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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 6 Recap

Picketing the rebellious ministers and protecting the country’s merits, Feng Xi was promoted to be a minister of rites, replacing the original position of Anhou. Go down to the court and discuss the next plan with Ding Yuanhou. He has an older sister who is a noble concubine in the palace, and Ding Yuanhou has a daughter as Jiabi. Feng Xi suggested that he go to the palace and walk with Jiabi more to contact his father and daughter, so that the emperor would be less jealous of him.

Feng Xi herself went into the palace to see her sister Feng Guifei. She was as cautious as Feng Xi, and she was also very tactical in controlling the people in the palace. The maid Hong’e and the newcomer Wanbi were walking very close, so Feng Guifei ordered her to speak with her. Recently, Jiabi is about to give birth, Feng Xi asked her sister to move around Jiabi more.

Feng Xi acted fiercely towards herself, and the arm injury did not heal for a few days, so she was busy with Dongyue first. It was very gratifying to hear that she was unscathed, and she ordered Daole to go to the Taishi Bureau. That night, Dongyue had her own room and could take a bath alone, which relieved her urgent need. Lu Chuan also followed him with a quiet place to write his Kyoto chats. The latest one is about the Zuoxiang’s discussion of the Tao Yufeng Pavilion. Fuyutsuki thought about it and guessed it. This is the three princes who exchanged with Zuo to save her. Bargaining chips. Go to the third prince specially, thank him for helping him.

Feng Xi was very happy when I learned that Dongyue had been very leisurely in the last second. In the next second, I heard that Dongyue went to Yufeng Pavilion early in the morning, and Feng Xi punched the table. This Dongyue was just I don’t know who is the savior. The arm hurts, but he refuses to change the dressing. The person who should be watching hasn’t seen it, so the injury can’t be so good.

There are people in Yufeng Pavilion who are free of thought and do not like restraint, and the Three Princes are even worse. He didn’t do anything, but it wasn’t inaction, but he didn’t act arbitrarily. This is what his Yufeng Pavilion advocates. If possible, he hoped that Dongyue could come to Yufeng Pavilion, but Dongyue refused. What she thought was that the final assassination of Lu Yuantong would not affect Yufeng Pavilion. Although the three princes were rejected, they were not discouraged. Asking Dongyue to go to the theater was a story about the royal family’s success in recruiting the Magi three times. He thinks that Dongyue should have rejected him because of his daughter, so it may matter. As long as you wait patiently, I believe Dongyue will be willing to come to Yufeng Pavilion one day.

Dongyue went back to the Taishi Bureau and saw Feng Xi who had been waiting for her. Only then did she know that Feng Xi had been injured for her, and ordered Taishi Ling Yuqian to reverse the case for her. It was indeed that he had saved her. But Dongyue had no good impressions of Feng Xi, and this thank you was strange, which caused Feng Xi to look resentful when he returned to the house. However, Lu Chuan came to care about his wounds. The people who really wanted to come didn’t come, and some idle people waited in disorder, and Feng Xi had a headache. Unexpectedly, Lu Chuan offered a jar of ointment and left after a few words of concern, but he knew to give Feng Xi quiet.

Dole still needs to take care of Mingzhu. Now her brother is dead, and his face is sad every day, washing his face with tears. Daole placed a white candle and taught her to offer incense. Three times a week, holding the purse that Xiao Si gave her, he might be able to hear what Xiao Si wanted to say to her. When Daole was ten years old, his family was chased and killed by bandits. The little he escaped, and then communicated with his mother in this way. He believed that his mother was always by his side. Nowadays, a lonely family still has to comfort another lonely family. They protect each other and comfort each other.

Mingzhu found that Dao Le had an injury on her hand, so she took ointment and applied medicine to him. This medicine was the same medicine that Dongyue had when he rescued her in Anhou Mansion. Mingzhu began to feel guilty again while talking, and Daole’s mood was even more complicated. One was that a woman was administering medicine to him, and the other was that this bottle of medicine was familiar. It was the same as the one that Lu Chuan gave to Feng Xi, but Mingzhu said it was Dongyue. So that means Dongyue kept Feng Xi from telling him and asked Lu Chuan to give him the medicine. Feng Xi immediately became more energetic when he knew about it, as if he would never refuse to fight anyone now.

The ceremony is approaching. As a young prisoner, Dongyue should be the right priest. You have to check the ritual records to do anything. But when he came to the book pavilion, there was a large collection of books, and no one was willing to give pointers. The search catalog was locked in the cabinet. , No one can open Tai Shi Ling until he comes back. Dongyue had no clue for a while, Feng Xi ran to the Taishi Bureau, and saw that these people deliberately made things difficult for Dongyue, put on the official air, wrote a manuscript on the clothes of a small official, and made it easy for Dongyue, and shouted again. Two voices, two books were presented to him in a short while.

Seeing the little official chewing his tongue behind his back, he punished them to leapfrog, but as long as Dongyue pleaded, the little official didn’t have to jump again. At the end of the day, it can be said that she is facing Dongyue everywhere, but when she leaves, she hurries to organize a ten-year file for him tomorrow. Isn’t this deliberately bullying, Dongyue really can’t guess Feng Xi’s mind. In fact, Feng Xi wanted to tell Dongyue that only he could bully her.

Dongyue couldn’t complete the whole process after rushing to work overnight, and when the third prince invited to watch the theater, but she had a scroll in her hand, how could she go. So the three princes decided to accompany her to organize together. The two of them will always be faster together. There are two people sitting at a desk, talking and laughing, and the boring work seems to become lively.

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