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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 4 Plot

After hearing this, Ji Yanxin pulled Ji Qiu down from the office and said that Qi Nian was his girlfriend. He also told Ji Qiu that this was ordered by his grandfather. If he respects his brother, he must respect his sister-in-law.

Qi Nian left because of this guilt and left a letter to Ji Yanxin saying that she didn’t want to deceive Ji Yanxin, but that she really wanted to stay with Ji Yanxin. Qi Nian also left Ji Yanxin with some of his portraits.

Qi Nian received a call from the leader saying that the delivery time of the comics was ahead of schedule and she had to hurry up to finish the painting. Qi Nian went home to work all night under the rain and waited until dawn to complete. I did not expect to have a high fever because of the cold. Watching Qi Nian have a high fever and still working like this, it’s like helping her to finish it together, and the two of them quickly finish the creation together.

Ji Yanxin has been calling Qi Nian hoping that she can go back to work. Ji Yanxin’s new teaching assistant could not complete her current work. When Qi Nian saw the phone number of assistant teacher Ji Yanxin, he hurried to send them the materials. After receiving the materials, Ji Yanxin saw Qi. Nian’s complexion was ugly, but Qi Nian asked Ji Yanxin to go back to the seminar. He was late immediately and fainted after speaking. When Qi Nian woke up and saw Ji Yanxin by the bed with her, Qi Nian quickly asked Ji Yanxin that he was in the hospital. ,

What about the seminar? Ji Yanxin said that his seminar was temporarily cancelled until tomorrow, which made Qi Nian relieved. After Ji Yanxin went out, Ji Yanxin’s new assistant called Qi Nian and said that he had never seen Ji Yanxin so worried about a person. Ji Yanxin sent his PPT Handed over to a new lecturer, he himself missed the speech, the limelight was robbed by that person.

Qi Nian saw that Ji Yanxin said that he was sorry that he missed the seminar, but Ji Yanxin said that Qi Nian was ill and sent him materials. His giving up the seminar is the same as Qi Nian’s choice, so she should not think too much.

After Qi Nian was discharged from the hospital, the two went to the bus station to go back to their respective homes. Ji Yanxin told Qi Nian to go home and take medicine. At this time, Qi Nian felt like a throbbing heart. Ji Yanxin’s car arrived. Nian wanted to tell Ji Yanxin that she wanted to be with Ji Yanxin. At the same time, Ji Yanxin pulled her into the car and hugged her. Then Qi Nian told Ji Yanxin that she liked Ji Yanxin. At this time, many people in the car were watching Ji Yanxin. However, Ji Yanxin said that he is not interested in falling in love now. Qi Nian did not give up to Ji Yanxin and said that she had no plans to chase after Ji Yanxin immediately. You can wait for Ji Yanxin to reply to her, and get off when Ji Yanxin arrives at the station. Is it agreed? Ji Yanxin said something like her.

Qi Nian was called to criticize by the company’s leaders, but her manuscript had been selected, and it turned out that the sauce was done for her. Jiang’s coffee shop went to a customer who was dissatisfied with the coffee made by Jiang. He insisted on a popular coffee, but Jiang said that the work he hated the most was the work. Unexpectedly, this person was the original author Lu Qingwu, wearing a mask and was not recognized. After she left, she knew that this person was the manga god Lu Qingwu he had worshipped before.

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