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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 13 Recap

Qi Nian told Ji Qiu and Shao Zui about the holidays of the two brothers. Ji Yanxin really did too much, and he knew it, but his character would easily bow his head. Grandpa was about to undergo surgery, Siqi said anxiously that he would agree no matter what grandpa had wishes. Grandpa ran away in an instant. Grandpa got cholecystitis. The will was only updated in time. It is normal to ask about insurance. The call to his comrades is to tell them about their grandson’s love.

Ji Yanxin said that he had deliberately deceived Siqi, which made Siqi, who had always been impatient, even more angry. In the end, Ji Yanxin apologized first. Ke Siqi thought that such an apology was not sincere at all. Shao Zui told Siqi that their father left without saying goodbye. The normal operation of the company was supported by Ji Yanxin. He even went to the construction site to move bricks to earn money and suffered from illness. , And now rely on drugs. He reminded Si Qi to go back and see the gift his brother gave him.

Si Qi returned home and found the box in a balloon in one place. After opening it, it was a picture of the door of the room. Si Qi found the door and pushed it open, and saw a full collection of animations. Si Qi was drinking beer at a convenience store by himself, and the appearance of Gu Qingwu finally gave him someone to talk to. He resented his ignorance and selfishness, and Gu Qingwu listened to him and bought ice cream to comfort him. In a better mood, Si Qi bit the ice cream in Gu Qingwu’s hand, and the relationship between the two is getting closer and closer.

Ji Yan’s confidence was low and even started drinking, but Qi Nian stepped forward to persuade him, but was turned back. The patience and domineering Qi Nian pushed Ji Yanxin onto the sofa and asked him what he thought of herself. She would be tired and give up. Ji Yanxin hugged Qi Nian while drunk and didn’t let her go. Only when she was there could he sleep well.

When Qi Nian was cleaning the room, he was slightly surprised to see a photo of Ji Yanxin and a beautiful woman. Ji Yanxin reached out and took the photo and said Qi Nian would go to see his parents today. Ji Yanxin carried Ji Qiu, Shao Zui and Qi Nian back to the old house of Ji’s house, and Qi Nian, who was holding hands, was a little unaccustomed to shyness.

Siqi returned home and decided to reduce his brother’s burden and began to participate in the management of the company. Grandpa decided to let the children do what they wanted. He also introduced the company manager Lin Yi, who was the woman in the photo. She was also Ji Yanxin’s senior sister.

Ji Qiu reminded Qi Nian to pay more attention to Lin Yi, and Qi Nian only worried that the dinner dishes were inappropriate, causing the two brothers to quarrel again, and he was not a real girlfriend. When Lin Yi heard this, he said it in front of his grandfather at the dinner table. Grandpa called Ji Yanxin to come out. Ji Yanxin knew that his grandfather liked the year of the year and wanted to use Lin Yi to add oil and vinegar, so that he could be a real girlfriend.

Looking at the cartoon version of Lin Yi drawn by Qi Nian, Xinxin lamented that this opponent was too strong, but Qi Nian, the undead Xiaoqiang, would never give up Ji Yanxin. Ji Qiu asked her to come out to camp on the beach, and Xinxin wanted to take her to purchase “battle clothes”.

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