Chinese Plot

Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 1 Recap

Li Chuyao failed in the interview, Li Luoshu sells technology for 10 million yuan

Li Chuyao, who graduated from Peking University, prepared for an internship under the recommendation of his teacher. The teacher recommended a company called Mutual Aid Social to give Li Chuyao an intern. Li Chuyao received a call from his mother before the interview, and his younger brother Li Luoshu came to Beijing to play and moved into the hotel. Inside, Li Chuyao asked his brother to play casually by himself, sending meals to the hotel on time.

In fact, Li Luoshu is not Li Chuyao’s biological younger brother, his real name is Li Luoshu, and Li Chuyao’s biological younger brother is Li Chuchen. Li Chuchen died in a fire many years ago. He looked exactly like Li Luoshu, and Li Luoshu played his role, making Li’s mother think that his son Chuchen was still alive in the world.

Li Luoshu was playing in Beijing, but he was actually leading a few students to sell a piece of software. The mutual aid company took a fancy to the software of Li Luoshu’s team. Li Luoshu sent a female companion to negotiate the price with the mutual aid company. The mutual aid company was willing to buy the technology of Li Luoshu’s team for 8 million. Li Luoshu was not in a hurry to make money, but went to talk to the mutual aid company’s team. , Put forward a selling price of 10 million.

Ten million is too large, and the mutual aid company did not make a statement. Li Chuyao went to a mutual aid company for an interview. Because of her casual dress, the interviewer asked her to come back for the interview, and she must wear formal clothes. Li Luoshu went to the mutual aid company again to discuss the price. Instead of agreeing to sell the technology for 10 million, he offered a price of 12 million.

Li Chuyao happened to come to the mutual aid company for an interview. She wanted to express herself and brought tea to the meeting room. When she walked into the meeting room door and saw her brother Li Luoshu in the meeting room, she was surprised and hurried out of the meeting room. .

There have been many fraud cases involving college student teams on the Internet. Li Chuyao was worried that Li Luoshu would fall into the scam, so he asked Chang Dale of the mutual aid company to find out the truth. Chang Dalle learned that Li Chuyao was Li Luoshu’s younger brother, so he thought to remind Li Chuyao to stop Li Luoshu from selling his skills. Li Chuyao determined that Li Luoshu had fallen into a scam and forcibly brought Li Luoshu back to his hometown in Hangzhou. After returning to his hometown, Li Chuyao gathered with friends and mentioned to a friend that his brother Li Luoshu was suspected of being involved in a scam.

In the evening, Li’s family of four had a meal. It was Li Chuchen’s birthday on the lunar calendar. Li’s mother specially cooked eggs, hoping that Li Luoshu would have good luck with the eggs. Li’s father is a policeman and an atheist, and Li’s mother is too superstitious. Li Luoshu couldn’t bear to let Li’s mother down. He stubbornly ate the eggs and spit into the trash can when he returned to the room.

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