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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 10 Plot

Qi Nian’s work was seen by Lu Qingwu and wanted to sign. Lu Qingwu found Pei Siqi and the contract was rejected

Ji Yanxin asked if his subordinates had any recordings. After playing the recordings, he learned that it was Pei Siqi’s complaint. It was because Qi Nian’s boss asked Qi Nian to work overtime day and night.

Pei Siqi received a notice from the landlord that her son was going to get married next month, and the landlord also found another house for them and told them to move out quickly. It turned out that Ji Yanxin arranged the landlord to tell her to do that, in order to allow Pei Siqi and Qi Nian to be separated.

Ji Qiu found Ji Yanxin and said that she saw a girl manga. Ji Qiu admired the author to death, but was kicked out by Ji Yanxin. At this time, Qi Nian saw that Ji Qiu liked Qi Nian very much and asked her if she liked Qi. Ji Qiu told Qi Nian that she was about to see Qi Zi’s work and was very excited.

When Qi Nian went to the meeting, I saw that Shao Zui was their boss. Shao Zui went back to the office and talked about cooperation with Lu Qingwu. Lu Qingwu and Shao Zui said that Qi Zai was just a coincidence and would not have good works for a long time. Only by cooperating with them can it last, but Shao Zui did not agree with her. In view, at this time, Qi Nian was taken to the office by people from Shao Zui’s company. Lu Qingwu saw that Qi Zai was actually Qi Nian, so Shao Zui gave them the office to talk.

When Ji Qiu knew that Qi Zi and Lu Qingwu had met, he told Shao Zui that Qi Zi and Lu Qingwu could not be asked to meet each other. If Lu Qingwu was poached by him, it would be broken, and he also told Shao Zui that Lu Qingwu would seduce Qi Zi. Yes, so Shao Zui showed Qi Zai’s works to Ji Qiu. The prototype of Qi Zai’s works is Ji Yanxin. She is a girl.

Lu Qingwu and Qi Nian talked about cooperating with her, but Qi Nian told Lu Qingwu that the thing she regretted most was meeting Lu Qingwu. At this time, the person who heard the conversation inside was Qi Nian, which made her I felt shameless to see Qi Nian and hid it.

After talking with Lu Qingwu, Qi Nian went out and talked to Shao Zui about Ji Yanxin’s previous relationship. It turned out that Ji Yanxin was shrouded in the previous relationship and had not been able to go out, causing him to be like this. Qi Nian knew why Ji Yanxin was unhappy. ‘S left. After Ji Qiu went out, she told Shao Zui that her sister-in-law was a cartoonist, so it would be even better.

Qi Nian accidentally fell into the swimming pool while thinking about Ji Yanxin’s past. Ji Yanxin took her bath towel and asked her to find her own clothes to change. The clothes that Qi Nian wears belonged to Pei Siqi, which reminded him of his reprimanding younger brother, because Pei Siqi has always liked comics, Ji Yanxin put away all Pei Siqi’s comics, and said that his things are spiritual opium. So when Ji Yanxin saw the patterns on Qi Nian’s clothes, he said that those comics were just ideals, and there was no reality. At this time, Qi Yanxin said that Ji Yanxin also liked Grimm’s fairy tales. It turned out that Ji Yanxin took Qi Nian to stop her while sleeping I’ve been in the room I entered, and it was full of comics.

This made Ji Yanxin a little confused and asked when Qi Nian knew about it? Qi Nian told Ji Yanxin that he was sleepwalking. At this time, Ji Yanxin received a call from his subordinates saying that Xiaoye Pei had complained to him again and asked him to deal with the company. Ji Yanxin and Qi Nian said they wanted her to travel temporarily. It turned out that Pei Siqi went to the labor arbitration to sue Qi Nian’s boss for Qi Nian.

Lu Qingwu received a call from Lao Xiao and said that the person whose pen name was Jiang was very famous in the circle, and the work was also very good. Lu Qingwu asked Lao Xiao to sign him to the company quickly, at all costs. At this time, Lu Qingwu met Pei Siqi, because Pei Siqi was anxious to go to Shinan, and got in the car at the invitation of Lu Qingwu. It was only when Lu Qingwu got into the car that she knew that Pei Siqi was the sauce she had been looking for.

Lu Qingwu drove the car into the field and said that she admired the sauce and wanted to sign with him, but was rejected by Pei Siqi, so Lu Qingwu asked Pei Siqi to get out of the car and walk back by herself, but Lu Qingwu didn’t drive. My car broke down as far as I went.

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