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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 33 Recap

When I woke up in the morning, I didn’t see Chu Ying feeling strange. He thought that Chu Ying was blaming himself for not taking him on a bicycle, so he hurried out and rented a double bike. However, Chu Ying did not show up. , He never played Go again, but Chu Ying still did not show up.

Time was a little panicked, he hurried home but did not see Chu Ying, he deliberately threw the chess pieces and smashed the board, but he failed to excite Chu Ying. Then he ran to the Yijiang Lake Dojo and Youxuan Chess Room and couldn’t find Chu Ying. He ran to the attic of his grandfather’s house and kicked the door lock, opened the cloth on the chessboard and found that the tears on it were gone. He couldn’t help but fell to the ground.

Grandpa thought that the thief was coming again, so he took the guy and went to the attic, but found that time was in a daze. He thought that time had lost something, so he asked him to find it wherever he left it. After hearing this, time seemed to think of something. He quickly called He Jiajia to the lake to repeat the game of the year. It was the time when he and Chu Ying met again here. He looked around and muttered to let Chu win out. He Jiajia looked at the time and felt he was weird.

He Jiajia got up to leave when the time was running out. Time pulled him to repeat what he said in the past. He Jiajia saw that the words and deeds of time were inexplicable and planned to leave, but time suddenly took off his coat and jumped into the lake. In the water he remembered Chu Chu Win said to him, if one day he leaves time, whether he still likes Go.

After that, He Jiajia rescued Time ashore, and when he heard him say not to go, he shouted the name of Time and said he would not go. After time woke up, he returned to the rented place in Hehonghe with a heavy heart. Seeing that he was soaked, Hong He quickly took a towel to wipe him, and asked if Shi Shi was bullied, Shi Shi cried sadly, and said regretfully that if he cared more about him, he might not leave. Hong He asked who had left him. Time didn’t answer and just complained that he left without saying a word. He had a happy birthday together yesterday. Hong He thought Shi Shi enlightened him because the girl was sad, but Shi Shi got up and picked up the backpack and went out.

Brother Xu of the Go Factory drove Shi Shi to Wulu Mountain. Shi Shi found the tree that Chu Ying had planted back then. He called for Chu Ying’s name but did not respond. He was very sad that Chu Ying had promised to accompany him to the end. He said that Chu Ying was an unbelievable liar. Watching Shi Shi sit under the tree and crying, Brother Xu asked him what was wrong and promised to never tell him, Shi Shi told him about Chu Ying. Brother Xu said that Time’s imagination is very rich, and he said that if he really lived like this A thousand-year-old, he will always leave a trace in this world.

When Shi Shi heard what he said, he suddenly remembered the chess book of Lan Yin Temple. They immediately set off to Lan Yin Temple. When they arrived at the Buddhist Scripture Pavilion, Shi Shi was about to raise their hands and knock on the door, but the door opened. When a person came, Brother Xu wondered if he was not a human being. Time asked Master Lazy where Chu Ying had gone, Master Lazy said he didn’t know that he fell asleep again after talking. Time didn’t want to leave, he knelt outside the door, only begging Master Lazy to give him an answer.

In the middle of the night, the time when he was kneeling on the ground was a little unsustainable. Suddenly the door opened. Master Lazy asked him to enter the room and said that everything is a matter of course. Leaving may not be a bad thing. But time was reluctant to leave. Master Lazy gave the game book to him. Time is kept as a souvenir. After the exhausted time, he shut himself in his room when he returned home. Hong He did not participate in the second round of the Encirclement Competition. He hurried to the time house.

When he did not see him, Hong He comforted the time through the door and asked him to follow Come out in broken love to participate in the next round of competition. And Shimo’s mother also found that Shishi’s state was wrong recently. She comforted Shishi if playing chess makes him unhappy, then stop playing. Mother just wants her son to live a life without pressure. Sitting in front of the window during the haggard time late at night, he said that he would give Chu a win if he didn’t play chess in the future.

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