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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 14 Recap

Gu Qingwu was really well-informed. Siqi’s flying machine broke into Gu Qingwu’s tent, causing her to loose powder, break her lipstick and apply it crookedly. Siqi’s Xiaohengjin came up again, pinching Gu Qingwu’s face and rubbing off her crooked lipstick, claiming that she would accompany her if she remembered the color number. Gu Qingwu used the follow-up draft of “The Other Shore of the Cloud” as a bait to trick Si Qi into the yacht. After watching the fascinated Si Qi, she realized that the yacht had already sailed off the shore and she was afraid of water.

Ji Qiu asked Qi Nian to put on a bikini and must work hard to seduce him. As a result, Qi Nian just wore a T-shirt with a cartoon bikini pattern, which made Ji Yanxin sweat. Ji Qiu used the bracelet game as an excuse to create a two-person world. Only the closer they get and the faster their heartbeat, the faster the numbers on the bracelet will return to zero and the bracelet will open.

As a result, all the good things that Qi Nian imagined in his mind became a physical exercise for the two of them. This made Qi Nian very annoyed. She yelled at Ji Yanxin in anger, but turned around but was pierced by a shell. Ji Yanxin quickly bandaged her up, and took the initiative to carry her back to the camp step by step. Qi Nian frankly confessed that his plot was wrong, but Ji Yanxin told him that this is his happiest moment today.

Seasick Si Qi was almost fainted on the yacht. Gu Qingwu asked his brother and Qi Nian who was more important to him. Si Qi blurted out his brother, but he liked Qi Nian’s heart and didn’t want to give up. Gu Qingwu asked him whether he liked or grateful to Qi Nian. No one had recognized his talent before Qi Nian, so he “liked” Qi Nian like this. She promised that she would cherish his talent ten times more than Qi Nian, because she saw a different landscape in Siqi’s cartoons.

At night, Qi Nian and Ji Yanxin’s bracelets had not been opened yet. Qi Nian sat beside Ji Yanxin and claimed that he only wanted to untie the bracelets, and had no intentions. Ji Yanxin took the initiative to propose a way to make the distance between two people close and increase the heart rate. Qi Nian kissed it cautiously, Ji Yanxin was indeed very cooperative, the bracelet was opened, Qi Nian quickly got up and fled, Ji Yanxin laughed rare.

Gu Qingwu covered Siqi’s eyes and showed him the spectacular scene of the Blue Tears series on the uninhabited island. Siqi’s temper was gone for a moment, and he no longer hated Gu Qingwu. Si Qi finally returned to the ground. Gu Qingwu molested him by jumping off the yacht. Of course Si Qi reached out to catch her. Gu Qingwu gave him the blue hourglass he bought so that he could confess success.

Ji Qiu looked at the unlocked bracelet and was happy for them. Ji Yanxin told her that she would chase the one she liked, but if two of them couldn’t be honest and conceal something, she would stay away no matter what she wanted.

Qi Nian heard an unspeakable emotion in Ji Yanxin’s words last night, and left early in the morning. The act of leaving without saying goodbye made Ji Yanxin’s body pressure have been oppressing everyone since early. Ji Qiu and Shao Zui have always wanted to find a topic, Ji Yanxin took the initiative to ask Si Qi whereabouts, Shao Zui hurriedly said that he was out with a friend, and it would never be Qi Nian.

When Qi Nian returned to the company’s sleeping floor, Xin Xin told her that the comic book “Beauty is Suitable for Repair” had been published, and she was careless to mail the book to Ji Yanxin’s office. Fortunately, Qi Nian rushed to the office in time to get the book back. Li Yue told her not to wait for Ji Yanxin, because the boss was about to be engaged to Lin Yi.

Qi Nian comforted herself that this was just a rumor, but saw Ji Yanxin and Lin Yi hugging outside the door. The schoolbag fell to the ground, and Ji Yanxin’s Q version doll was smashed in half, just like the sad look in his eyes.

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