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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 8 Plot

Pei Siqi called Ji Yanxin, and when Ji Qiu happened to receive it, he told Pei Siqi that he had to say to Ji Yanxin that he had a big sign for the signing. This time, Pei Siqi was terrified, so he put down the phone and ran quickly. Chase out to find him home.

Lu Qingwu was looking for Pei Siqi at the signing event. At this time, he saw Qi Nian. When Lu Qingwu saw Qi Nian, she said that she hadn’t seen Qiyue Qingwu for a long time. Qi Nian also said to Lu Qingwu that the teacher is good. , It turns out that Lu Qingwu was Qi Nian’s school teacher. When Qi Nian was drawing on the school blackboard, he introduced Qi Nian to his assistant Lao Xiao, and asked Lao Xiao to sign Qi Nian, so Lu Qingwu was going to mourn. Nian created comics with himself to participate in the competition, and added the names of both of them. The pen name is Qiyue Qingwu.

Qi Nian is about to take the college entrance examination. Lu Qingwu asked her to wait for the college entrance examination to join her in the competition. . But I didn’t expect Lu Qingwu to take the work of two people to the competition and win the first prize. He also told the media that it was her independent work, which made Qi Nian hate her.

Lu Qingwu asked Qi Nian that she hadn’t made her mark in the comics industry for so many years because she was heartless, but Qi Nian replied that at least she still had a face, which made Lu Qingwu look ugly immediately, and Pei Siqi called Qi Nian to ask. Where she was seen by Lu Qingwu, she asked Qi Nian that she was looking for the black fan, but Qi Nian didn’t know what Lu Qingwu was talking about. When the UI was Lu Qingwu, she showed the video to Qi Nian and called someone else. Take Qi Nian away. At this time, Ji Yanxin arrived and took Qi Nian away. Lu Qingwu had no choice but to admit it.

After Qi Nian and Ji Yanxin left, they saw that his calligraphy became lame, so they asked him what’s wrong? Ji Yanxin said that he just had a dream. Lu Qingwu went back to the studio to watch Pei Siqi’s video and asked her to find Pei Siqi’s information, but the subordinates said that this person had gone to her studio to sign up, but was rejected. Lu Qingwu took Pei Siqi. Unexpectedly, his work is still a genius, which makes Lu Qingwu a pity.

Pei Siqi called Qi Nian and said that he saw his brother, but was almost caught by his brother. Pei Siqi asked Qi Nian to go back and create comics with him, but Pei Siqi asked her boss to choose one with him. Qi Nian did not hesitate I chose the boss because the boss paid her and he was still the protagonist of the comics. This made Pei Siqi mad and went crazy in the park, but he did not expect that the works of the competition were accepted, which made Pei Siqi feel better again. When Pei Siqi was happy in the park, a sleeping brother appeared before her eyes. It turned out that Shu Jiqiu and Ji Yanxin had leaked his whereabouts.

Ji Yanxin and Pei Siqi said that he had been away from home for many years, what job did he find now? Are you still drawing comics? The dream is far away from reality. At this time, Pei Siqi took out the admission notice. Ji Yanxin and Pei Siqi said that if he got a job in his own city, he would let him be free, and if he failed, he would go home with him.

Shao Zui asked Ji Yanxin what he thought of the reunion with his brother? Ji Yanxin felt that he was still so uneasy. When Ji Yanxin returned home and saw that Qi Nian was already asleep, he slept in a room with her. When Qi Nian woke up, he saw Ji Yanxin next to him, wondering if Ji Yanxin was sleepwalking.

When eating in the morning, Ji Yanxin asked Qi Nian if he didn’t sleep well at night? Asked her not to be playful at night, but Qi Nian thought that it was Ji Yanxin sleepwalking to his room last night, and then he took his quilt back to his room at dawn. He didn’t know this at all. Qi Nian told his friends about these things, and Ji Yanxin always sleepwalked. At night, he ran around and hugged and kissed himself. When Pei Siqi went to work on the first day, he was surprised to see that Lu Qingwu was also in this company.

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