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Mermaid Prince 浪花男神 Episode 1 Plot

Shen Muxin was sitting on the beach and painting. The wind suddenly blew away the drawing paper. Shen Muxin went to find the drawing paper but found a handsome man. Shen Muxin was stunned. His feet were too slippery and fell into the water accidentally. The man seemed to have a fish. The tail rescued her, and Shen Muxin, who was still a little conscious, just wanted to grab the man’s necklace, but the man left.

A voice suddenly appeared in Shen Muxin’s ear, so the shark had disappeared. Shen Muxin stood up suddenly and asked the professor how to prove that the shark had disappeared. The professor asked Shen Muxin to show evidence, and Shen Muxin drew the appearance of the shark on the blackboard. , And said that he had seen Shark with his own eyes, but everyone didn’t believe it at all.

Shen Muxin tactics to the professor in public. This incident set off a strong wind on the Internet, and the editor-in-chief asked Shen Muxin to go back to her hometown to find a man. On the way home, Shen Muxin was hit by a man’s mobile phone. He immediately chased him up and asked him to make compensation. The man mistakenly thought she was a fraud group, but turned around and left. Shen Muxin suddenly felt that this person was familiar. Shen Muxin went back to her hometown of Xingyue Bay to meet Jiang Ze, her playmate since childhood. She hoped that he could help pay attention to those who swim very fast. She suspected that those sharks had already gone ashore to live, Jiang Ze agreed.

The swimmer of the national team Anshida went to Xingyue Bay to apply for a lifesaving team member. In the evening, he went to the beach for a walk alone, lying on the sand and looking at the stars in the sky. He seemed to think of some past events, saying that Qi’er was sorry, and said When people die, they will turn into the brightest star in the sky, guarding the people she missed. Shen Muxin also came to the beach to find the shark, accidentally tripped over a branch on the ground, and fell to Anshida. On her body,

Shen Muxin recognized that he was the person who broke her mobile phone that day, and asked him to apologize to herself or pay for the mobile phone. Anshida said that she had broken the mobile phone by herself and had nothing to do with him. She got up and left with something. Shen Muxin was very angry. , I vowed that next time I met him, I must have seen the figure of the mackerel appearing in the sea before I finished speaking.

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