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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 13 Recap

Dongyue transferred her job to the Ritual Department and worked under Feng Xi. Today, she was sitting in the side seat next to Feng Xi when discussing the Ritual Department. Most of the proposals put forward by other officials Feng Xi were put on hold for further discussion. But Dongyue’s proposal says that he agrees to one. Dongyue thinks that each proposal requires three people to pass. The officials think this is weakening Feng Xi’s power, but Feng Xi agrees without thinking about it. Don’t care.

Lu Chuan came to Feng Mansion to find Dongyue in a hurry, but actually came to visit Feng Xi, and his admiration for Feng Xi was beyond words. Lu Chuan was frivolous, either knocking over Feng Xi’s scroll, or copying Feng Xi’s official documents at will, splashing ink and paper, causing a mess in the study. Dongyue was about to stop, when Feng Xi happened to come in. Seeing the two people pulling and pulling, Feng Xi sent Lu Chuan to check the blockage of the Jiangnan River.

Dongyue came to Yufeng Pavilion again, which looked colder than before, but the third prince was still the same as before, worried about her safety by Feng Xi’s side, but she approached Feng Xi to find evidence of his collusion with Lu Yuantong. This matter was sent to Feng Xi’s ears by Mrs. Rou. She did not say clearly, except that Dongyue went to South Street, and Yufeng Pavilion was on South Street. Feng Xi would naturally think that Dongyue was looking for it. Of the three princes.

Today’s essays in Kyoto record that floods continue in the south, locusts are plagued in the north, and the people are displaced. The third prince asked for an order to treat the locusts. When Dongyue heard the news, the third prince had already left the city gate, and finally saw him in a hurry, so he bid farewell to him and hoped that he would cherish it.

After returning to the mansion, Dongyue heard that Feng’s mansion had come from a few quacks and weapons. She felt very suspicious, so she asked Feng Ziyuan to tap and tap from the mouth of Dao Le. So he sent a plate of brows, and asked that Daole was going to a private house outside the city at night. Dongyue hurried away overnight. This was the place where she first saw Feng Xi. There was the lake and a tree of holly flowers.

Feeling an abnormal movement behind her, she hid behind a tree, and after firing the sword, her opponent was Feng Xi. He took her figure and the two lingered and rotated, and finally it was another kiss. This time Feng Xi lied to her again. Dongyue has not been able to see through him. But for Feng Xi, Dongyue is also an elusive person. He can’t guess what she likes and thinks about her. It is really fate, they Can’t see through each other, and fascinated by it.

Although it is not so glorious to follow other people’s words, Daole actually lied to Feng Ziyuan, and she naturally did not give Daole a good look. As an apology, Dao Le gave him a small and exquisite dart, Feng Ziyuan’s mood instantly improved, and he didn’t care about him for the time being. Anyway, he would treat Dao Le as a younger brother and wouldn’t really be angry with him. Dao Le was pissed off when she heard it. Whoever wants to be her younger brother, he really likes Feng Ziyuan.

Feng Ziyuan wholeheartedly hoped that Dongyue and Feng Xihe He Meimei, two people who have each other in their hearts, why should they leave each other in the cold. She took Dongyue to the kitchen, planning to let Dongyue bring tonic soup to Feng Xi. After all, she had to show her concern to be known. Mrs. Rou’s maid told her about this matter. It turned out that Feng Ziyuan made everything together. If that’s the case, she will drive out the old man.

Lu Chuan came back and reinstated, but the official documents were long and clueless. It was a waste of time. Feng Xi had no patience. Dongyue couldn’t bear it, and defended him, and also proposed that Lu Chuan be replaced by Taishiling’s post. Feng Xi also appointed him immediately. Lu Chuan was grateful. The official document is full of praises of Feng Xi, after all, Dongyue recommended him, but he is not grateful for a word. When Dongyue looked through it at random, it happened that Lu Chuan also recorded the locust plague control in Wei County this time. It might help if this method were told to the Third Prince.

Feng Mansion used the token to leave the residence these past two days, thinking that Daole forgot the token, Feng Ziyuan sent it to him, and this time Daole was finally willing to talk to him. But obviously, Feng Ziyuan still treats Daole as his younger brother, and Daole is still disappointed after feeling this. Here Mrs. Rou found Feng Ziyuan, and she was kind enough to persuade her to go on a blind date for her. However, Dongyue was about to send a letter about the method of controlling locusts in Wei County. She just met Madam Rou. She assumed the posture of the mistress of Feng Mansion and wanted to check her letter.

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