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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 34 Recap

Duan Ran felt that Zhang Jiayun was no problem as the CEO. She was afraid that Zhang Jiayun would disagree. Zhang Jiayun shook her head in a hurry. She was unwilling to continue to be the CEO. Qian Xixi and Duan Ran hung up the phone and Zhang Jiayun got together to tease Duan Ran and Qian Xixi. It’s numb. Zhang Jiayun is also worried about Chen Lang’s affairs. Qian Xixi proposed to include everyone who wants to join the live broadcast alliance so that everyone can share the big pie.

Everything is the best cooperation and the best fair competition. Zhang Jiayun suddenly saw Qian Xixi’s pattern with admiration. Zhang Jiayun thanked Qian Xixi instead of Chen Lang. Although she was angry, she had to admit that she was also moved by Chen Lang.

Zhang Jiayun proposed the theme of shopping, and the people in the live room appreciated the situation of all the live rooms. The popularity of Zhang Jiayun’s live room has risen sharply. Su Su and Yu Shi are also confident in staring at the central control. I believe it will be good on Double Eleven. However, it was suddenly dark, and Rui Live was prompted to ban the number illegally, and everyone could not log in.

After contacting the administrator, I learned that Rui had sold high imitation goods and was complained. Zhang Jiayun remembered the batch of goods sent by Chen Lang. After checking the remaining goods, he found that it was high imitation goods. Zhang Jiayun blamed himself and regretted and wept. It’s easy to believe Chen Lang. Zhang Jiayun asked Yu Shi and Su Su to find out all the orders for this batch of goods, and she did not want anyone to complain.

Qian Xixi came to see that something was wrong with Zhang Jiayun. Qian Xixi thought it was not surprising that Chen Lang could do this kind of thing. He just didn’t want Zhang Jiayun to blame himself for it. Qian Xixi asked Duan Ran in Beijing to clarify and sell. Gao Fang is not their original intention, and hope to open an account as soon as possible.

But no matter what Duan Ran said, the live broadcast platform just refused to unblock it easily, so Duan Ran was asked to find more evidence to prove that they were framed and framed. Only in this way could it be unblocked. Coke has not been given a good opportunity, and ran to Chen Lang to appeal, but Chen Lang believed that Coke had no idea what fans demand was. Chen Lang claimed that she had chosen Coke from the double live broadcast of Coke and Little Yellow Duck. She had a strong affinity at that time and was also the time when she attracted fans the most.

President Bai persuaded Bai Siyu to go back and run her family’s business, but Bai Siyu disagreed. She just wanted to live the life she likes. When President Bai next took office, she could have her own set of experience to manage the company.

Because all of the company’s live broadcast accounts have been blocked, and now only Bai Siyu’s account is left because he has not been blocked for playing food products, Qian Xixi asked Jiang Zheyang to help him do a live broadcast with Bai Siyu, and pulled it on Double Eleven. About the popularity, Jiang Zheyang agreed.

In order to celebrate his father’s birthday, Bai Siyu had dinner with President Bai. Bai always felt that Bai Siyu was ashamed of doing food and broadcasting, so Bai Siyu asked Bai Siyu not to say what he did when he saw his uncle. Bai Siyu felt that Bai was always short-sighted, and the two of them disagreeed and argued again. President Bai left and let Bai Siyu finish all the dishes.

Since everyone in the company was banned, in order to save the country, everyone thought of letting Yu Shi open an account as the anchor. Yu Shi said that he didn’t want to be the anchor. Su Su was staring and acting like a baby, so Yu Shi had to agree to the anchor. Together with Su Su, I commented on the role of boyfriend in the live broadcast room. I didn’t expect that the live broadcast room was still very lively. Qian Xixi was surprised to see this scene when he came back.

Yuan Bao also opened the live broadcast after Mr. Bai left, and started a live broadcast on a table of dishes. They all drooled because of the sweetness of eating, and the broadcast of Yuan Bao also attracted a lot of attention. Qian Xixi felt that Susu and Yu Shi’s live broadcast were also very characteristic, especially Yu Shi also carried a hairpin on his head. Qian Xixi proposed to live broadcast after Yu Shi.

Zhang Jiayun ran to find Chen Lang and slapped her head and face. He accused Chen Lang of using conspiracy and tricks to kill Rui Live and being banned, and warned Chen Lang that he would have retribution sooner or later if he continued like this. problem occurs.

Chen Lang went back to question his subordinate Zhu Wan, and learned that he had mixed fakes in the product. Chen Lang was so angry that he slapped Zhu Wanyi severely. On the contrary, Zhu Wan felt that he had done nothing wrong, and Chen Lang was angry with Zhu. Wan kicked out of the office.

Bai Siyu actually has an older brother, because he likes to play extreme sports. Later, there was an accident. Mr. Bai was worried that Bai Siyu would also have an accident. He could find someone to stare at any time. Bai Siyu couldn’t bear to run away from home. Bai Siyu was also very worried about this, hoping to make his father thoroughly Don’t worry about yourself.

Bai Siyu curiously asked Zhang Jiayun how she felt about Chen Lang. Zhang Jiayun was a little sad and felt that she and Chen Lang might not even be a friend now. Faced with the advent of Double Eleven, Chen Lang cheered everyone on, let everyone rush to the rankings, rushing to the ten rankings will increase by one point.

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