Chinese Plot

Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 15 Recap

Ji Yanxin hugged Qi Nian, who was dragging his luggage to leave, in his arms and kissed. Si Qi, who came outside the house, watched the person she likes and kissed her, and the beautiful blue hourglass in his hand fell to the ground. Gu Qingwu accompanied Si Qi, who was drunk and soaked himself in the bathtub, but he suddenly held down Gu Qingwu to make her say he liked it. As long as she said he would give up. Gu Qingwu couldn’t help but say that he liked him, Si Qi looked at the person in front of him and wanted to kiss him.

Gu Qingwu and Si Qi became scandal lovers, and Si Qi was helpless and angry when facing Gu Qingwu’s request to follow along. As a subordinate, Xiao Hua imitated Siqi’s tone of speech to please Gu Qingwu, but she didn’t expect Gu Qingwu to study Qi Siqi’s speech style very seriously. Qi Nian and Ji Yanxin’s relationship was known to Si Qi, and he couldn’t paint excellent paintings when he was in a heavy mood. Ji Qiu told Qi Nian that this was because Si Qi also liked her. Gu Qingwu persuaded Si Qi to resign as Qi Nian’s assistant, but Si Qi was strongly resisted and puzzled. Gu Qingwu anxiously explained that everything she did was because she liked him.

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