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Mermaid Prince 浪花男神 Episode 2 Plot

Shen Muxin ran over excitedly, unexpectedly her foot cramped suddenly. Fortunately, the shark appeared in time to rescue Shen Muxin. Jiang Ze was patrolling the beach and saw Shen Muxin lying on the beach. He woke her up. Shen Muxin told Jiang Ze that he had just been drowning and was rescued by the mackerel. Jiang Ze said that he had been nearby and found nothing. Shen Muxin thought of bringing her. The camera, what happened just now, will definitely be recorded. When the camera was turned on, it was found that it was out of power. Jiang Ze could only send Shen Muxin home first.

The next day, Shen Muxin was going to find Jiang Ze to return his coat to him, and was almost slipped by the detergent on the floor. Fortunately, Anshida appeared in time and hugged Shen Muxin. Anshida found that Shen Muxin’s pants were split and held the coat. Help her cover. The members of the lifesaving team hurriedly went to find Jiang Ze. He found strange noises in the lounge. Shen Muxin followed Jiang Ze.

Everything in the lounge was disturbed. Jiang Ze suspected it was a mouse. Shen Muxin accidentally found the shark’s. Lin Pian, Jiang Ze was looking for mice in the lounge, but he did not expect to see the puppy. Shen Muxin suspected that the puppy took the Lin Pian and asked it to take him to the place where he found the Lin Pian. Shen Muxin followed the puppy to the lifeguard In his dormitory, he named the puppy Jimmy.

Shen Muxin hoped that his father would help him persuade Jiang Ze to enter the lifesaving team. Shen’s father refused. Shen Muxin decided to go to Jiang Ze himself. He said that Shen’s father had the right to support joining the lifesaving team. Jiang Ze agreed. When Anxida saw Shen Muxin, she couldn’t help complaining about how she could be seen everywhere. If she became a colleague with her in the future, this day would definitely be uneasy. To join the lifesaving squad, you must pass a series of tests.

When it was the turn of the physical test, Shen’s father secretly helped Shen Muxin to change the sandbags privately, but he was found to be ridiculing Shen Muxin. Jiang Ze could only let Shen Muxin out for fairness and justice. Shen Muxin Explaining that she really didn’t want to cheat, carrying sandbags and running again, leaving everyone speechless, after the test was over, Anshida, Xu stayed, and after a while, Shen Muxin successfully joined the lifeguard.

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