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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 32 Recap

When Shi Shi came to his grandfather’s house, he found that he was sitting at the door crying to the neighbors and the police that his house was robbed, and the treasures were lost. The police said that his treasures were not worth a lot of money and it was difficult to file a case. Chu Ying hurriedly reminded Shi Shi to look at the chessboard they first met. Shi Shi ran into the room and found that the chessboard was still relieved.

Chu Ying felt that the tears on the chessboard were getting shallower, and time comforted him so that he should not think too much. Chu Ying was about to tell Shi Shi about what he might be leaving, but Shi Shi heard that his mother outside asked him to accompany his grandfather to the police station. Chu Ying did not go on.

In the Weijia match, time met Yu Liang. He said that Yu Liang still owes him a game of chess. Yu Liang said that this is a team match. If you want to play with him, I will see you in the Beidou Cup. The opponent of Time in the first round of the Encirclement Match is still Mu Qingchun. When Chu Ying spoke to point out time, Time covered his ears. In the end, Time won and couldn’t help being very proud, but Chu Ying said that he had a big problem with chess. Time yelled that his chess had no flaws. He didn’t want to imitate Chu Ying for a lifetime. Chu Ying didn’t want him to imitate himself. He hoped that time could learn from others’ strengths, but time could not listen.

In the first round, Fang Xu’s team was wiped out. In a very bad mood, he took time after drinking and said that he also wanted to play chess with Chu Ying. Time saw that Chu Ying agreed, and he had three chapters with Fang Xu, saying that Chu Ying did not like to show his face. , He had to pass the game record to them, Fang Xu was very happy to say that he agreed to all 100 chapters.

Then Fang Xu set up a chessboard in the room. Shi Guang said that Chu Ying was outside the door. Fang Xu asked him to move a chair to Teacher Chu, and Shi Shi moved the chair outside the door. Then the two began to play against each other. He didn’t know that Chu Ying was sitting opposite him. Time pretended to run to the door and asked Chu Ying what to do next, and then turned around and placed a piece on the board. He felt that this was his most tiring game. chess.

Next, Fang Xu, who admired him, suddenly stood up and wanted to go outside to see Chu Ying. Time hurriedly called Mr. Chu to go. Fang Xu didn’t speak credit. Fang Xu hurried back to his seat after hearing this, and let time call Mr. Chu back. Time walked to the door and called to Teacher Chu Ying. When he turned around, he found that Chu Ying was missing. He couldn’t help but feel a little strange. He hurriedly called Chu Ying.

After a while, Chu Ying appeared in his seat again, his expression a little tired. The two continued to play against each other, and finally Fang Xu was convinced by the loss. Drunk, he asked Shi Shi to send him to Teacher Chu. Then he leaned back on the chair and closed his eyes. Shi Shi secretly messed up the game with his hands, and then quietly left. The room.

On the Dragon Boat Festival, time was talking excitedly on the street about the game of Chu Ying and Fang Xu. Suddenly, Chu Ying realized that the scene in front of him had changed. In an instant, he returned to ancient times. He was surprised and wondered if Geze was here today. , Suddenly he appeared in front of time again in a panic. Shi Shi asked where he was going, and complained that Chu Ying didn’t want to listen to him, why he hid without listening. Chu Ying never heard Shi Shi speak at all. He said that he was aroused. He didn’t expect it to be so long. He told Shi Shi that today was his birthday, Shi Shi was very happy to hear, and worked hard to satisfy Chu Ying’s wish.

When they came to the Go Club, Chu Ying still remembered that time wrote the Four Swordsmen on the blackboard, and he knew that time regarded him as one of them. Then they came to the Youxuan Chess Room. Shi Shi said that he had prepared a gift and ran out. Chu Ying wanted to follow the door, but the door slammed shut. He turned around and walked to the chessboard and found that he had picked up the chess piece. Ge Ze Yaori It’s here, he hasn’t had time to say goodbye to Xiaoguang.

Suddenly a sound awakened Chu Ying. He opened his eyes in a panic and gasped, not knowing where he was. Suddenly he saw time running over and put two pieces of paper with their names on it, like a chess player playing. Placed on the side of the table, Time solemnly announced that the chess champion Chu Ying challenged the chess god Chu Ying at the beginning of the game. Chu Ying laughed and said that the two of them finally met in a professional game.

Then they came to the Black and White Wen Daoguan but found that the door was closed. Time couldn’t help but sigh that Fang Xu’s encirclement net had squeezed Yu Xiaoyang’s Black and White Wen Daoguan. After returning home, Shi Shi also specially prepared a birthday cake for Chu Ying, and a happy smile appeared on Chu Ying’s face. Today was actually not his birthday, but it was the happiest day of his three lives. He had found a hand in God, but found that he was reluctant to leave.

Chu Yingxu’s birthday wish is to stay with time forever. They play chess together and get old together, but he still has to leave after all. He hopes that time can forgive him for leaving without saying goodbye, because this is a foregone conclusion. Just hope that in their last days, time can be carefree. Watching the time he was sleeping, Chu Ying shed tears of goodbye, and then disappeared in a dazzling white light.

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