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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 37 End Recap

Li Yunlai urged everyone to burn Ou Xiaojian’s Xiao Hongkong to vent their anger, thinking that a scum like Ou Xiaojian deceived them into signing the contract. Sun Yan wanted to stop, but the big guy thought he was with Ou Xiaojian. Fortunately, Yi Dongdong brought some people to stop them in time. Yi Dongdong was also very angry.

Before, he tried to persuade everyone to be cautious, but no one listened to him. Now that something happens and is so impulsive, impulse and anger can never solve the problem. Everyone thinks that Ou Xiaojian is a bastard, no one cares about them life and death, but what Yi Dongdong said touched everyone, Ma Xiaoxiao thanked Yi Dongdong for coming out to speak for Ou Xiaojian.

Zeng Hao learned that Li Yun was fighting for the house before he came, and was very moved. Liang Xiaobao and Zeng Hao decided to take their daughter to stay with their parents in Guangzhou, and Li Yunlai was going back to Shanghai. I had hoped that Li Yunlai could take good care of himself and take care of his health. The neighbors in Mayang Street also came to see him off.

The big guy found Ange and asked for money for the demolition. According to the actual situation, the lawyer delegation of Shuangcheng Company also hoped that Ange would show sincerity to appease the people. After Lawyer Xing talked with Ang, Ang said that he would first allocate part of the funds to the relocation households in Mayang Street.

In the evening, Ma Xiaoxiao sneaked into Ou Xiaojian’s office and got hints in the book “A Tale of Two Cities” and discovered the accounts of the former Hongtu Company. She believed that there was illegal money laundering between the Twin Cities International Company and Hongtu Company. After the incident, Ma Xiaoxiao told the lawyer Xing about his findings. Both believed that the matter was not trivial. They told the Public Security Bureau as soon as possible and asked the Public Security Bureau to help solve the case.

Fortunately, with the evidence provided by Ma Xiaoxiao, the illegal gains of Shuangcheng International Company were quickly grasped by the public security organs. The public security organs jointly dispatched and broke Cheng Fang and Ang’s fraudulent scheme and arrested him. Everyone in Mayang Street heard the news. After getting the demolition money, they all moved out of Mayang Street one after another. Aunt Niu’s family moved out in a hurry. Yi Dongdong was nostalgic for his youth and looking at the place where Ma Xiaoxiao once lived, aroused many memories of him.

Half a year later, the Public Security Bureau thanked Ma Xiaoxiao and the law firm for their help, and awarded them a certificate of merit. Sun Fal is about to get married, Chen Lili and Sun Ben Yan show invitations and gifts. Liang Xiaobao asked Sun Fal if he had invited Aunt Niu’s family, and Sun Fal said he gave the invitation. When Ma Xiaoxiao rushed to the wedding, she saw Zeng Hao being with Liang Zizhi.

Everyone was waiting for the bride to come, and Lin Jiahao also came, but Liang Yuanchao happened to have a business meeting before he had time to participate, so Aunt Niu and Ma Yingjun went abroad again. Yi Dongdong suddenly informed Chen Lili that the bride’s family thought the hospitality was dissatisfied and did not want to get married, and the bride was also locked in the house. Ma Xiaoxiao was ready to break into the bride, but Sun Yan thought of a way to let the bride go out.

The wedding was held as expected. Everyone was very happy. Sun Xuan’s flash marriage really caught everyone off guard. The drunk Sun Wei suddenly mentioned the relationship between Yi Dongdong and Ma Xiaoxiao, and said that Yi Dongdong liked Ma Xiaoxiao for ten years, and everyone coaxed them both. Both Yi Dongdong and Ma Xiaoxiao felt embarrassed, only drinking. After Yi Dongdong was drunk, he confided to Ma Xiaoxiao that he had liked Ma Xiaoxiao for so many years, and only wanted to guard Ma Xiaoxiao all the time. Ma Xiaoxiao smiled and said that he also liked him. Soon, the two married in a flash.

In 2000, Yi Dongdong and Ma Xiaoxiao had a lovely son, and their family lived a sweet life. Suddenly someone from the Public Security Bureau visited and told him that Ou Xiaojian had died on duty. Yi Dongdong accompanied Ma Xiaoxiao to cherish the memory of Ou Xiaojian, and learned that he had become an excellent people’s policeman. Everything he had done before was undercover, and they were also proud of him. In this way, everyone in Mayang Street has a different ending, life needs to continue, and some things can only be stored in memory.

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