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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 10 Recap

Ding Yuan Hou remembered Feng Xi’s value, Feng Xi also used this borrowing of weapons to win the trust of Ding Yuan Hou, and ordered Daole to find Fu Yuanshan and Murong Yi and notify them to be on standby at any time. Feng Ziyuan, who had a new identity on the other side, began to learn all kinds of rules in the mansion, everything from walking, standing, lying, to female red embroidery, very restrained her. A maid rushed to help even washing clothes. The rules were so many and complicated, Feng Ziyuan had a headache.

Had it not been for Dao Le who had been practicing with Feng Ziyuan, she would have been even more worried. Compared with these sewing and mending skills, Feng Ziyuan wanted to learn some martial arts, but Dao Le questioned her age at this time, and Feng Ziyuan decided to find no one to learn it and not to make fun of her Dao music. . It happened that Dongyue came to the mansion to look for her. Seeing that she now has no birthmarks and turned into a great beauty, she was happy to hold her hand, but found that Feng Ziyuan’s arm was full of bruises. Without thinking about it, it must be Feng. Xi abused her.

Dongyue immediately went to Feng Xi’s important person. Who thought Feng Xi asked her for a hundred taels of gold. Naturally, Dongyue didn’t have it. However, Feng’s mansion was rushing to make embroidery, and Dongyue could use work to repay the debt. The next day Dongyue finished her work at Yufeng Pavilion, and when she went out, she saw Feng Xi’s carriage, which was here to pick her up to work at the mansion. So Dongyue and Feng Ziyuan were still stepping up their embroidery until late at night. During the period, Dao Le always came to send some food and vegetables, plus Feng Xi’s deliberate teasing. For example, embroidering their wedding clothes when they got married can offset all the embroidery. Tired will not agree to such frivolous business.

Another day to pick up Dongyue and return to the mansion, Feng Xi took a different route. Who knows he was attacked by an assassin. While Dongyue had to deal with many assassins, he had to take Feng Xi’s safety into consideration, so the assassin took her away. Saw her firearm wound on her neckline. It wasn’t until Dao Le came that Dongyue brought the injured Feng Xi back to Feng Mansion with him. Daole saw that the black assassins had eagle claws on their bodies just now during the fight, but today Feng Xi clearly changed the route back to the mansion, but he was still being tricked, which shows that there are spies in the mansion.

It is not easy for Dao Le to find a detailed work from the whole government. Feng Ziyuan has a clever plan, provided that she wants Dao Le to teach him martial arts. Feng Ziyuan gave him a trick to summon all the new servants in the mansion. They had to tailor their clothes, and all of them had to be stripped and tailored. Suddenly a small servant shouted that his stomach hurts, and turned around and took out a dagger to perform a stabbing fun. Feng Ziyuan screamed and stood in front of Dao Le. His subconscious protection at the moment of life and death moved Dao Le, and he easily subdued him. Sure enough, this person had an eagle’s claw mark, and according to the agreement, Feng Ziyuan was to teach Feng Ziyuan to learn martial arts.

For this meticulous work, Feng Xi not only didn’t kill, but put him back, they would kill them alone, so why bother Feng Xi, Dongyue not only lamented Feng Xi’s viciousness. But he also noticed his injuries. After removing his coat, the scarlet wound was shocking. Feng Xi was still in the mood to tease her when Dongyue applied the medicine to her. This ointment was very similar to the one given by Lu Chuan last time. In fact, Dongyue obviously cared about him, but he just refused to admit it.

Seeing Feng Xi treating Dongyue unusually, Madam Rou was also a little angry when she mentioned her. On the other side, the Zuoxiang also learned that Dongyue had an injury on her chest, and the speculation had begun, and he would slowly grasp Feng Xi’s handle.

When Dongyue saw Feng Ziyuan again, the maid was squeezing her shoulders. Did Feng Xi really not abuse her? It was because she hadn’t heard her for a while to speculate. When I asked, I found out that Feng Ziyuan is now Miss Feng Fubiao. Before Feng Xi tricked her into embroidering, she wanted to see her. At the moment she was standing under the holly flower tree, and the holly flower named for her by Feng Xi was still in full bloom.

The court was rioting about the slashing of the feudal clan. The Zuo Xiang and Ding Yuan Hou had different opinions. The emperor urgently needed Feng Xi to speak out, but Feng Xi’s injury has not been healed. Dongyue almost rushed in, carrying the lunch box and began to teach Feng Xi, knowing that he was injured, he even ate some beef to delay the injury. Dongyue guessed that Feng Xi wanted to take this to let her take care of him for a few more days, but after a second thought she found a good reason for Feng Xi. Feng Xi must be trying to delay the issuance of the decree of the reduction of the vassal. After all, he and Dingyuan Hou were in the company and always wanted to benefit him. Although Feng Xi suffered a bit of condemnation, Dongyue took the beef away before leaving. This look is very cute in Feng Xi’s eyes.

Feng Ziyuan happened to meet Daole, and she entrusted Daole with the bracelet that Dongyue had just accidentally dropped to Feng Xi. This would create another opportunity for Feng Xi to see Dongyue. As for learning martial arts, they will be there tomorrow in the backyard.

In Yufeng Pavilion, the three princes asked Dongyue about Feng Xi. Dongyue felt that they were destined to be opposites. At this time, Qingxiao sent Feng Xi’s gift box with a holly flower attached to it, perhaps for the winter months. She hadn’t noticed it, she had been explaining to the third prince, repeating that he and Feng Xi were strangers. But when the flower fell into the water, Dongyue was the first to pick it up in a hurry, and the three princes could tell her care at a glance.

Feng Xi just appeared, returning the bracelet to Dongyue, and inadvertently said that Dongyue left the bracelet in the study for him. After saying this sentence, it was like announcing sovereignty, Feng Xi left very coolly, leaving behind the depressed Third Prince and Dongyue.

In the evening, Dongyue returned to Feng Mansion, before stepping into the mansion gate, Zuoxiang led a crowd around her, apparently here to capture Dongyue. At this time, the gate of Feng’s mansion opened, and Feng Xi followed a group of families walking out, and confronted Zuo Xiang in front of the mansion.

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