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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 22 Recap

Xie Tianqi died tragically in the car, Jin Ling was responsible for her autopsy, but she couldn’t do it anyway, and her master was in charge. The police learned about Xie Tianqi’s last call. It was Wen Bai and Tan Jingtian.

Tan Jingtian went to Master Li’s rental room to check, where Tan Jingtian found some biscuits and took them back. He asked a friend with very good IT technology to check Master Li’s recent whereabouts. After a period of investigation, he found that Master Li’s whereabouts were very regular and also Those are those points, but they are all data from half a month ago. Tan Jingtian hopes to find Master Li’s whereabouts from these data.

Tan Jingtian inquired about the disfigured person in Pojiao, and finally learned that he was surfing the Internet in an Internet cafe, but in a blink of an eye the person disappeared. Tan Jingtian called Wenbai but no one answered him, so he sent a message to him asking if he had gone back on the front line? Tan Jingtian hopes to get help from Wenbai.

After forensic treatment, Xie Tianqi died at 11 o’clock in the evening but at 12 o’clock in the evening. Xie Tianqi fainted after being strangled from the car and then thrown into the river again, and the money in the car was not lost, so did the car. The door was opened naturally, and there was no trace of sexual assault. It should have been murdered, and Wen Bai and Tan Jingtian had to be secretly charged.

Tan Jingtian made specimens at home. At this time, a part-time worker went to serve. Tan Jingtian habitually took medicine for supper, but this person is no longer Master Li. Tan Jingtian breathed out another message to Wen Bai, but at this time the Wen Bai was still on the front line. The patient is undergoing surgery.

Officer Li analyzed that if Tan Jingtian committed the crime, he would not be able to tell Jin Ling all the time and place of meeting with Xie Tianqi, and he would not be able to handle Tan Jingtian’s small figure. At this time, Jin Ling said that she had seen the victim’s pictures and showed slight burns on her ankles, similar to insects. Do you need to send it to Tan Jingtian to find out?

At this time, Tan Jingtian replied to him that it was a sapidopteran It would cause such harm to people. Jin Ling didn’t know the news that Xie Tianqi had been killed when she sent the pictures to Tan Jingtian. Captain Chen asked her subordinates to look for evidence.

Officer Li and his party went to Wenbai’s hospital to investigate. They learned that Wenbai had been undergoing operations, and they went to the hotel where Wenbai lived. The waiter said that Wenbai was tired after several operations and went back. After entering the room to rest, I waited until 7 o’clock in the morning before going out, but at about 10 o’clock in the evening, the guest complained because the TV sound in Wenbai’s room was too loud. The waiter knocked on his room door and Wenbai immediately turned off the TV sound. Yes, the waiter heard and left. Officer Li went to Wenbai’s room to check that there was a small speaker inside.

After Wen Bai’s front-line surgery was done, he immediately replied to the message Tan Jingtian had sent him, but Tan Jingtian was still sleeping and did not reply. Wen Bai returned to the hospital and was warmly welcomed by the hospital.

The police found a drink pull ring on Xie Tianqi’s car with fingerprints of Xie Tianqi and Wen Bai. Officer Li said that they had been to Wenbai’s hotel and frontline hospital and found no time for him to commit the crime. At this time, Tan Jingtian called Jin Ling to ask him. When I had dinner with Wen Bai, my brother recognized Xie Tianqi and brought Xie Tianqi. Jinling Ninja tears told him to go first and contact him later.

Jin Ling asked Captain Chen whether he trusted Tan Jingtian? Captain Chen said firmly that he trusts Tan Jingtian. Jolin proposed to tell Tan Jingtian about Xie Tianqi’s death, and then let Tan Jingtian test Wen Bai. If it is not Wen Bai, it would be best. If it is Wen Bai, then let Tan Jingtian persuade him. Bai surrendered himself. This was still a chance for Wen Bai to redeem his sins, but Captain Chen worried that if Wen Bai was the murderer of He Jianshe and Xie Tianqi, would he even kill Tan Jingtian? Jin Ling believes that the reason Wenbai kills them is to protect the relationship between Wenbai villain Tan Jingtian.

Jin Ling called Tan Jingtian and told him about Xie Tianqi, which made Tan Jingtian feel like a bolt from the blue. Jin Ling hoped that Tan Jingtian could help Wen Bai get a chance to surrender. Tan Jingtian didn’t say anything and hung up the phone. Captain Chen was afraid that Tan Jingtian would have Dangerous take people to find Wen Bai about Tan Jingtian watching the ball. The police ran a lot of stadiums and didn’t find them. They searched the world for their whereabouts.

When Tan Jingtian and Wen Bai met, he called his brother and said that he had found their father, but he hadn’t found his father’s whereabouts yet. Wen Bai said there was still a chance. Tan Jingtian also told Wen Bai that Xie Tianqi was killed and he wanted to take his brother there.

He surrendered, but Wen Bai did not admit it. Tan Jingtian and Wen Bai said that the police knew about it and asked him if he had any traces of a sapidopterus bite. At this time, the strange man in the distance called Wen Bai, Wen Bai took a look, answered the phone, and put it in his trouser pocket. Wen Bai and Tan Jingtian said that he listened to Tan Jingtian, but before going to see Wenhui, Tan Jingtian agreed.

Jin Ling and Captain Chen put down Wenbai’s car, so they notified everyone to close the team and follow Wenbai’s car. At this time, the strange man also drove the car that was in Wenbai’s car all the way, unexpectedly Wenbai drove all the way towards The suburbs rushed into the river

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