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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 12 Recap

The third prince put the sword between Feng Xi’s neck. He didn’t know exactly what Feng Xi was playing, but as Feng Xi said, he just asked the owner of the grain shop to buy some food to help the victims outside the city. Because Zuo Xiang clearly ordered the victims not to enter the city, if you don’t quietly move out at night, wouldn’t it be against Zuo Xiang Ming. The third prince returned without success, and happened to meet Dongyue who had arrived late, knowing that she was still worried about Feng Xi coming.

Feng Xi won the bet, and Dongyue thought, perhaps Feng Xi’s original purpose was not to weaponry, but to set up a game for the three princes. In fact, it was with Wu Xiong’s attention that Feng Xi was able to transfer the ordnance to Qishan while the third prince did not observe it, but it was not safe there, so he had to move it as soon as possible. He ordered Daole to inform the Murong girl that there was a business coming. .

Regarding Yufeng Pavilion, the emperor thought that he was the third prince for many years, and he did not abolish him, but only fined him and removed him. The news soon spread throughout the capital through the Kyoto miscellaneous talks. First, the vassal decree issued Dingyuanhouyan to die, and the second was that the three princes suspended the Yufeng Pavilion’s reputation. Feng Xi personally persuaded those Yufeng Pavilion scholars to resign. Feng Ziyuan and Daole were waiting outside. Now the person who wants to stop her and snatch her notes that day must be Daole. Dongyue is worried about Feng. Xi, Feng Xi was also determined that the Winter Moon Meeting would come, and the two obviously liked each other, but they were still so convulsive. Feng Ziyuan couldn’t understand them.

After Feng Xi’s persuasion, the princes of Yufeng Pavilion gradually departed, leaving only a few people wavering. Seeing that Dongyue was loyal to the three princes, they decided to follow. But at this time Feng Xi came to Yufeng Pavilion and made a few frivolous teasers, and these scholars immediately asked to resign from Yufeng Pavilion.

Feng Xi managed to win once, and she definitely wouldn’t give up. Yufeng Pavilion had already gone to the building. In order to protect the third prince from Feng Xi’s calculations, Dongyue agreed to move into Feng’s mansion and take up a post in the Ministry of Rites. But from Qingxiao’s point of view, this is to betray the third prince for the sake of prosperity and wealth. The third prince always believes in Winter Moon. She has her own reasons, but she is not allowed to be told by outsiders for the time being, and needs to be verified slowly, waiting for the truth to be revealed.

The matter of buying food for disaster relief is strange. If Feng Xi smuggled ordnance is true, then he is the culprit who helped Lu Yuantong’s rebellion. Dongyue must investigate this matter. The happiest person who moved to Feng Mansion was Feng Ziyuan. With Dongyue as the company, Dao Le taught her martial arts every day, and Feng Mansion said that she was kind to rebuild.

The maid at the house called her his wife when she saw Dongyue, which made her very uncomfortable. She couldn’t figure out what Feng Xi was going to do, so before going to bed at night, she prepared a dagger under the pillow just in case. Fortunately, nothing happened overnight. In this mansion, there are maids serving her regardless of whether she is grooming or walking around. The maids are diligent and eager. Almost Dongyue said that the wind and the others are rain. She said she wanted to see Feng Xi and thought she was missing Feng Xi, Dongyue immediately gave up the idea of ​​meeting.

Feng Xi didn’t know Dongyue’s specialness herself, but Madam Rou knew clearly. She bought the application product herself, and she didn’t see her deliberately for a few days. Feng Xi is really different from Dongyue, which makes Mrs. Rou a little worried. She appeared from a distance outside Dongyue’s room that night, and saw Feng Xi holding Dongyue in a hug through the grass and the corridor. Into the back room.

Dongyue was always vigilant, the dagger behind him had been cold out of its sheath, but Feng Xi suddenly let go of her. Compared with getting people and getting hearts, Feng Xi hopes it is the latter. Without the violent aura, they lay quietly on the bed and talked about Dongyue’s favorite person. His name is Eryu, who was given to Dongyue Baiyu Flute. Unfortunately, he is no longer alive. Looking at this flute, Feng Xi always feels related to it, because the flute will scream at Feng Xi. When Dongyue heard this, he only felt that he was getting close, but that was not anxious. Feng Xi believed that one day he would take Er Yu’s place in Dongyue’s heart.

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