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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 24 End Recap

After analyzing the information of Jing Changnian and Li Changxi, the police cannot confirm that they are alone, but Wen Bai and Tan Jingtian have confirmed that Li Changxi is Jing Changnian. Jing Changnian was investigated for corruption of 30 million yuan that year and later died in a crime. There was a car accident, but Li Changxi went to this city a year and a half ago, probably because he had advanced liver cancer that he wanted to return to the roots, and wanted to spend the last time with his family.

Tan Jingtian went to visit his father at his father’s cemetery. He recalled that Jing Changnian cared him as much as a father when he was a part-time worker, but he did not expect that his father was by his side but did not find out. He cracked so many cases. Her father didn’t notice that she was by his side, Jin Ling hugged Tan Jingtian and didn’t know how to comfort him.

The police investigated Chen Ershui’s information and found that he rented a stall near the Institute of Entomology to sell insect-related utensils two years ago. Chen Ershui’s older brother disappeared 18 years ago, but he disappeared on the same day as Jing Changnian. Another coincidence is that Chen Ershui’s booth was rented on the same day that Tan Jingtian entered the research institute. There was also a suspicious person named Xu Benye. Jing Changnian called him when he was in crisis.

Xu Benye was stopped by security at the airport going abroad. Liu Zhi found a recording device on Jing Changnian’s body. It contained the recordings of Jing Changnian and Wenhui. There was an account in the recording. Captain Chen said that Li Changxi had been with a hacker in an Internet cafe recently. It seemed that the recording contained information about that year.

His embezzlement, as long as he can crack the secret, he can clear up his unjust case, and this case is related to Xu Benye, because Li Changxi sent this recording to Xu Benye. Captain Chen received the call from the security check and knew that Xu Benye was going to run, so he took some people to close the net.

Xu Benye recalled that when Wenhui celebrated his birthday, his family was very happy. At this time, Xu Benye took flowers and a ring to the scene and asked Jing Changnian to put it on Wenhui, and then he asked Wenhui to make a wish that Jing Changnian could do it every day. Back at her home, Jing Changnian gave Wen Bai a teddy bear that could be recorded. Jing Changnian asked Wen Bai to take a teddy bear and record a happy birthday to her mother. At this time, Xu Benye received one. On the phone call, Xu Benye told the other party an account number, so this array was recorded by Teddy Bear.

Jing Changnian went out to find Xu Benye and told him to pay back the 30 million that he had embezzled, otherwise they would all be finished, but Xu Benye hoped that Jing Changnian could help him for three months, and Jing Changnian could not help him. He continued to push, and asked him to seize the time to make up enough money, and he could not tell Lu Tian about this, otherwise he would take the consequences.

Xu Benye couldn’t find Wen Bai, and told him that he still had a younger brother, and his father had another woman at home. It was because of that daughter that his father could not go home to accompany him and his mother. Xu Benye gave Wen Bai one. He Chongzi asked him to take revenge on the bad woman, and Xu Benye took Wen Bai downstairs to Tan Jingtian’s mother.

When Chen Ershui bid farewell to his brother and said that he was going to work, and he wanted him to study hard, he was actually instigated by Xu Benye to find Jing Changnian. He Jianshe saw Jing Changnian when he said that people fell from upstairs. Jing Changnian knew that He Jianshe would only pay for a few hush money. If he didn’t take him seriously, the money would be settled.

Jing Changnian called Xu Benye and said that this time everything about him was ruined. All the shit bowls were buckled on Jing Changnian’s head. He was not responsible for the 30 million corruption. He was going to surrender.

At this time, Jing Chang In the back seat of Nian’s car appeared Chen Ershui’s brother with a knife on his neck. Jing Changnian crashed into the valley while fighting with him. Chen Ershui’s brother was burned to death in the car. Jing Changnian survived the burns and disfigurement. . In this way, Jing Changnian was convicted of death for fear of sin.

When Xu Benye was escaping, he found the police chasing him. Tan Jingtian called Captain Chen and said that he wanted to convince Xu Benye. After all, he had taken care of him for so many years. At this time, Captain Chen saw Xu Benye’s car hit by a truck and exploded. Li The police officer got out of the car and looked at Xu Benye’s exploded car and said, “Skynet’s recovery is retribution.”

Tan Jingtian and Captain Chen said that there is only one possibility for Chen Ershui to take Wen Bai there. Chen Ershui also knew that Jing Changnian was there, so he wanted Wen Bai to kill Tan Jingtian live, and then took Wen Bai to the place where Jing Changnian entered and exited. Force him to appear.

When Wen Bai and Tan Jingtian drove to the river to fall into the river, although they were talking with Chen Ershui, Wen Bai had already hinted that Tan Jingtian must prepare for diving in advance, so Chen Ershui did not see Tan Jingtian coming ashore.

Captain Chen took Xie Tianqi’s U disk and told his subordinates not to let Tan Jingtian and Jinling know the contents. Officer Li wondered that Wen Bai was at the hotel that night, but the car-hailing platform also showed that he had arranged a car to go to the river for a round trip. What exactly was Wen Bai trying to cover up? It should be written to protect a more important secret than Xie Tianqi.

The reason why Wen Bai faked the illusion that he was still in the hotel was that he used a stereo he brought with him, connected the stereo with his mobile phone to play the TV series in the room, and then took a taxi to see Xie Tianqi. When the waiter knocked on the door, his other one The cell phone would give him a hint, so Wen Bai turned off the hotel’s cell phone sound remotely, creating the illusion that he was still in the room.

Tan Jingtian looked at the photo of himself and Wen Bai with great pain. He went to the hospital to take care of Wenhui on behalf of his brother. At this time, Jin Ling also went to the three people and disappeared into the distance.

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