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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 38 Recap

Ouyang also gave Qian Xixi and Duan Ran the designer’s album he had found. Qian Xixi believed that the design was too high-end and not suitable for the positioning standard of Rui. Ouyang believes that Rui’s first brand creation is to find a well-known designer to increase the exposure rate and upgrade the grade. Qian Xixi also believes that this budget must exceed the standard, and it should not be different from the rich bosses that Ouyang had worked with before. Rui does not have that much money now. Ouyang also has his own set of theories and believes that this brand is Jiang Zheyang’s brand. These designs are in line with Jiang Zheyang’s temperament, but Qian Xixi believes that Jiang Zheyang cannot represent the public. The two argue endlessly, and Duan Ran sees it eagerly. I didn’t speak, and didn’t dare to chip in casually.

It was not until the smoke was a little bit light that they spoke cautiously, agreeing that the two of them had a reason to say, but they should not be too hasty to find a clear position after reconsideration. Qian Xixi and Ouyang also agreed.

Duan Ran came to Qian Xixi to coax her to focus on the overall situation and not play a childish temper. At the same time, he also expressed support for Qian Xixi. Qian Xixi was eager to ask for a kiss. Duan Ran did not hesitate to give Qian Xixi several kisses. .

Zhang Jiayun came to Fifth Brother to help change the clothes. He also heard about Ouyang’s plan to hire a big designer. She hoped that Fifth Brother could also fight for it, but Fifth Brother thought he was very happy to serve everyone with Old Cat.

Jiang Zheyang deliberately delivered food to Ouyang and asked about the designer. Ouyang also asked Jiang Zheyang what he meant by the way. Jiang Zheyang thought the design of Dr. Strange recommended by Ouyang was too exaggerated and not suitable for him. He likes simple and atmospheric Things, and Doctor Strange does not match the sharp style, I hope Ouyang can think twice.

President Ding came to Chen Lang and knew that Chen Lang’s sweetheart was going abroad. It was no wonder that Zhang Jiayun didn’t like it because Chen Lang was drunk for a woman. Chen Lang claimed that he had mentioned to Zhang Jiayun before and asked the fifth brother to design his own brand, but Zhang Jiayun failed to realize it. He changed for Zhang Jiayun, but Zhang Jiayun was leaving too. Chen Lang wanted to concentrate on defeating Duan Ran, and Ding also expressed his full financial support.

The fifth brother’s cell phone ran out and came to Ouyang’s office to charge it. Ouyang also asked Dr. Strange’s design of the fifth brother. The fifth brother actually said the same view as Jiang Zheyang, which made Ouyang finally understand why Jiang Zhe Yang wanted to cooperate with the fifth brother so much.

Early in the morning, Zhang Jiayun packed up his things and left. Qian Xixi specially prepared breakfast, and told Zhang Jiayun to give a message after seeing his parents. He also wished Zhang Jiayun a successful entrance to Cambridge.

While the fifth brother was busy designing with Rui, Chen Lang also invited a designer to design clothes, but he was not satisfied. Chen Lang ran into his fifth brother on the street. He learned about a lot of things he designed before. The designed clothes were plagiarized and commercialized. He persuaded the fifth brother to come to his company and would try his best to help promote it. The elder brother refused directly, and Chen Lang anxiously handed his business card to the old cat.

Zhang Jiayun went back to Shanghai to see his parents first, and also met Chen Lang’s mother. Chen’s mother had a lot of things that Zhang Jiayun could bring to Chen Lang. Zhang Jiayun then went to the Cambridge China Interview Agency for an interview. The clothes designed by the fifth brother were secretly photographed and the pictures were taken away, but the person in Rui did not find out.

Half a year later, Rui and Jiang Zheyang live broadcast clothing together. The traffic has become the top of all live broadcast rooms, especially the new product order volume is out of stock. This makes Duan Ran very happy, and thinks this step is right, and praised Ouyang. Accurate positioning is the great hero of the company. Although Qian Xixi feels uncomfortable, he still has to praise Jiang Zheyang, Ouyang and the fifth brother as successful heroes. Yun Live also launched the same clothes style as Rui. In the live broadcast room, Little Yellow Duck and Coke were questioned, thinking that they were plagiarism, but Little Yellow Duck produced a patent certificate to prove it.

The people in Duan Ran were very angry, thinking that this was the way that Cloud Live had no bottom line, and they wanted to sue Cloud Live for plagiarism, but Qian Xixi believed that crisis public relations should be done well and the lawsuit took too long. Because of the patent book produced by YunLive, Jiang Zheyang was questioned by netizens as plagiarism. The fifth brother suspected that it was the old cat who secretly took the photo. The old cat was very angry about this and claimed that he would not cheat his woman.

Ouyang also asked some people for public relations, but the other party felt it was a remedy. He suggested that Ouyang’s top priority is to find evidence that they designed the clothes and find a lawyer to fight a lawsuit. The fifth brother suspected it was the old cat, but Qian Xixi felt that the problem with the old cat was not big, and the company should have a ghost.

Ouyang quickly sent a lawyer’s letter, but the lawsuit was too long, which would affect the sale, but the lawsuit had to be fought. Zhang Jiayun came back from Shanghai suddenly. Hearing the conversation between Qian Xixi and Duan Ran, he was very sad and said that he would meet Chen Lang tomorrow.

In order to prove Chen Lang’s innocence, Zhang Jiayun used to retrieve the video of the clothing wholesale market, and there is evidence of delivery to Rui, so as to prove that the high imitations were sent by Chen Lang. Chen Lang did not deny this, but he also said that Zhu Wan did it. Zhang Jiayun was very angry and asked Chen Lang what he couldn’t do. Why do you have to fight against Rui one after another, and now you are stealing the fifth brother’s design.

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