Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 7 Plot

Qi Nian accompanies Ji Yanxin to participate in activities Pei Siqi exposes Lu Qingwu’s mask

Ji Qiu called Shao Zui and asked him to meet him. Shao Zui asked what happened to Ji Qiu? But Ji Qiu told Shao Zui to see for himself. It turned out that Ji Qiu and Qi Bao were trapped in the quagmire when they went out to play together. The name was Shao Zui and pulled her out. Unexpectedly, both of them fell in, so Shao Zui had to take Ji Qiu pulled out and went home carrying Ji Qiu on his back.

Lu Qingwu and his assistant said that they would dig some newcomers into their studio, and if they wanted to be the first, they would kill them in the cradle. Lu Qingwu’s signing event was about to begin, and the two people had to control the black fans and could not let them enter the signing area.

Pei Siqi called Qi Nian and said that he had two tickets signed by Lu Qingwu and hoped that Qi Nian could go with him. At this time, Ji Yanxin took the call again and told Pei Siqi that Qi Nian was not available, and asked Qi Nian to accompany him to an event. We will leave before six o’clock, but Qi Nian can’t get to Ji Yanxin’s home at six o’clock in the morning, so Qi Nian has to stay in Ji Yanxin’s house temporarily. Pei Siqi was thinking about Ji Yanxin’s phone call, why is the voice so familiar?

Ji Yanxin took Qi Nian to the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Ji Yanxin’s family took Qi Nian to work with Peppa Pig’s headgear, but Qi Nian was relieved that Ji Yanxin’s high fever was not healed. When seeing a doctor in the hospital, when the two people went to the hospital, they saw that Lu Qingwu’s signing ceremony was going on downstairs.

Ji Yanxin saw that Pei Siqi was also there. Ji Yanxin and Qi Nian said in the elevator that he was not completely feverish, and that he was still very sleepy. Maybe he had taken the wrong medicine. He should have taken sleeping pills and antipyretics together. Pei Siqi got her autographed comics at Lu Qingwu’s signing event. Lu Qingwu also has a good impression of Pei Siqi, which makes many fans envy.

Ji Yanxin told Qi Nian not to fall asleep before entering the hospital, otherwise it would be too embarrassing. He wanted Qi Nian to speak with him, so Qi Nian introduced herself to Ji Yanxin. After introducing her hobby was only girl comics, she also said Mom and Dad’s work. Qi Nian saw that Ji Yanxin had fallen asleep, and told Ji Yanxin that she was a cartoonist, and her previous pen name was Qiyue Qingwu.

Lu Qingwu was telling reporters that she loves girl comics. At this time, Pei Siqi thought that she was OK, but Lu Qingwu said that her regret work was July Qingwu, which made Pei Siqi think she was a liar, and she was totally a liar. Business sister. The reporter asked Lu Qingwu if she would give up the name Qiyue Qingwu? Lu Qingwu said that she didn’t give up, but just wanted him to return to where he should be. Some fans think that Lu Qingwu’s past is a classic, but the present is no different from the past. When it comes to the fan question session, it’s Pei Siqi’s turn to ask is Lu Qing Wuyun Zhibian is her work? At this time, many die-hard fans are scolding Pei Siqi for being ill. Who else would it be if Lu Qingwu?

Qi Nian received a call from the leader and asked her to open the web page to see what it meant to be revenge, so she opened the web page when she saw Pei Siqi, but there was no signal in the corridor, and she saw nothing.

Pei Siqi is asking the question of Lu Qing Wuyun’s Beyond, and also asking Lu Qing that Wuyun’s Beyond is not over. After so many years, she hasn’t created the ending. Isn’t it the expression of the ending with other people’s works? This made it difficult for Lu Qingwu to answer. Pei Siqi also said that Lu Qingwu’s works were all sought-after paintings. At this time, Lu Qingwu’s security wanted to catch him, so Pei Siqi called Qi Nian to ask him for help, so Qi Nian did it. Put Ji Yanxin alone in the corridor to find Pei Siqi. When Qi Nian left, Ji Yanxin woke up and saw Pei Siqi in the corridor.

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