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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 47 Recap

Gu Yaodong frequently fell into a coma due to the inflammation of the wound and repeated high fevers. Just as the whole family was extremely anxious about this, fortunately, Old Dong rushed to the door at a critical moment. The dress of a doctor made the old couple feel at ease, but Gu Yaodong was like falling into an ice cave. Therefore, he did not wait for Old Dong to indicate two paths and decided to stay in Shanghai. Whether sacrificed or not, he must accompany Shen Qinghe.

Old Dong gave Gu Yaodong an anti-inflammatory injection while discussing a rescue plan. Not long after he left Gu’s house, the knock on the door sounded again. Originally, the old couple thought that the visitor should be Shen Qinghe, but Zhao Zhiyong did not expect to go to bed most of the night, and ran to his house with two police officers.

The pavilion room has been cleaned up again, and Gu Yaodong also brought important things back to the room in advance, so the police officers found nothing, but Zhao Zhiyong dodged his eyes, that was guilty and unbearable. Faced with the doubts of Gu Yaodong’s parents, Zhao Zhiyong could only lie that Shen Qinghe had forgotten to bring his passport when he temporarily went to a foreign country to do business.

Police officer Liu was promoted by Wang Keda himself. Now that Wang Keda had an accident, the penalty department was put under the management of Zhong Baiming. The former officials were not allowed to reuse them, and naturally had to reinject fresh blood, so Zhao Zhiyong was transferred to the penalty department as the captain. At first, when Zhao Zhiyong received the transfer order, he was not too excited, but he did not refuse, but quietly packed his things.

After all, it was Li Qikun who was prudent and kind. After knitting the last few stitches, he gave Zhao Zhiyong the scarf he had beaten by hand, which was the only thought left to him by the Second Criminal Division. The second punishment is not as good as the first one, but no one has ever asked to leave, which is the main reason why everyone is unwilling to pay him off.

When Zhao Zhiyong walked to the door with the things in his arms, he happened to meet Gu Yaodong coming from the opposite side with the things in his arms. The two of them greeted them simply, and they seemed to have nothing to say. Seeing Gu Yaodong’s return to the Office of the Second Penalty Division, everyone rushed forward with joy. Zhao Zhiyong was finally unable to conceal his loss.

Qi Shengping wants to invite friends to celebrate at the Golden Gate Hotel. He specifically ordered Secretary Fang to send invitations to Gu Yaodong. Among the young police officers in the Shanghai police station, only he is eligible to participate. In everyone’s eyes, this is a great honor, even punishment. Both places are also covered, thinking that Gu Yaodong now has a backing behind him and there are people on top.

Recently, prices have soared, and ordinary people cannot afford to eat, let alone spend money to eat out. The Zhao’s small noodle stall was completely closed, no longer lively, but slightly dilapidated. A carriage for consignment was parked by the door, with Zhao’s mother’s luggage on it. Zhao Zhiyong helped her mother pack the tables and chairs, and when he turned around, he saw Gu Yaodong standing next to him.

Since the relationship broke down, the two have not seen each other outside of the police station for a long time. They were a little cautious for a while, and they were still strange after the greeting. Hearing that Zhao’s mother was going back to her hometown to recover from her illness, Gu Yaodong suggested that Zhao Zhiyong have the opportunity to take her to Shanghai as much as possible.

When she was leaving, Mother Zhao was worried about her son and hoped that Gu Yaodong would take care of her in the police station. As the carriage drifted away, Zhao Zhiyong stood there and wept silently. Gu Yaodong held his umbrella and looked at him, but didn’t know how to comfort him.

In the next few days, the court re-convicted the kidnapping case of Shang Rongsheng. The Shanghai Municipal Government ordered the Songhu Police Command’s Inspection Office to apologize publicly and remove Director Tao of the Inspection Office for investigation, except for the kidnapper who was shot in the lungs. Death, the remaining three action members who pretended to be kidnappers were also sentenced to death.

Ding Naisheng of the Bureau of Finance was seized of property, and all staff involved in embezzlement of public funds were removed from their posts and awaiting investigation. Deputy Director Tian and the police station escaped sanctions because they had Wang Keda as a scapegoat. Because five innocent people were not allowed to die in vain, Qi Shengping took someone to Yang Yijian to apologize and offered Yang Fuduo a pension. Pair of white leather shoes.

That night, Shen Qinghe hugged Yang Fuduo for comfort, telling how brave and strong she was in her own experience. She met Xia Jicheng in the darkest moment, and Yang Fuduo also met Gu Yaodong. The two helped them drive away darkness and provide light and a future.

Now the Ding family is in chaos, Ding Naisheng and his wife are tidying up their belongings and preparing to flee. Only Ding Fang stood by and watched coldly, like an outsider, especially when she learned that Ding’s mother was going to stay in Shanghai, she could not help but secretly laughed at the fact that her daughter was not as important as money.

Several police cars parked outside the door of the western-style building. Zhong Baiming led the officers from the first and second prisoners to jump out of the car and smashed into the door in time to arrest Ding Naisheng and his wife. Everyone put a seal on the vacant door, only the door of a bedroom on the second floor was closed tightly. Gu Yaodong knocked on the door and asked, but no one responded. After a few sounds, he suddenly realized something and froze in place.

There was only one door between the two. Finally, Xiao Rongde and others rushed to break the silence, watching Ding Fang come out of the room, and they all went downstairs with interest. Ding Fang had already expected this result, but she was still unreasonable, and even attributed the blame to the times, thinking that it was the mistake of the times that caused the current ending.

After leaving his western-style building, Ding Fang did not go directly to the apartment, but diverted to Fu’an Lane. First, he wrapped a few gold bars and jewelry in his handkerchief and gave it to the driver. As his last salary, he sat alone in the car. Accompanied by the children’s nursery rhymes, weep bitterly.

In the evening, it was the busiest moment in Fu’an Lane. Gu Yaodong came back from the police station and found that everyone was gathering at the door of Yang’s house, talking around a car. I originally thought that something was wrong with the Yang family, but when I saw countless boxes of gold and silver in the car, Gu Yaodong immediately rushed out of Fu’an Lane. Ding Fang was no longer seen. She gave the keys to Shen Qinghe before leaving and gave all the belongings to Yang Fuduo.

The days are fleeting. Although Zhao Zhiyong is the captain, he is still isolated in the first sentence, and no one has been with him even in the second sentence. On the contrary, Gu Yaodong successfully passed the party application, and under the leadership of Shen Qinghe, the oath ceremony was completed in the witness of Old Dong. From then on, he was not only an ordinary police officer, but also a warrior on the hidden front. He had only a code name and no name, only actions and no sound. Perhaps he would be abandoned in the future, but he could leave revolutionary faith for the younger generations.

Two days later, Qi Shengping took the initiative to throw out an olive branch, intending to promote Gu Yaodong to be a police officer, and even prepared an application for joining the party in advance, willing to become his introducer. The police committee approved Gu Yaodong to join the Kuomintang at the same time, so as to protect the official career going further and facilitate the hidden work. The old Dong was worried that Gu Yaodong could not cope with important occasions, so he suggested that the relationship between him and Shen Qinghe go further, and the two will be disclosed as unmarried couples.

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