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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 35 Recap

Faced with the current situation, Duan Ran suggested that Qian Xixi find President Bai of Hualu Coffee, and cooperate with President Bai to live broadcast. The best way to eat this kind of person is to kill him.

Jiang Zheyang made an appointment with Ouyang to show off that he could meet the lover of his dream again. He was about to cooperate with Rui Live for a live broadcast, and hoped that Ouyang could also conduct a plan and marketing for Rui. Only then did Ouyang understand that Jiang Zheyang’s true purpose was To help Duan Ran and Qian Xixi, but also to perform in front of Duan Ran, Ouyang was persuaded.

In order to wait for the person in charge of the platform, Duan Ran waited all night downstairs in the company. The other party was impressed by Duan Ran’s sincerity and promised to go back and have a look. He would try his best to help wherever he could help. Duan Ran told him about the suppression of the live broadcast. Pour bitterness.

Coke came back to Rui to find Little Yellow Duck. Su Su told Kola Rui that Chen Lang was responsible for the title. Little Yellow Duck believed that even if Chen Lang was suspected, there was no evidence. Susu was so angry that he blamed Little Yellow Duck for turning his elbow. Coke was protecting the little yellow duck again, and the two had a big quarrel. The little yellow duck hurriedly took the coke downstairs, and the coke set was about to draw the little yellow duck to the cloud live broadcast.

Qian Xixi and Bai Siyu came to meet with President Bai to discuss cooperation. Qian Siyu also wanted to promote Bai Siyu’s account. He wanted the Hualu Group to test the water for the first time on the Internet. He also said that the live broadcast would compete with the entity. Hearing this, Bai I agreed immediately, and I was curious about what the live broadcast plans to do.

Ouyang suddenly called Duan Ran and wanted to go to the live broadcast company. Duan Ran did not directly agree. Instead, he asked Ouyang to find Zhang Jiayun. Duan Ran was afraid that Qian Xixi would be angry when he found out, so he called Qian Xixi to report and praise. Ouyang was very good in all aspects, Qian Xixi hung up angrily.

Now it is also the time when Rui is employing people, Ouyang took the initiative to find Zhang Jiayun, and Zhang Jiayun immediately agreed. Ouyang offered to live here directly and asked for an office. Zhang Jiayun immediately arranged for Ouyang to go to her office first, but Ouyang Do not agree, Zhang Jiayun in Duan Ran’s office does not agree, after thinking about it, only Qian Xixi’s office is left.

When Qian Xixi came back, Zhang Jiayun quickly wanted to explain the affairs of the office. Qian Xixi saw Ouyang before he finished speaking. Zhang Jiayun hurriedly persuaded Qian Xixi to leave Ouyang, who was both strong and powerful. Qian Xixi wanted to pinch. Zhang Jiayun died.

Ouyang had already prepared a plan for Bai Siyu and Jiang Zheyang to broadcast live, and Ouyang’s abilities and resources were indeed understandable, and Qian Xixi could not find a reason to oppose her coming, but because Ouyang came, Qian Xixi Still a little worried.

As soon as Duan Ran came back, Qian Xixi questioned that he and Zhang Jiayun had negotiated, but Duan Ran believed that the two had coincided with each other. The current situation of the company needs Ouyang’s help, so he also hopes Qian Xixi can stand as the boss The angle agrees with this matter. Duan Ran also specially asked for a marriage talisman to give to Qian Xixi, Qian Xixi liked it very much.

Little Yellow Duck was taken to Cloud Live by Coke. Qian Xixi believes that Little Yellow Duck has always been tepid, and maybe there will be a better development in Cloud Live, so Qian Xixi did not stop him. After the little yellow duck came, Chen Lang specially set up a special live broadcast room for the two, and also welcomed the arrival of Coke and little yellow duck on behalf of the company.

At the same time, the Rui Live account will be lifted at around 8 o’clock in the morning on Double Eleven. Qian Xixi proposed that Duan Ran also be the host. Duan Ran immediately put forward a lot of conditions. They are both high-end and atmospheric. Everyone Can’t help laughing.

On the day of Double Eleven, Jiang Zheyang and Bai Siyu talked about coffee in the live broadcast, and Yu Shi sold cuteness in another live broadcast room, so the effect was good, but Chen Lang’s launch of the little yellow duck and coke like sister flowers also attracted no attention.

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