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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 21 Recap

Wenbai always felt guilty for Tan Jingtian in his heart. He once again went to the community where Tan Jingtian’s mother was involved and called Tan Jingtian, asking him to bring himself to investigate Tan Jingtian’s mother.

Tan Jingtian’s volunteer, Master Li, hadn’t seen anyone for a few days. Tan Jingtian called the property to get Master Li’s contact information and asked him where he went. Xie Tianqi saw Wen Bai and Jin Ling having a meal together. She was sitting outside the restaurant window watching her sweetheart with another woman with tears in her eyes.

Wen Bai and Jin Ling talked about his depression for many years. He finally said that he also likes Jin Ling, but he still didn’t dare to like Jin Ling. He could only silently say that he wanted to protect Jin Ling, but now Wen Bai only Being able to let go of Jin Ling, he can really let go only by saying these words. Wen Bai hoped that Jin Ling and Tan Jingtian could love each other forever, and thanked Jin Ling for bringing him and Tan Jingtian into brothers.

Wen Bai’s heart can’t erase the shadow of his childhood. He can’t really be happy. Whenever he sees a murder-like scene, he has a mental obstacle. Wen Bai drank too much and was sent home by the manager. At this time, Xie Tianqi was in their I was heartbroken to see all this behind me. Second Tianqi remembered the appointment with Xie Tianqi and quickly called the hospital, but Xie Tianqi did not go to work.

Tan Jingtian went to visit his mother, and Wen Bai also went there. Holding Tan Jingtian’s mother’s favorite flower, Wen Bai knelt at the tombstone of Tan Jingtian’s mother and confessed the sins in his heart. At this time, Tan Jingtian’s mother also shed a tear. Wen Bai knew that Tan Jingtian’s mother was crying too. It was the tears to Wen Bai who finally knew repentance for so many years. It was the tears to Wen Bai and Tan Jingtian who treated each other like brothers. Wen Bai looked at the tombstone and couldn’t help crying. He wanted to The guilt in his heart was released, and he wanted to be redeemed in his heart. Tan Jingtian was a little surprised at Wen Bai’s actions. At this time, the upper figure in the distance was watching them.

Xie Tianqi also went to the cemetery under an umbrella. Wen Bai quickly apologized when he saw Xie Tianqi there, but Xie Tianqi drove him to the river where Wen Bai killed people. Xie Tianqi told Wen Bai that the reason she wanted to bring Wen Bai there was because she knew Wen Bai has a secret in his heart. Wen Bai prescribed the wrong medicine to Aunt Park. The secret is related to Tan Jingtian. If Wen Bai plans to be with Xie Tianqi in the future, he will get off. She drove into the river with Wen Bai. Wen Bai promised Xie Tianqi to get out of the car alone, and Xie Tianqi gave Wen Bai an umbrella to let him confess where he was in the rain alone.

Tan Jingtian went to the hospital to visit Wen Bai’s mother. He was holding a bouquet of flowers. He didn’t expect that the flowers Wenhui liked and Tan Jingtian gave coincidentally. The nurse said that the flowers Tan Jingtian gave were the same as their volunteer Master Li. At this time Tan Jingtian Surprised to ask if Master Li is still there? The nurse said that she hadn’t seen each other some days, and she didn’t know if she would go there anymore.

At this time, Wenhui appeared at the door and saw Tan Jingtian and regarded him as a prosperous year. It turned out that Tan Jingtian and his father looked too much alike. Tan Jingtian asked What is the relationship between Wenhui and Changnian? After asking Wen Hui’s emotions, she asked Tan Jingtian what kind of relationship they are. Just hit Tan Jingtian. This time, Tan Jingtian was terrified. The nurse told Tan Jingtian to leave. There was no way Tan Jingtian had to leave the hospital.

Xie Tianqi and Wen Bai said that they had arranged the transfer procedures for him, and they wanted to move away together, but Wen Bai was unwilling to leave because of the local landslide and there were many wounded. At this time, Tan Jingtian called Wen Bai and said that he had seen Wen Hui poorly. , But Wen Hui regarded him as Jing Changnian, which made Wen Bai feel very nervous, and Xie Tianqi finally called Tan Jingtian to meet at night. Turning off the phone, the Youth League Committee said to Wen Bai that he would not talk to Tan Jingtian too much if he thought clearly, which made Wen Bai feel even more depressed.

Tan Jingtian went to the hospital to call for surveillance and saw that Master Li was his volunteer, which surprised Tan Jingtian. Tan Jingtian found Uncle Xu and learned that Wen Hui was his father’s lover, but Jing Changnian did have feelings and children with Wen Hui first, and Wen Bai was his brother. Uncle Xu said that although the Master Li described by Tan Jingtian was disfigured, he looked like Tan Jingtian’s father in appearance, which surprised Tan Jingtian.

Tan Jingtian went to the police station to report the case and asked the police station to find Master Li for him. Captain Chen asked Tan Jingtian to talk to the people in the bureau, and then arranged for Liu Zhi to investigate all the people named Li Changxi.

Tan Jingtian asked Jinling to go out for dinner and told her about these things. Jinling heard that Wenbai was his brother and Master Li was his father. This shocked Jinling. It was more bloody than the plot in the TV series, but Jinling was puzzled by Wenbai. Maybe he knew Tan Jingtian was his younger brother early, but why didn’t he recognize him? Tan Jingtian couldn’t understand why. At this time, Tan Jingtian remembered Xie Tianqi’s appointment with him.

Captain Chen found the file where Tan Jingtian’s mother fell from the building, thinking that Jing Changnian had embezzled a large sum of money and disappeared in a car accident. This time they had something to do.

Tan Jingtian called Xie Tianqi and asked her the meeting address, but Xie Tianqi said that she was still in the hospital, waiting to have time to make an appointment with him, when Xie Tianqi’s car door opened wide, she was shocked.

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