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Mermaid Prince 浪花男神 Episode 4 Plot

Shen Muxin once again gave Anshida the drink containing realgar. Anshida felt a strange smell after drinking, and felt very itchy on her body, so she hurriedly left. Shen Muxin thought that Anshida was about to show off his prototype, and secretly followed behind. Fish footprints were found on the ground. When Shen Muxin approached, Shen Muxin found that Anshida and Anshida had no fish tails, and mistakenly thought that they needed external stimulation. When the two pulled, both fell to the ground. Anshida warned Shen Muxin. Don’t look at yourself, don’t talk to yourself. In the evening, Jiang Ze accompanies Shen Muxin to train Jimmy together.

Shen Muxin asked Jiang Ze why he still found a girlfriend after working as a lifeguard in Xingyue Bay for so long. Jiang Ze said that he worked so long a day and took care of Jiang Kai after work. Without time to make a girlfriend, Jiang Ze tested whether Shen Muxin has a boyfriend. He was very happy to hear that Shen Muxin’s ideal type is himself. Shen Muxin received a call from his friend Wang Hui. The two talked about the sharks.

Shen Muxin wanted Wang Hui to help collect information about Anshida. Wang Hui agreed and said that she would go to Xingyue Bay in a few days. The next day, Shen Muxin trained as usual, and suddenly thought that Anshida was a national player. He must know how to exercise. If you let him know to guide yourself, you can not only learn things, but also observe whether he is a shark. Soon Wang Hui came to Xingyue Bay. According to her investigation, Anshida withdrew from the national team for some reason, but he could not find any other background information besides this.

Shen Muxin asked Wang Hui why he did not bring her boyfriend with him. Hui said that Cheng Xun was a professional musician and was busy with work, but she could see Cheng Xun soon. It turned out that Wang Hui came to Xingyue Bay this time to hold a wedding with Cheng Xun. Shen Muxin took Wang Hui to the beach. Wang Hui found that Cheng Xun was also beside a girl. The three quarreled. Cheng Xun was pushed to the ground.

Cheng Xun deleted Wang Hui and slapped Wang Hui. Wang Hui angrily pushed Cheng. Xun, Cheng Xun was washed into the sea by the waves. Fortunately, Anshida went over in time to rescue Cheng Xun. Because of this incident, Cheng Xun accused the lifeguard team of being nosy, and also accused Anshida as a waste lifeguard. Shen Muxin accidentally discovered that the color of Anshida’s totem would darken when he caught fire.

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