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Mermaid Prince 浪花男神 Episode 3 Plot

Jiang Ze called Shen Muxin aside. He knew she was joining the lifeguard team for the sake of the talents. Shen Muxin promised to study hard. Jiang Ze told Shen Muxin that he must follow him every day for special training until he gets the lifeguard certificate. She would never let anyone know without a lifeguard certificate, Shen Muxin agreed. In the evening, Shen Muxin had a video call with the editor-in-chief. She planned to briefly introduce Xingyuewan to readers, and then use the information about the haunts to arouse readers’ interest.

The editor-in-chief felt that this was not enough, and she wanted to convince the readers that there really existed. Shen Muxin took out the Lin film, and by that time, as long as the Lin film was published in the newspaper, it would definitely attract many readers. Then Shen Muxin asked Jimmy the puppy to smell the Lin Pian, and asked him to take him to find the Lin Pian owner. Who knew Jimmy ran to Jiang Ze’s house. Jiang Ze saw that Shen Muxin wanted to train Jimmy to find the Lin Pian, and promised to wait for him to rest. Help her train together. The next day, Shen Muxin’s feet after training suddenly cramped.

Fortunately, Jiang Ze was beside him. Seeing Jiang Ze helping him massage, Shen Muxin couldn’t help laughing. When the members of the lifesaving team assembled, Shen Muxin accidentally discovered that Anshida had a special totem of the shark, and when she wanted to see clearly, she tripped over a stone on the ground and almost pulled out Anshida’s pants. Shen Muxin quickly apologized to Anshida, An Xida was too lazy to pay attention to him. Jiang Ze learned about this and reminded Shen Muxin that she should go all out if she wants to join the lifesaving team. She shouldn’t do two things like this.

Shen Muxin said that she would feel like going back to read the handouts and take the dummy back to practice exams. Get out the lifeguard card. Afterwards, Shen Muxin searched through a large number of shark literature, and finally found several ways to make sharks current. The members of the lifesaving team were eating. Shen Muxin bought them a drink specially and put sleeping pills in the drink for Anshida. Who knew this bottle of drink was allowed to drink, Shen Muxin could only think of a way to take advantage of Anshida When picking up trash on the beach, hide in the distance and take the evidence of the totem.

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