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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 37 Recap

Bai Siyu had to resign to Qian Xixi because she wanted to take over the family business. She also thanked Qian Xixi for taking her into Rui, which gave her the feeling of an independent woman. Qian Xixi also praised Bai Siyu’s coffee, especially Reluctant to leave Bai Siyu, but had to let her leave.

Bai Siyu looked at the way in the live broadcast room, filled with reluctance, Zhang Jiayun, Su Su and others were full of reluctance, and took pictures with Bai Siyu, Bai Siyu told the world to work hard with Su Su. Little Yellow Duck also wanted to go back to see Bai Siyu off when he saw the circle of friends, but Coke believed that being with Bai Siyu had no other benefit besides eating fat.

Zhang Jiayun also proposed to resign to the board of directors, and President Shen decided that Qian Xixi would continue to serve as CEO, and everyone cheered and applauded. Qian Xixi proposed to develop this cooperation method with Hualu Coffee to various industries, such as beauty, clothing, etc., and now that Rui has signed a new contract with Hualu, Qian Xixi’s return is also impressive. Ouyang also expressed his views, let Jiang Zheyang create his own brand, and have fixed traffic and purchasing power in the future. Duan Ran proposed to decorate the office well and also to decorate the bathroom tall.

President Ding called Chen Lang, reprimanded Chen Lang for being defeated by Duan Ranji on Double Eleven, and arranged for some activities aimed at Duan Ran, but Chen Lang expressed that he was unwilling to cooperate with President Ding any more, and did not want to be nasty. Things, just want to do business upright. Little Yellow Duck finds Chen Lang because of liquidated damages. He wanted to foresee that his salary would be returned to Rui, but Chen Lang expressed his willingness to pay the liquidated damages for Little Yellow Duck, so that Little Yellow Duck and Rui would terminate the contract as soon as possible.

Chen Lang gave Qian Xixi liquidated damages and explained that Gao Fang’s goods were not made by him, but Zhang Jiayun didn’t believe him at all and refused to answer the phone. Chen Lang hoped Qian Xixi could help explain, but Qian Xixi He thinks that Zhang Jiayun only looks at the evidence and does not listen to the explanation, and that Zhang Jiayun will go to Cambridge to study next. Qian Xixi hopes that Chen Lang and Zhang Jiayun will be cut off in the future.

Ouyang specifically found a foreign designer to design tailor-made clothes for Jiang Zheyang, and he also reached an agreement with Jiang Zheyang in private. Yu Shi was also busy decorating a new office for Ouyang. Ouyang came to Yushi, knowing that Yu Shi liked Susu, and deliberately ordered something that Susu liked to bribe Yushi and inquire about Qian Xixi from Yushi.

Rui company began to recruit employees and also began to decorate. Su Su let Yu Shi pick out future husbands from the new employees, but everyone in the world can find faults. Duan Ran insisted on decorating the tall toilets and installed them in his own office. This made Qian Xixi very opposed, but Ouyang said that a company is good or not in the toilet decoration. Disagree to renovate the toilet.

Later, when recruiting candidates, Ouyang and Qian Xixi had their own opinions, so that Duan Ran started to choose. Duan Ran was in a dilemma. Those who chose Qian Xixi were afraid that Ouyang would be dissatisfied. Those who chose Ouyang were afraid that Qian Xixi would not be satisfied. Satisfaction, for fear of offending no one would have good fruit, so I had to balance it out. Everyone who ordered gave choices and praises, which made everyone satisfied, but Duan Ran sweated a lot.

Qian Xixi couldn’t help but go back and complain to Zhang Jiayun, thinking that Ouyang was deliberately supporting Duan Ran in the bathroom decoration, the purpose is to watch the excitement not too big, want to form a gang, bad intentions, Zhang Jiayun can not help but laugh I feel that both men and women in love are too sensitive.

Duan Ran called to apologize to Qian Xixi, and said that his relationship with Ouyang is just a pure work relationship. He hoped that Qian Xixi would not be angry, and the bathroom would not be decorated, so as not to waste Qian Xixi’s hard-earned money. After hearing this, Qian Xixi suddenly lost his breath, and quickly agreed to eat with Duan Ran.

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