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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 17 Recap

Guan Yongnian forced Guan Yuqing to seek out Xu Qingfeng’s discharge from the hospital Thinking of Xu Qingfeng writing to every patient who was discharged from the hospital, Guan Yuqing wanted to move out of the expert apartment and find a bigger house to live with her parents. Xu Qingfeng wanted to stay but couldn’t say it.

Guan Yongnian made an appointment for Guan Zhenlei’s car to pick him up and discharged him from the hospital. Guan Zhenlei arrived quickly. Guan Yongnian happily closed his mouth to urge Liu Shuqi to pay the fare as soon as possible. Guan Yuqing took her parents back to the expert apartment and arranged the largest room for them. Her parents were very satisfied. Guan Zhenlei sent Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo to see Guan Yongnian. Regardless of Guan Yuqing’s obstruction, Guan Zhenlei decided to take a day off and personally cook a meal for his parents.

Chen Zhijun digs out all the clothes and ties, carefully chooses the clothes that I want to see Lan Qiaoqiao on Saturday, Guan Yunyu then rushes home to help him choose a suitable suit. After dinner, Guan Yuqing went to the supermarket to buy things. Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo asked Guan Yongnian to play mahjong together, and asked Guan Zhenlei to take out the mahjong from the car. Liu Shuqi had to go to the table to play with them.

Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo are mahjong masters. Guan Yongnian quickly lost a lot of money. Liu Shuqi considered that Guan Yongnian had just been discharged from the hospital and wanted to suspend the game, but Li Aiguo resolutely refused. Guan Yuqing and Xu Qingfeng bought things and went home. Guan Yongnian asked Xu Qingfeng to replace Liu Shuqi. Guan Yongnian’s luck suddenly improved. He won several in a row and closed his mouth happily. Zhao Mei excused that Li Bei did not bring the key. , Forcibly ended the game. Xu Qingfeng reminded Guan Yongnian not to play mahjong, so as not to affect the recovery of the heart.

Guan Yongnian boiled the white fungus soup and forced Guan Yuqing to send it to Xu Qingfeng. Guan Yuqing brought the white fungus soup to Xu Qingfeng. She just wanted to leave. Xu Qingfeng asked her to help Coco build the building blocks. Xu Qingfeng was reading a book and couldn’t help but stare at Guan Yuqing. The two of them occasionally looked at each other. Looking at it with a smile, ripples flowed in his heart. Guan Yongnian was happy when he saw Guan Yuqing staying at Xu Qingfeng’s house from the cat’s eyes.

Chen Zhijun arrived at the appointed place on time on Saturday. Lan Qiaoqiao had already waited for a long time. She claimed that she started preparing for this date at 7 in the morning and ordered Chen Zhijun’s favorite coffee. Lan Qiaoqiao admitted that she fell in love with her colleagues in the office. At the beginning, I was deeply attracted by his talent and style of work. I wanted to treat him as a relative. Later, I was full of him. Chen Zhijun mistakenly thought that Lan Qiaoqiao was in love with herself. He didn’t expect Lan Qiaoqiao to say that it was Xiaowu. Chen Zhijun suddenly shocked.

Guan Yuqing looked for a house and wanted to take her parents to move there. Sun Xiaobai asked friends for help and quickly found a suitable house. She promised to find time to take Guan Yuqing to take a look. When Lin Jie came to work, he saw an elderly patient suddenly fainted on the ground. Lin Jie found that the patient had a stomach bleeding. He was given first aid on the spot. The patient was finally rescued. He vomited blood from his mouth. His son turned his face on the spot and framed Lin. Lin Jie repeatedly explained that Jie harmed his father, but he didn’t listen at all, so he raised his hand to hit Lin Jie.

Zhang Ran came to protect Lin Jie in time. He was injured by the patient’s son. Xu Qingfeng came to the ward to visit Zhang Ran. Zhang Ran couldn’t see others bullying Lin Jie. He wanted to study for a doctorate degree and wanted to shorten the distance with Lin Jie who graduated with a doctorate degree. Lin Jie was moved by Zhang Ran’s words outside the door.

When Sun Xiaobai got off work, he took Guan Yuqing to see the house. The intermediary staff showed them several houses in a row. Guan Yuqing used all kinds of excuses to refuse. The staff remembered a house that had just taken over, regardless of lighting, rent, and location. The facilities and facilities are first-rate, Guan Yuqing couldn’t find any flaws, and agreed to go home and discuss it with her parents. In fact, the rent for this house was 12 thousand. Sun Xiaobai asked the intermediary to tell Guan Yuqing 6000 yuan, and he would pay the remaining 6000 yuan.

Guan Zhenlei went to pick up a customer in a narrow alley, but he rubbed a lot of the car. He went to the garage to repair it for 800 yuan. Guan Zhenlei felt that it was too expensive, but he had to bite the bullet and pay. His WeChat wallet only With 720 yuan left, he asked Li Bei to transfer him 80 yuan, and Li Bei gave him 200 yuan for emergency. Guan Zhenlei was enthusiastic. Suddenly, Guan Zhenlei had an idea, he called Liuhou to sell the car.

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