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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 11 Recap

Zuoxiang expected that Dongyue had an injury on her chest, it must be the assassin that night, who wanted to grab her and remove her shirt. Feng Xi didn’t show any weakness, not to mention that this was his house, and as long as Dongyue was his person, no one could take her away from here. But the Zuo Xiang was reluctant, and if he was bitten to death, he had to take Dong Yue to go to prison for a medical examination. Seeing Zuo Xiang’s stubbornness, Feng Xi could only throw out his chips. As long as the left is over, the imperial court order to cut the vassal will be issued immediately. Persuading each other with good words and doing both soft and hard, finally persuaded the left minister to survive this disaster.

Sleeping well at night, Dongyue began to think about Feng Xi and his people again, saying that he was tricky, or that he was a treacherous villain. He had done everything to save Dongyue many times, but they weren’t all the same after all, Dongyue secretly Warn yourself not to continue pestering. Before leaving the next day, he said goodbye to Feng Xi, he folded a holly flower and gave it to her. Why bother, Dongyue sighed, the two of them had different goals from the beginning. One wanted to kill Lu Yuantong, the other wanted to save Lu Yuantong, but Feng Xi had saved Dongyue many times, so he was just annoying. In fact, how could she not understand that Feng Xi had always been sincere to her, and only she was deceiving herself.

Feng Ziyuan’s martial arts practice with Dao music is improving day by day. As long as he practice hard, he might be better than Dongyue in time. Considering that she is light and weak, Dalto people created a set of darts for her.

In the Yufeng Pavilion, the third prince found the news. Wu Xiong, the minister of the Ministry of War, took the weapon out of the account as a good charge, and Wu Xiong was recommended by Feng Xi. Recently, Wu Xiong often ran to Feng Mansion. The third prince suspected This was planned by Feng Xi for Lu Yuantong. Dongyue was even more unwilling to believe that Feng Xi did this, otherwise his life would be unsafe. Selling ordnance is no trivial matter, and the three princes are bound to be traced to the end. This not only involves Feng Xi, but also an excellent opportunity to move to Lu Yuantong.

In fact, the three princes didn’t want Feng Xi to have an accident, after all, their relationship was as irresistible before. Back then, Feng Xi was accused of reading with him, an unfavorable prince, and all the servants in the palace watched people order food. He was indifferent to the three princes, and he dared not say anything, but after Feng Xi came, he just cleaned up the minions. , And since then they have fun together. Later, due to gradually different requirements, Feng Xi began to calculate for power, and they were alienated by different ways.

Both Dongyue and Qingxiao quietly followed Feng Xi to Wu’s house. The house was left vacant for a long time. Today, suddenly many people were carrying things inside, and things were even more suspicious. In the early morning of the next day, Feng Xi met the three princes and found that he was gradually intervening in the court affairs, thinking that he was going to grab Dongyue from him through court affairs, so he kindly advised him not to be delusional. In front of the emperor, the advice of the three princes and Feng Xi were still tit-for-tat.

The three princes didn’t want to argue with him, and raised Feng Xi’s scalping of weapons to the emperor, and the two made a bet. If Feng Xi’s scalping is true, he is willing to defy the law. If the matter is false, the third prince will step down from office and abolish Yufeng Pavilion. Within seven days, the three princes had to find evidence of the crime within a limited time. He borrowed the Yulin Army to search the entire city with the purpose of smashing grass and frightening the snake to induce the enemy to move first. The spies came to report that a large number of carriages entered Wu’s house, and the coachmen looked well-trained, so the third prince ordered the Yulin army to surround Wu’s house.

To avoid suspicion, Dongyue could only stay in Yufeng Pavilion, but she could not watch Feng Xi being arrested, and immediately went to Feng Ziyuan, asking her to go to Wu’s house to give Feng Xi the creed. When Feng Ziyuan arrived at Wu’s house, she was stopped by Dao Le. Feng Xi expected someone to deliver the letter, but he only had to come by Winter Moon. Seeing that there was no movement, Dongyue decided to go there in person, but was blocked by Qingxiao. Her martial arts were extraordinary, and these people couldn’t stop her if she really moved her hands.

In the night of Wu’s house, the carriage was about to set off, and the third prince appeared to stop the way. He suspected that Feng Xi’s carriage would have someone from Dingyuanhou. He called down and asked who knew but was just an ordinary businessman. He searched for boxes and sacks, except for the inside. Gold and silver are grains, and there is no such thing as ordnance.

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