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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 9 Recap

Dongyue rescued Mingzhu from Yan Lu’s whip, and ordered someone to put Yan Lu on the torture frame. Yan Lu was a spineless man. He fainted after being frightened by Dongyue’s soldering iron. Although Mingzhu is suffering from scars, she still advises Dongyue not to surrender. She has killed Dongyue twice. It is no longer appropriate to avenge her revenge. Now she is willing to use her life to exchange Dongyue’s peace. Therefore, Dongyue pleaded guilty and surrendered. Not only did Mingzhu suffer in vain, but Feng Xi’s painstaking arrangements were also destroyed.

Dao Le was anxious in Feng Mansion. Mingzhu scratched his arm and burned another firearm wound. He hated himself so much, what if he didn’t cherish his life and wanted to die. Thinking of the firearm wound, Feng Xi worried about Dongyue, her wound was not healed. So when Dongyue came to his door to beg him to rescue Mingzhu, Feng Xi felt obliged to do something for her woman, but first of all, she had to care about the wound. Feng Xi wiped her cheek and picked up a bottle of scald cream. Dongyue looked at his frivolous appearance. , Just thought he was going to tease her.

Feng Xi was even looking for an excuse to take her shopping with a high-sounding voice, to prevent Zuoxiang and Lu Yuantong from suspicious of their relationship, so they should pretend to be more intimate when they go out. On the street, Dongyue didn’t pay much attention to Feng Xi, and only looked at herself, and Feng Xi was not upset. He bought an umbrella to shield her from the hot sun. He knew that Dongyue was afraid of the sun and the fire. He held her arm for fear that she would be exposed to the sun. They looked very close. In the attic on the street, the third prince also saw such a scene, perhaps some things are doomed to be impossible.

The two came to a theater building, Feng Xi covered the whole scene, in the huge theater building, the shadow puppets on the curtains were animated, and Dongyue under the stage could not help but recall the past in this scene. She used to watch the shadow puppet play quietly with Er Yu, and put her head on his shoulder, but now she also unknowingly put her on Feng Xi’s shoulder. The topic slowly comes to the heart, Dongyue can’t guess Feng Xi, but Feng Xi does have a bit of sincerity towards her, I hope Dongyue will remember that he treats her sincerely in future.

It is said that Hong E, the maid of Feng Guifei’s palace, is strangely missing, and today is the day of Pearl’s execution. According to Feng Xi’s style of work, it’s not impossible to steal the merits. When Dongyue arrived at the execution ground, only people were cleaning the blood stains on the execution platform, and Feng Xi, who had bribed the prisoner to be executed. Even if Dongyue discovers the truth of the matter, Feng Xi doesn’t matter, as long as the goal of saving people is achieved, the process is not important. Dongyue was frustrated for no reason. It turned out that she still had good hopes for Feng Xi, but the facts once again beat her back.

The three princes asked why Dongyue had to assassinate Ding Yuanhou. Dongyue told the truth about her knowledge of the future. The three princes trusted her and were willing to participate with her. Ding Yuanhou, who had returned to the territories, had already begun to prepare soldiers and horses, and found that his arms were insufficient, so he thought of using Feng Xi.

Mingzhu was rescued from prison and her birthmark was healed. When she took off the cloth towel, a delicate beauty appeared in front of Doraku, making him stunned for a while. This time even Zuo Xiangxun did not know who she was. Mrs. Rou was supposed to send Mingzhu to be a maid, but Daole couldn’t bear it. Feng Xi took the charge and kept Mingzhu and gave her the identity of the new Feng Mansion Biao, named Feng Ziyuan.

Unleashing the power of all the princes of the Royal Wind Pavilion, the three princes have not learned much about Ding Yuanhou. What’s more, Mingzhu asked Zhan, and the left side resolved the ban, making it impossible to ask about this matter. Why this matter was obviously Ding Yuanhou was assassinated, but in the end all the spearheads were here. Some people also claimed that Yan Lu abused lynching to accept bribes, and even this incident was still aimed at the leftist behind Yan Lu. Zuo Xiang was calculated this time, and now he is free to move. He ordered people to inform Ying Xiao and give Feng Xi a lesson.

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