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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 5 Recap

After being sent out of the mansion by Dao Le, Ming Zhu led Xiao Si to gallop, but halfway through the Zuo Xiang Mansion leader Chi Jinhai, they held Xiao Si and forced Ming Zhu to go back to prove that Dong Yue’s words were not true. She doesn’t want to be a wicked person, but the lives of her family are in the hands of the left, and Mingzhu has no choice but to frame Dongyue cruelly. She said that Dongyue instructed her to bury a cloth bag in the backyard of Anhou Mansion, referring to that piece of sea dregs wood reed book. At the same time, Dali Temple’s staff searched the Dongyue room and found similar remnants of sea dregs.

The matter suddenly got out of control, Feng Xi inferred that the Zuoxiang had intervened in this matter for the rescue. If he wanted to use Mingzhu, he would definitely use Xiaosi as a threat. He immediately sent Daole to stare at the Zuoxiang’s cronies. Dongyue must be rescued as soon as possible, because although she may not die, she cannot be dehydrated for a long time. Just as the third prince came to visit, Dongyue asked him to ask Yan Lu to put her in a dungeon. She needed water to heal and restore her vitality.

It didn’t take a moment for Dongyue to dive into the water. She had no scars, and she was very comfortable. She stretched her waist for a long time. The third prince happened to look back from the side, and she saw her figure in the water, and the third prince realized that Dongyue was originally. It’s a girl. Knowing that her body is different from ordinary people, and that she can recover when exposed to water, the three princes can’t help feeling that Dongyue is really strange. After visiting Dongyue and leaving the prison, the third prince met Feng Xi who was about to go in. Thinking that the third prince had been here, Dongyue should be fine, and Feng Xi immediately diverted away.

Dongyue was tried again the next day. Feng Xi was sitting in the hall. He changed his former peace and tortured Dongyue personally. His newly healed body was now scarred. Daole followed the Pearl running along the street and found Xiao Si in the inn. Who knew that he happened to meet Chi Jinhai to kill people. The situation was critical and outnumbered. He only saved Ming Zhu, and Xiao Si was killed by a sword. .

In the elegant and tranquil Yufeng Pavilion, the three princes made tea and boiled water, melting themselves in this rare tranquility. Feng Xi was here as a guest. It was like the two of them were cooking tea and wine together back then, talking about the world, talking about everything, unlike now that it is difficult to talk together. Sure enough, he came to him for Dongyue’s matter, but the purpose of the two was actually to protect Dongyue, but their strategies were different.

The three princes think more simply, just ask Feng Xi to let Dongyue go; but Feng Xi knows that some people want to put all the charges on Dongyue’s head. It is better for him to go straight ahead instead of being calculated behind him. After Dongyue, just find another explanation to rescue her. Feng Xi mentioned a few words about the Third Prince by the way. The one standing behind Anhou who has been protecting him is the crux of the matter. To save Dongyue, he should not be looking for him, but left.

The younger brother Xiao Si is dead, and Mingzhu feels sorry for everyone, only to die. But Dao Le said that this matter is no longer a dispute between a pearl or a winter moon, but Feng Xi and Zuo Xiang. If you are not afraid of death, why not save people and die in vain. Upon hearing this, Mingzhu asked Daole to take him to see Feng Xi.

The emperor heard that Dongyue was tortured every day at Dali Temple, but the next day he could always recover as before. He was almost a half immortal body. Feng Xi immediately showed his right hand. A few days ago, he used this hand to torture Dong. In August, now his arm is swollen and bleeding, as if he had been backlashed. At this time, Tai Shiling asked to see him, and he entered the hall and asked the emperor Chen Ming that the Hai Shen Mu was preserved when Dongyue built the memorial tablet, not to frame An Hou. Therefore, relying only on a piece of sea-drift wood, it can be concluded that Dongyue’s rebellion is afraid of disrespect to the half immortal. The emperor felt right, and immediately ordered people to release Dongyue, so that he could make up for it.

Zuoxiang went down with a dull look, but the three princes had been waiting outside the hall for a long time. To speak frankly, the three princes hoped that the left would let the winter moon pass. In return, the left would hope to be the first person to lecture on the Tao in the Yufeng Pavilion. The three princes naturally agreed. Yufeng Pavilion has always been indifferent to the affairs of the court, and is impartial to all external forces. Now, for the sake of Dongyue, a small official of the Taishi Bureau, he is so aggressive, Qingxiao feels worthless for the third prince, but the third prince I don’t think so, and follow my heart in everything, regardless of the size of the official position.

After leaving Dali Temple, everyone was passing on the body of the Winter Moon Half Immortal, and the emperor promoted her for this reason. He was a young official from a young age and became a junior prisoner. After a few days, he was also eligible to go to the festival ceremony. I have to say this is good. News, he is one step closer to assassinating Lu Yuantong.

In the big jail where An Hou was held, everyone now believes that he is rebellious and disrespectful. Feng Xi came over tonight and ended it for him. The torture instrument was taken out, and rows of spikes were right in front of him. I must be familiar with them. The spikes he used when he killed everyone in the Ming clan, now they only pay for the other body.

Back at Feng’s ancestral hall, Feng Xi wrote a memorial tablet and burned it. This is just the beginning. The person who framed the Ming family back then was already in a high position, but he would settle accounts with these people one by one.

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