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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 36 Recap

Chen Lang is also very satisfied with the performance of Little Yellow Duck and Coke, and Jiang Zheyang’s fan effect has also been capped, so the overall popularity of Rui Live has not exceeded that of Cloud Live. Duan Ran suddenly appeared in the live broadcast room with the old cat wearing a facial mask. The two sang and sold beauty products. This surprised Chen Lang.

Chen Lang also planned to play with Duan Ran on stage. Zhu Wan stared at it, as long as it was played by Duan Ran, he would follow it. Rui Live and Yun Live played hard to compare. Chen Lang and Duan Ran were both in full swing. Duan Ran was still applying lipstick to the old cat in the live broadcast room. Chen Lang also sold lipstick and put it on himself. smear.

Ouyang found his contacts, used Jiang Zheyang’s live broadcast to push him on the hot search, and also informed Jiang Zheyang to stick to it, eat more in the live broadcast room to attract fans, and instruct the two to be more excited about the interaction in the live broadcast room. Let Yushi start to kill.

With everyone’s efforts, Rui had already rushed into the infield. Qian Xixi was so excited that she couldn’t help but high-five with Ouyang, and Ouyang smiled triumphantly. It was almost twelve o’clock, and Chen Lang released coupons so that all anchors would release coupons at the same time.

There are still seven hours before the account is unblocked. Duan Ran originally wanted everyone to rest, but Ouyang thought it would be too late if he waited until tomorrow to unblock the account before preparing. The real sales should be tomorrow. Ouyang specially hired his first friend. Li Yanyan is here to train all the anchors to broadcast tomorrow.

From the perspective of fairness, Duan Ran felt that since Ouyang came, he had indeed helped Rui a lot. For fear that Qian Xixi was unwilling, Duan Ran hugged her and said that he only had Qian Xixi in his heart.

Jiang Zheyang has been pushed into the hot search, and Ouyang is also very happy about this. Jiang Zheyang and Bai Siyu’s live broadcast attracted many people, but Chen Lang was dissatisfied that Jiang Zheyang came to interact with him when he was fine. Jiang Zheyang and Bai Siyu had been broadcasting live for twelve hours, and they were too tired. They fell asleep in their chairs. Qian Xixi reminded them that they would be able to broadcast it by 8 o’clock, and all live broadcasts were available. Susu admired Qian Xixi that was made of cement, everyone was too tired, only she was full of energy.

Qian Xixi fell asleep when he saw Jiang Zheyang sitting there and held Jiang Zheyang to express his gratitude. Jiang Zheyang offered to invite the CEO to have a meal alone. Qian Xixi pretended not to understand that he wanted Zhang Jiayun to eat with him. Zheyang was dizzy and Qian Xixi supported him, which made Jiang Zheyang very happy. He was rewarded at that time, but Duan Ran was unhappy when he saw that, so the old cat directly picked up Jiang Zheyang and sent him to sleep.

It’s eight o’clock, and a new round of war between Yun Live and Rui Live has begun. Chen Lang ordered all the energy and energy to be taken out, not allowing Rui to turn over. The coupons of Rui Live were robbed as soon as they were issued, and the style this time was different from the original ones, which attracted many fans to buy. Qian Xixi has been cheering for everyone.

The one-night sales volume of Rui Live has reached 10 million and exceeded that of Yun Live. Qian Xixi and Duan Ran were very happy to go out to watch the sea together. Ouyang sent Jiang Zheyang away, and Jiang Zheyang did not intend to give up Qian Xixi, but plans to continue pursuing At the same time, I also like Rui’s working atmosphere very much. I feel that the people here are all working together, but Ouyang is a bit lost.

Duan Ran told Qian Xixi that the reason why he wanted to keep Rui was because Qian Xixi once said that Rui was like her child, so no matter how much he paid, he would help Qian Xixi keep Rui alive. And at that time, a military order was issued to bring Rui back to life within half a year. Now that he finally did it, Qian Xixi suddenly became a little sleepy, and Duan Ran held Qian Xixi in his arms with distress.

Little Yellow Duck and Coke looked at Chen Lang’s frustration, and it was difficult to understand the shock of a failure. They were just immersed in their own happiness, and finally they became the head broadcasters. Little Yellow Duck suggested It was time to celebrate, but Coke had an appointment with the fitness coach and did not go with the little yellow duck.

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