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Mermaid Prince 浪花男神 Episode 5 Plot

Wang Hui was about to go back. Shen Muxin comforted Wang Hui. The two talked about the sharks again. Shen Muxin took out the sharks to show Wang Hui. Wang Hui told Shen Muxin that he had run the news before and saw a researcher from the Institute of Forensic Medicine. You can show this Lin Pian to him for analysis, maybe you can find the Lin Pian’s owner. Shen Muxin came to the square to walk the dog. Jimmy saw Anshida break away from the rope and rush past him. Shen Muxin thought of what Jiang Ze said.

The dog’s sense of smell is a hundred times sharper than that of humans. Nothing is impossible with training. I think Jimmy must have smelled the scent of Anshida’s body to make this reaction. Anshida helped Shen Muxin train. During the break, Shen Muxin saw the shark figure again and couldn’t help but feel it, and found that it was really not a tattoo, a bit like a brand. Anshida accused Shen Muxin, and Shen Muxin quickly explained and touched him. I suspected that he was a shark, and took out the information on sharks he found and his own online column. Anshida told Shen Muxin that he was an abandoned baby.

The director of the orphanage was left in a basin when he found him. , Placed at the entrance of the orphanage, the dean of the orphanage said that he actually had the same tail as the shark, Shen Muxin looked at Anshida excitedly, really? Anshida smiled. It was a joke. After Anshida’s continuous training every night, Shen Muxin has improved a lot. Jiang Ze saw that Shen Muxin had injured herself for training, and persuaded her to give up. If it was just to find Yuren, she could help her find it.

Shen Muxin told Jiang Ze that he was Without giving up, the lifeguard works meaningfully, not to mention that she can catch the shark, which is a matter of killing two birds with one stone. Shen Muxin and Anshida were running together. Suddenly Shen Muxin felt dizzy. Anshida directly picked up Shen Muxin and bought her food. Shen Muxin looked at the caring Anshida, and his heart beat faster. Shen Muxin asked Anshida why she came here to be a lifeguard, and Anshida coldly told Shen Muxin that her own affairs had nothing to do with her.

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