend, so After hanging up the phone, Qi Nian couldn’t control so much. In order to paint, he pretended to be in love. He drew some cartoons by imagination and gave it to the leader. The leader was very dissatisfied after reading it. works.

Qi Nian had to interview some friends who had been in love before to find out. So a few friends introduced her to a boy named Jiang. They were all role-playing and they also drew girly cartoons. Qi Nian asked why Jiang wanted Draw girl manga? Jiang said that if you like it, you won’t ask others such low-level questions. If Qi Nian didn’t care about girl comics, he wouldn’t be worthy to paint in this circle. This made Qi Nian feel that he really was like this and left. After Qi Nian left, everyone Said that Jiang said too much, but Jiang said that he only said that to respect Shoujo Manga, and he would not allow a person who does not love Shoujo Manga to ruin the industry.

Ji Yanxin told the students at the school that their design was too bad, so he smashed the design and asked them to go back to do it again. At this time, Qi Nian also entered the classroom and asked Ji Yanxin if he had no talent for doing it. Ji Yanxin told Qi Nian that he had to work harder if he had no talent, and that he had to work hard to laugh at the end.

When Qi Nian went to the supermarket to buy instant noodles, there was just the last bucket left. When Qi Nian was about to get it, the sauce was also obtained. Both of them wanted it. The sauce didn’t take the Qi Nian, so they had to leave hungry. The other party said that no one should see anyone in the future. They did not expect that they would rent a house after returning to the rental house. It seems that when the intermediary asked them to share a house, they didn’t know that they were each other. Jiang and Qi Nian said if they didn’t It is convenient for him to wait until the salary is paid next month and then move out, but Qi Nian said that she also has no money and can only move out after the salary is paid. Currently, he can only live here first. Later, Qi Nian and Jiang said that he could not use it. Moving out is to help her finish the comics.

Jiang made a design for Qi Nian, so that the heroes and heroines in her comics will have their lives after they are in love. So Qi Nian and Ji Yanxin dared to show their love and designed a series of seduce designs for Ji Yanxin. Qi Nian used many tricks and failed to complete his love strategy with Ji Yanxin.

Suddenly many of Ji Yanxin’s former teaching assistants went to find Qi Nian, saying that none of them had worked with Ji Yanxin for more than three days and told her to leave Ji Yanxin as soon as possible, otherwise he would be rude to her, so Qi Nian picked up a wooden stick. Say okay to them, and see how they are not polite. These people were shocked when they saw that Qi Nian was so domineering.

They told Qi Nian that Ji Yanxin was the male god in their hearts, and they also told Qi Nian that Ji Yanxin was because of him. The ex-girlfriend never got married. Later, this group of people became friends with Qi Nian. When they were about to add WeChat to each other, Ji Yanxin passed. Unexpectedly, Ji Qiu also passed by at this time. He said that the root of Qi Nian was not The student union of the school, she is a liar.

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