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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 2 Recap

Chang Dale resigns and Li Chuchen passes away, and Li Luoshu takes his place.

Chang Dale went to Li Luoshu ‘s company to inquire about Li Luoshu’s whereabouts. Li Luoshu’s assistant was about to send documents to Li’s house, and Chang Dale took the opportunity to find out where Li Luoshu lived. Mother Li opened the door and Chang Dale said that she was looking for Li Luoshu. Li’s mother reminded Chang Dale that he had found the wrong address. Chang Dale didn’t know that Li Luoshu was using Li Chuchen’s name at home, and he wandered outside the community in desperation.

When Li Chuyao returned from a trip, he recognized Chang Dale, so he called out Li Luoshu. Chang Dale admitted that he actually admired Li Luoshu very much. He was also a software researcher at the beginning, and he couldn’t understand Mr. Wu’s face. Mr. Wu called Mr. Chang Dale and asked about the technical progress of the team that bought Li Luoshu. Mr. Chang Dale simply asked Mr. Wu to resign on the phone. He didn’t want to be Mr. Wu’s dog.

Chang Dale became curious about Li Luoshu and called Li Chuchen. When he entered Li’s house, he checked the family portrait and found that there were five people in the photo. Two of them are two boys. Seeing an outsider entering the house, Li’s mother was suddenly emotional, and took the family portrait photo from Chang Dale and fainted on the sofa.

Li Chuyao hurriedly rushed his mother to the hospital. Li Luoshu rushed to the hospital. He recognized Chang Dale at a glance, and suddenly became angry. He guessed that his mother’s fainting was related to Chang Dale.

Li Chuyao led Chang Dale to the grave of his younger brother Li Chuchen and told Chang Dale the reason for his brother’s death. The younger brother Li Chuchen and Li Luoshu are classmates. A fire that year claimed his brother’s life. His mother became insane and regarded Li Luoshu who rushed to the hospital as his younger brother Li Chuchen. The doctor thinks that Li’s father can fake the show and make Li Luoshu pretend to be Li Chuchen, and there may be a chance for Li’s mother to regain consciousness in the future.

Li Luoshu lives in Li’s house, but Li Chuchen internally, and still uses his real name externally. Han Zimo thought for Li Chuyao and persuaded his father to help arrange work for Li Chuyao. Han Zimo went out to meet with Li Chuyao and reminded Li Chuyao that he no longer had to worry about finding a job. Li Chuyao was unwilling to rely on Han Zimo’s family to arrange work and declined Han Zimo’s kindness.

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