Black Myth: Wukong – Official 13 Minutes Gameplay

The plot of the game seems a bit unclear, we can tell from the gameplay trailer that the Journey to The West will have something to do with the plot and of course Wukong as well. After watching the trailer another thing became a bit more clear, their might be more than one Wukong.

The bosses are truly fascinating in this game. The first boss you come across is a hairy beast that moves incredibly fast forcing you to match its speed and fight. After defeating it you attempt to give it the finishing blow but are stopped by yet another Wukong figure.

Title: Black Myth: Wukong – Official 13 Minutes Gameplay
Alternative Titles: 悟空
Country: China
Episodes: N/A
Genres: anime, Action, Adventure, video game
Aired: N/A
Broadcast: N/A