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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 39 Recap

In front of Zhang Jiayun, Chen Lang admitted that he had stolen the results of Rui, but he also believed that he had suggested Zhang Jiayun to design the clothes of his fifth brother. Zhang Jiayun did not finish it because he did it. Zhang Jiayun was angry that Chen Lang could be confident that he could steal the results of others.

In fact, Zhang Jiayun secretly recorded a report on Yun, and Yun was banned. In order to stabilize everyone’s mood, Chen Lang can only promise that the son will still be issued during the title. Xiaoxiao believes that the platform will not be released in a short period of time. She will be seriously injured because of this, and there is still a child to support, so she also proposed to resign. Xiaoxiao even finds a new company, and the other company will pay the full amount of the liquidated damages. This makes Chen Lang very angry, but there is nothing to do.

With Qian Xixi’s encouragement, the fifth brother also apologized to the old cat who was misunderstood by her. The old cat did not blame the fifth brother, and embraced the fifth brother in his arms. Brother Wu and Jiang Zheyang also announced the patent ownership on the platform, which Chen Lang took the initiative to return to Rui. Duan Ran and Qian Xixi also hope that Chen Lang will be on the right track in the future.

Coke originally wanted to leave, but Chen Lang persuaded Coke that he could still trust him once. Although the two were unscrupulous people along the way, Coke unexpectedly agreed to accompany Chen Lang through the difficulties. Zhu Wan took the initiative to apologize to Chen Lang. He shouldn’t be forced to do such things to kill the company, and Chen Lang did not blame Zhu Wan.

Everyone can see that Yu Shi likes Su Su, but the two of them refused to pierce them. Under Zhang Jiayun’s suggestion, they wanted to give them a chance to confess. Su Su accidentally found her and Yu Shi’s names printed on them. Small light box. Su Su understood in his heart, but pretended not to know. Everyone also specially designed a confession line for Yu Shi.

Yu Shi was so excited that he hid in the toilet to practice his lines, but was accidentally locked in the toilet. Su Su learned of the situation and went outside the toilet door. Yu Shi felt embarrassed and embarrassed. Su Su also pointed out that she already knew the confession prepared by Yu Shi. Yu Shi hid in the toilet and confessed to Su Su through a door. She promised to be good to Su Su forever. Su Su happily agreed to be Yu Shi’s girlfriend. Yu Shi jumped in the toilet excitedly, and suddenly Qian Xixi felt that this way of confession was really romantic.

Zhu Wan came to Zhang Jiayun and said that Chen Lang is now in very bad condition. He sent the high imitation goods to Rui before. I hope Zhang Jiayun can go and see Chen Lang who kept him in the room. In the live broadcast of Rui, Duan Ran and Qian Xixi gave everyone red envelopes to welcome the new year.

Zhang Jiayun couldn’t bear to come to Chen Lang and gave Chen Lang a lot of products from his hometown. He also bought the ingredients for hot pot. Chen Lang was originally listless, and immediately became energetic when he saw Zhang Jiayun coming over. Zhang Jiayun proposed to introduce a friend to Chen Lang, and Chen Lang readily agreed.

In the evening, Qian Xixi, Duan Ran, President Shen, and Duan Shengyun had a meal. President Ding Ding also came. When Qian Xixi and Duan Ran saw Ding Ding, they couldn’t help but joke that he is too fat now. Ding Ding felt very uncomfortable, but Duan Ran didn’t notice it.

At the same time, in another room, Zhang Jiayun brought Chen Lang to wait for Duan Shengyun to pass. When Chen Lang saw Duan Shengyun, he suddenly felt a lot of guilt in it. Duan Shengyun did not blame it, but claimed that he had Chen Lang in his heart. , Qian Xixi and Duan Ran are all considered their own children.

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