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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 34 Recap

Wei Jia has been in the past for several rounds, but time has been missing. Xu Hou rushed to his home and asked Time’s mother to persuade him. He couldn’t bear to see such a good Go seedling just like this. He said that if time continues like this It can only be dealt with as cancellation. But Mother Time doesn’t know why time is like this. She doesn’t care about time or chess, she just wants her son to be like ordinary people.

Then Xu Hou watched Shi Shi play on the seesaw by himself and walked over. He let Shi Shi give him face but also contract face. Shi Shi sat blankly without saying a word. Xu Hou was sitting on the other end of the seesaw. He was too heavy on the time side and he stilted up. When time couldn’t hold back, he stared at him and didn’t speak. It seemed that it was not where he should sit. Xu Hou felt helpless if he couldn’t persuade time To leave.

In the next siege match, Hong He met Li Chunshu, Shi’s teammate, and asked Shi Shi when he would come back. Li Chunshu said Shi Shi had terminated the contract last week. Hong He was surprised when he heard that. After the game, he ran to Time’s home and saw that Time was playing games with a few children. Hong He persuaded Time to cheer up, but Time said he was not going down. Hong He was so angry that he wanted to fight with him. Would rather be beaten to death. Hong He left angrily, and time told his mother that he wanted to go to school.

After deleting Chu Ying’s account on the Internet, he couldn’t help crying with his face. He turned the article and said goodbye to Chu Ying. Yu Liang talked to his father. He had been absent-minded about giving up playing chess because of time. He had never understood time and felt that his chess power went up and down. When he was young, he felt that Go was lonely, but now he feels that time is his life’s opponent. Yu Liang’s father told his son that Go is a two-person game. There is no Yu Liang if there is no time. Perhaps Yu Liang wants to help a group of people in a difficult time.

Shimo mother went to the school to find the principal. The principal agreed that Shimo came back to study, but there was too much homework left to stay at the first level. Jiang Xueming convened an emergency meeting with the members of the chess club. She told everyone to forget about Go when they saw the time. Who knew that Gu Yu asked him why he didn’t play chess when he saw the time, and asked him where to go back and forth.

The Beidou Cup can be described as a World Cup for players under the age of 18. Only the top three can fly to Seoul to represent young players from China, Japan and South Korea in the finals. This time the team leader is Fang Xu. He wants to take everyone to the long-lost team. Get the trophy back. Hong He heard that Shiguang was very happy to sign up for the Beidou Cup competition. He didn’t expect Yu Liang to help him by name. It turned out that Yu Liang didn’t want Shiguang to miss this bus, but Shiguang did not participate in the first round of the qualifiers.

In class, he was called by the teacher to recite the text, but he couldn’t memorize it. He was approved by the teacher. Then Yu Liang found time sleeping on the table in the school library and asked him why he didn’t participate in the competition. Time said he couldn’t make it. Yu Liang said anxiously that he had never used him as a detonator, and Shiguang said that he did not play chess because of Yu Liang. Yu Liang asked him the reason, but he didn’t say it. Yu Liang was disappointed that he waited so long and waited to play this game of chess with time, but time couldn’t say it, but he didn’t play it, but time said Yu Liang and others were never him.

Then Jiang Xueming and the people from the chess club went to find time and wanted to discuss with him about the name change of the chess club. Now there are exactly 7 people in Chess Club and Time. Jiang Xueming wrote a new name on the blackboard, Seven Swords Going Down Tianshan. When Shi saw the name, he immediately rushed to wipe the name. He was very excited to not allow them to change their names. Gu Yu went to find time and said that he had actually played chess for 11 years, but he had no talent. At first he was really jealous of Time being able to participate in professional competitions, but slowly he figured it out and felt that he was right. But the time now makes him feel that everything is nothing.

Time returned to the residence and was surprised to see Shen Yilang sitting in front of the chessboard waiting for him. Shen Yilang said that he came back to participate in the fixed stage match, hoping to warm up with Time. Time said that he would not play chess anymore. Shen Yilang kept playing Losing to Time was regarded as a demon. For this reason, he exercised his chess skills across the ocean. Shen Yilang let Time regard it as the last game, but he became a regret, saying that he picked up the black stone and landed on the board. Time picked up Bai Zi but couldn’t fall. He loosened the chess piece and fell on the chessboard. He told Shen Yilang not to embarrass him, and then ran out.

He came across the street bridge and seemed to see Xiao Guang and Chu Ying joking there. At this moment, Yu Liang came over, and he came to pay for the watch that was given to him in 1997, just like that time has never happened. . When he returned home with a heavy heart, he picked up the black and white chess pieces to make life-and-death problems on the chessboard, and suddenly he heard Chu Ying’s voice and couldn’t help looking around. It seemed that Chu Ying was sitting in front of him again, smiling and guiding him to play chess. He asked Chu Ying why he left. Chu Ying said that he had been there all the time, so he was in the heart of time.

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