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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 5 Plot

Qi Nian and the leader said that she and Ji Yanxin confessed that they were rejected, and that he would not go to school after he took over at school, and Qi Nian’s teaching assistant was over, and the fate between them ended here. At this time, the leader saw that there was a business card from Ji Yanxin to Qi Nian in Qi Nian’s pocket with the address of Ji Yanxin’s company written on it. This made Qi Nian jump up with excitement. This business card represented that Ji Yanxin gave her to continue the relationship. Opportunity.

Qi Nian went to their company to find him at the address given by Ji Yanxin. Qi Nian dreamed about the possibilities of meeting Ji Yanxin with her, but he did not expect that Shao Zui in a bathrobe opened the door for her. The drunk dress was a little surprised, as if Ji Yanxin and Shao Zui were engaged in homosexuality, they hurriedly retreated to run, but Ji Yanxin stopped in the room and asked her to enter the house quickly.

Qi Nian went in and saw that Shao Zui was doing housework for Ji Yanxin. Ji Yanxin was responsible for his food and drink. Shao Zui was responsible for him. Once Ji Yanxin got busy, he would forget to sleep and eat. Once he was fully engaged, he would enter a state of selflessness. Qi Nian had eaten Shao. Drunk made a meal that felt so unpalatable, so Qi Nian said that Ji Yanxin’s daily life would be taken care of by her. Now Shao Zui was relaxed, and finally someone took over his responsibility. Before leaving, Shao Zui asked Qi Nian Don’t you really like Ji Yanxin? If Qi Nian has not been truly accepted by Ji Yanxin, he must keep a certain distance, otherwise he will step on the minefield. If he accepts Qi Nian, he will think about these things in reverse.

When Qi Nian was working at Ji Yanxin’s house, Ji Yanxin forcibly formulated some rules, and he was not allowed to enter some restricted areas without his consent, which made Qi Nian even more incredible about Ji Yanxin.

After Qi Nian returned home, he showed Ji Yanxin’s cartoons to Jiang, and he also told Jiang about some of Ji Yanxin’s personalities. This made Jiang a little weird to this person, so Jiang told Qi Nian a story about Blue Beard, and Ji Yanxin’s The personality is very similar. This Blue Beard is a murderous madman. The room that everyone is not allowed to enter is full of dead bodies. This makes Qi Nian more curious about the room that Ji Yanxin does not let her enter.

When Qi Nian was playing with Qi Bao at home, Qi Bao fell into the swimming pool. Ji Yanxin asked Qi Nian if he had gone somewhere he shouldn’t be. Otherwise, Qi Bao would not be so abnormal, but Qi Nian gratefully shook her head and said that she did not dare to violate the agreement, so Ji Yanxin would bath Qi Bao and ask Qi Nian to wipe off all the water on Qi Bao’s body.

When Qi Nian will come home and eat instant noodles with Jiang, why don’t you take part in the competition when Jiang is so talented in comics? But Jiang said that he was just a half-hearted person. At this time, Qi Nian pulled Jiang into the house and showed him his own works. They were all great. The family encouraged him to participate in comic contests with him. Under Qi Nian’s strong attack Jiang was moved by Qi Nian, and she was a little tempted to paint with her. Jiang also told Qi Nian that his Chinese name is Pei Siqi, and Qi Nian told him that he would help Pei Siqi complete his dream together, but Pei Siqi told Qi not to be too narcissistic. Up.

Qi Nian went to Ji Yanxin’s home to give him a humble breakfast. Ji Yanxin felt that Qi Nian’s mobile phone was pretty good. During the meal, Qi Nian was relieved that Ji Yanxin’s hand was injured. Ji Yanxin must pay attention to safety because she cannot be taken care of by his house at night. This made Qi Nian feel that it was weird to say such a thing. He didn’t expect that Ji Yanxin gave Qi Nian a key to his house. This surprised Qi Nian.

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