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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 6 Plot

Ji Yanxin and Qi Nian said that he had something in the afternoon and asked Qi Nian to take care of his house and then left. After Ji Yanxin left, Qi Nian and Qi Bao said that she finally got Ji Yanxin’s house key and could enter his house at any time. .

When Ji Qiu went to Ji Yanxin’s home and saw that Qi Nian was at his house, he said he wanted to call the police. He didn’t expect Ji Yanxin to call her and say he allowed it. This surprised Ji Qiu. What magical power does this plain-looking Qi Nian have? , Actually took down this guy Ji Yanxin.

Qi Nian asked Ji Qiu what is the secret of the unlocked room under the building? Ji Qiu said that it was an old-fashioned telephone in order to wait for someone. For so many years, he had only been waiting for this person’s call. At this time, the phone downstairs really remembered, but neither of them dared to enter. Nian couldn’t help but went in to answer the call, but the other party hung up the phone when they heard that it was a woman. When Qi Nian called the other party, it was actually a public phone. At this time, Ji Yanxin went home and saw Qi Nian answering the phone in the room. The phone drove Qi Nian out, and Qi Nian quickly apologized to Ji Yan, but Ji Yanxin told her to go back without hearing any explanation from her.

Qi Nian left a message to Ji Yanxin’s tape recorder, and he apologized to Ji Yan that she should not be sentimental, and hoped that Ji Yanxin could forgive her. Ji Yanxin looked at Qi Nian who was far away, but also a little bit reluctant.

After Qi Nian went back, she told Pei Siqi to answer the phone call of Ji Yanxin’s secret lover. As a result, Pei Siqi told Qi Nian that if Ji Yanxin had no feelings for her, he would not give her the family’s house. This made Qi Nian full of confidence in himself.

Under Pei Siqi’s explanation, he even went back to the hot pot together. During the period, Pei Siqi asked Qi Nian what the person who bullied her was. He taught Qi Nian if he was as abominable as Pei Siqi’s brother. He ran away because of him. brother. Ji Qiu and Ji Yanxin said that otherwise they would ask Qi Nian to stay, but Ji Yanxin shouted out without listening to her.

Because Pei Siqi had diarrhea after eating hot pot, Pei Siqi blamed his brother even more, because he made himself so delicate. Pei Siqi said that he and her brother’s name came from the Analects of Confucius. He also brought Qi Nian into his room to play games together to create comics. Two people would cost ten thousand for a whole day. It was late at night. Qi Nian felt that the protagonist of the game was actually designed. Like Ji Yanxin, Qi Nian and that person finally became friends three days late. The system said that Qi Nian could add WeChat with that player. At this time, Ji Qiu called Qi Nian and said that Ji Yanxin hadn’t been all day since Qi Nian left. Going out, and all of them have lost weight, and asked Qi Nian to go there quickly. Ji Yanxin is the kind of personality that he will not take the initiative to confess to others.

Qi Nian went to Ji Yanxin’s house and saw that Ji Yanxin was already weak with a high fever, so Qi Nian asked Ji Yanxin to unbutton her coat a bit and let her cool down. At this time, Ji Yanxin asked why she was going back? Qi Nian told Ji Yanxin that Ji Qiu told her that Ji Yanxin was weak, and that the Ji Yanxin in the game was different from the displayed Ji Yanxin, just like being with Ji Yanxin in reality. At this time, Pei Siqi called Qi Nian and asked her how It was late at the boss’s house, Pei Siqi had a cartoon that Qi Nian needed to create together. At this time, Ji Yanxin finally called Qi Nian and Pei Siqi said she was not available.

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