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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 4 Recap

The frequent occurrence of bloody flowers and plants in the backyard of Anhou Mansion made him feel restless all day long. Hearing Feng Xi said that Dongyue had the power of God, wouldn’t it be right to invite him to resolve the grievances. The Taishi Bureau learned that Shang Shuan was waiting to invite her to the mansion. Dongyue said that she would not go away, and was planning to go to the third prince for help. Unexpectedly, Lu Chuan suddenly stopped her and gave her a package, which turned out to be a female dress. Feng Xi’s handwriting. At this time, Tai Shiling also came to Dongyue’s house. She was supposed to be pretending to be sick and to tear it down on the spot. Besides, Feng Xi threatened her, and Anhou had to ask for it, and Dongyue had to go to Anhou’s house.

When I arrived at Anhou Mansion, I was encountering a maidservant who was brutally beaten. Jia Ding said that she was talking crazy and Dongyue couldn’t see it. I found Anhou and the others to be dismissed from Youtou. After asking, I found out that the maidservant was named Mingzhu. She was killed by a stick because of the anger of her younger brother, and was buried in the backyard flowerbed. Therefore, this so-called evil monster was the retribution of Anhou Mansion. Dongyue couldn’t bear it, and when she talked about the exorcism method with Anhou, she was also selfish, asking him to take off his clothes and copy the scriptures in the backyard together with Anhou. The only person with high authority in February is Feng Xi. She had heard Lu Chuan mention Feng Xi’s birthday by chance before, and only then publicized her personal revenge and calculated him a little bit. Who told Feng Xi to use women’s clothing to warn Dongyue.

Feng Xi seemed indifferent, and even joked that it wasn’t because Dongyue didn’t see him enough last time, so he pulled him to accompany Anhou to copy the scriptures naked. Exorcising evil spirits, An Hou didn’t want to make the matter public, and prepared a quantity of gold for Dongyue, but Dongyue didn’t want gold and silver. He asked An Hou the maid who was beaten by the day and brought it back to Taishi Bureau. Carefully rub the medicine for her until she goes to bed at night, Mingzhu suddenly feels that if there is anything she can do to do with Dongyue in the future, she hopes that she will forgive her. Inexplicably nonsense, Dongyue didn’t think about it.

On the second day, other colleagues of the Taishi Bureau saw that the handmaid brought back by Dongyue was actually a scarred face. In an instant, the crowd surrounded her and made fun of her. Dongyue was too lazy to care, guarding Mingzhu back to the room, and sent Feng Xi back. Wear that dress for her. Mingzhu put on a new dress and went to the street with Dongyue when she happened to meet Feng Xi. Feng Xi saw that the clothes she chose were worn on other women, and she was still a maid, and directly took Mingzhu back into her house. When he arrived at Feng Mansion, he ordered Mingzhu to take off his clothes and threw them directly into the brazier to burn them. Regarding the new girl from the house, Mrs. Rou was very polite and settled her for a good life.

Recently, some rumors floated in the emperor’s ears, saying that Anhou was making sacrifices in the mansion privately. The emperor gave Dali Temple an orally and ordered them to investigate the matter together with Feng Xi. So Dongyue was arrested by Dali Temple and interrogated Anhou asking her to go to the mansion. Dongyue will give full details of the future of the dragon, including the sight of the maidservant that day. But Lu Chuan in the Taishi Bureau was so anxious that he rushed to ask Feng Xi for help. Feng Xi had his own plan. He didn’t save Dongyue, but he needed Dongyue to bow his head first.

Immediately, Feng Xi went to Yan Lu, Shaoqing of Dali Temple. He had sent people to the backyard of Anhou Mansion to dig out the nursery to verify the facts. According to Dongyue, the body of Mingzhu’s brother Xiaosi was buried here, but what was dug out was a book of prophecy carved out of the sea, which predicted a severe drought in Kyoto and restlessness. This matter involved rebellion, and seeing Feng Xi resolutely, Yan Lu had to take the opportunity to throw Anhou to jail. And Dongyue was also temporarily held in jail, and now as long as she bowed her head, Feng Xi could rescue her out, but she had done nothing wrong and why she had to plead guilty.

Feng Xi came to prison at night to see Dongyue, whether all of this was a bureau set up by Feng Xi, the purpose was to give Dongyue a good start. In Feng’s mansion, Daole escorted Mingzhu’s sister and brother out of the house. When asked about Dongyue, Mingzhu only felt that she could not help Dongyue after all.

Zhu Tian Daole led to Dali Temple to take Dongyue to the Ministry of Rites. After all, people would be safer in Feng Xi’s own hands. Unexpectedly, Yan Lu came to stop him as soon as he got out of the cell. He didn’t expressly promised Daole to let Dongyue go, so why did he turn back. Feng Xi knew about the matter as soon as he thought about it. In the lobby for torture interrogation, Dongyue looked much weaker, and things were very clear. Dongyue had hatred because of Anhou’s punishment of her. He calculated Anhou’s sacrifices, and then buried the prophecy to wait for the hard evidence to be discovered. Naturally, there is no escape.

But this is completely different from Dongyue’s original intention. She just wants to save Mingzhu. Who knows that Mingzhu just came to the court at this time. Dongyue thought that the witness had come, but Mingzhu came to blame her. Mingzhu’s younger brother Xiaosi is still alive. , This matter was contrary to what Dongyue said from the very beginning.

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