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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 23 Recap

Just when Wen Bai and Tan Jingtian fell into the river, the man behind them was secretly filming this scene, and then said that he was revenge for his brother.

This person recalled Wen Bai’s killing of He Jianshe at the time. This person sent him a picture of Wen Bai killing He Jianshe and threatened Wen Bai to kill Tan Jingtian because he was going to kill Tan Jingtian. He is paying back his brother He Jianshe’s life, otherwise this person will give the police the photo of Wenbai killing He Jianshe, and this person will also give him the free video live broadcast, which must be executed today. Wen Bai went to discuss with Xie Tianqi, but the nurses said they hadn’t seen it for three days.

This person watched Dasou Wenbai and Tan Jingtian fell into the river and cried and said that his brother finally killed them after 18 years, and then sent this video to Xu Benye, and Xu Benye directly called him when he saw it. Confirmed by phone, but Xu Benye wanted Jing Changnian’s life and asked him not to have any extravagance, but this person said that they wanted all their lives. His brother died in Jing Changnian’s hands for Xu Benye so miserably, he wanted him for 18 years. Ask them to pay back their elder brother even the profits, and he will get Jing Changnian’s life.

Wen Bai contacted Chen Ershui and Xie Tianqi after scuba diving and climbed ashore. Did he kill him? Chen Ershui told Wen Bai that as long as he killed Xie Tianqi, Wen Bai didn’t have to worry anymore. It turns out that Chen Ershui knew that Xie Tianqi discovered the secret of Wen Bai’s murder. Chen Ershui had been following Wen Bai and knew everything about him, so he followed Xie Tianqi to the river.

While Xie Tianqi was waiting for Wenbai, Chen Ershui saw them not far away. Wenbai entered Xie Tianqi’s car and promised Xie Tianqi that he would not break her promise in everything he had promised here before. He also took out a can of drink and opened the pull ring. It was worn as a ring on Xie Tianqi’s hand, which moved Xie Tianqi to a mess. After Wenbai left, Xie Tianqi received a call from Tan Jingtian. After the two people hung up, Chen Ershui went in and strangled Xie Tianqi and entered the car. He saw a USB flash drive. , Chen Ershui took the U disk and threw Xie Tianqi’s body into the river.

In the car, Chen Ershui told Wen Bai what happened. He wanted Jing Changnian’s family to taste the difference between the yin and yang of his brother.

Chen Ershui told Wen Bai that his ultimate goal was to kill Jing Changnian and use Wen Bai to induce Jing Changnian, but Wen Bai told Chen Ershui that he should kill himself to make Tan Jingtian live, because Jing Changnian was the jewel in his father’s palm, and they were The father and son in the legal sense, Jing Changnian appeared at this time. Chen Ershui asked Jing Changnian why he wanted to kill his brother. Jing Changnian told Chen Ershui that he was not the brother who killed him, but that his brother wanted to kill Jing Changnian, and then Jing Changnian.

Ask Wen Bai to leave quickly, and then Chen Ershui grabbed Jing Changnian and beat him up. Wen Bai saw his father being beaten and stepped forward to help, but Chen Ershui took out a knife and stabbed Wen Bai. Jing Changnian saw that his son was stabbed. I went up to the candle Chen Ershui. I didn’t expect that he was stabbed twice. Jin Ling and Tan Jingtian arrived. Jin Ling beat Chen Ershui, but he didn’t expect him to hold Jing Changnian away.

At this time, Tan Jingtian saw the farting bug. Ji took Zi Xiang to Chen Ershui, Chen Ershui’s eyes were pierced and let go Jing Changnian, Wen Bai pounced on Chen Ershui and the two fell downstairs, Tan Jingtian grabbed his brother’s hand and told him not to give up, but Wen Bai and Tan Jingtian said he A good brother was content, and told Tan Jingtian to let him go, so Wen Bai broke free of Tan Jingtian’s hand and fell downstairs with Chen Ershui.

Jing Changnian was sent to the hospital. The doctor said they did their best. Jing Changnian’s time is running out. The police took Wenhui to the hospital and let her see Jing Changnian’s last time. Jing Changnian and Wenhui said the poem, that Butterflies, Wenhui read it after she heard it. After Wenhui finished reading the poem, Jing Changnian’s heart stopped beating. Tan Jingtian was so sad that when he met his father, he was separated forever.

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