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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 9 Plot

The works of Pei Siqi and Qi Nian were selected and Ji Yanxin found that Qi Nian and Pei Siqi were together

On the first day at work, Pei Siqi saw that Lu Qingwu was also working in the company, so she asked if she was the chief content officer of Rongpin. Lu Qingwu asked him what he wanted to do in Rongpin. If Pei Siqi apologized to her, he would give him this opportunity, but Pei Siqi said that he was used to walking upright and left without being able to be with a dog.

When Ji Yanxin saw Pei Siqi and he said that when Ji Yanxin saw their company’s stamp, he knew it was fake, and Rongpin did not hire him. Pei Siqi asked her brother why didn’t he tell him earlier? Ji Yanxin gave Pei Siqi a cup of coffee and said that he could go to work in his company.

Lu Qingwu received news from his subordinates that Qi Nian’s work was ranked first in the number of views as soon as he went online. Qi Nian called Pei Siqi and said that the comics they worked together won the first place as soon as they went online. Pei Siqi, who returned to work at the company, immediately got off the car to find Qi Nian. Ji Yanxin pushed Pei Siqi in the car and asked who Qi Nian was by phone. Asked Qi Nian not to give Pei Siqi some unreliable suggestions. At this time, she hung up because of a bad signal.

Pei Siqi ran to Qi Nian’s company and saw Qi Nian’s leadership. It turned out that Qi Nian signed the works by Pei Siqi and Qi Nian. Now whether Pei Siqi is Qi Nian’s assistant or the author, this made the filming unexpected. Pei Siqi asked where Qi Nian went? The leader told Pei Siqi that she had returned to her boss’s house.

Pei Siqi sent a message to Qi Nian asking him to go back quickly. At this time, Ji Yanxin fainted again. Qi Nian saw Ji Yanxin’s notes and found that Ji Yanxin knew that he had been sleepwalking and had been taking medicine. When Qi Nian helped Ji Yanxin to bed, Ji Yanxin caught Ji Yanxin. When I got married, Ji Yanxin woke up unexpectedly. When I saw that he was kissing, he pushed Qi Nian away. Qi Nian was shy and told Ji Yanxin to take a good rest and go home.

Qi Nian just walked out the door and saw Pei Siqi riding a motorcycle to pick her up. It was Ji Yanxin who stood at the door and saw Qi Nian and Pei Siqi go together.

Pei Siqi thanked Qi Nian for fulfilling his career, and then Qi Nian told Pei Siqi that she shouldn’t take advantage of her male spirit to be unconscious. This is because Pei Siqi bought some balloons to give her as gifts, but Unexpectedly, the brakes of Pei Siqi’s electric bike failed, and the two of them could only ride the electric bike and run out of electricity to go home.

Ji Yanxin followed them all the way to the rental room. This was a security guard and Ji Yanxin said that they were a couple and had lived together for a long time. This made Ji Yanxin a little bit unbelievable. So Ji Yanxin called Qi Nian and told her to go back to work, and Qi Nian hurriedly took a taxi. He ran back to Ji Yanxin’s home to go to work. Ji Yanxin and the taxi ran into a traffic light together, but Ji Yanxin passed the taxi and crossed the intersection. The taxi was stopped by a red light. Ji Yanxin ran home in a panic, taking off his clothes and pretending to be calm. Wait for Qi Nian to knock on the door.

After Qi Nian knocked on the door, he saw a cold face. In fact, Ji Yanxin had already run out of breath, but the surface was calm. Ji Yanxin asked Qi Nian why he did not answer 21 calls? Then Qi Nian told Ji Yanxin that she would go out with her co-rented roommate to celebrate that his work was selected, so she didn’t see the phone, and had a good time riding an electric bike with her roommate. Ji Yanxin knew that Qi Nian and Pei Siqi were roommates. not worried.

The next day Ji Yanxin prepared an electric bike for Qi Nian and asked her to ride an electric bike to work with him, but Ji Yanxin had never rode an electric bike and had to take him to work. When I arrived at the company, everyone was watching the boss take a little girl to work. They were very strange and asked each other who Qi Nian was? Ji Yanxin received a complaint call, and that person was Pei Xiaoye.

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