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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 14 Recap

Dongyue could hear the soreness of Madam Rou’s words, so let her be sour at a time, and she generously and generously shared her affairs with Madam Rou. The jade pendant that Feng Xi presented to her is the Xiyue Ji composed exclusively for her in the shadow puppet class. Madam Rou was just annoyed, Feng Xi suddenly walked over and put a sway on Madam Rou in front of Dongyue.

Back in her room, Dongyue’s atmosphere was depressed, and Feng Ziyuan couldn’t stand it. Yesterday, even though Feng Xi gave Madam Rou step by step, she still went to bed in the study at night, leaving Madam Rou alone to guard the vacant room, and after so many years, both of them had not consummated the room. Everything was Madam Rou’s wishful thinking. Because Feng Xi was repaying his favor from beginning to end, after all, Mrs. Rou had saved his life. The reason for deliberately intimacy with Madam Rou in front of Dongyue is nothing more than to arouse Dongyue’s jealousy and hope she cares more about him.

Suddenly a maid came to report that Concubine Feng had summoned Dongyue. When she came to the imperial concubine’s palace, she saw her graceful and graceful, but she said something to warn Dongyue against Feng Xi’s idea. At this time, the palace maid presented a plate of grapes. There were many people in the palace with mixed hands. Some of the palace maids tried poison first, and seemed to inadvertently reveal the matter of Hong E.

But the emperor summoned him before he finished speaking, and the concubine left first. Dongyue was suspicious, and stopped a court lady to ask about Hong E. It turned out that Hong E was bought by Wan Lai and poisoned in Feng Guifei’s diet, which means that her death was deserved, so she was indeed wrong before. Feng Xi is here.

The emperor’s body was very weak recently. Concubine Feng was very worried when she saw that she had no problem with the meal. She just couldn’t see what was wrong, but the emperor usually lacked a taste of Xue Lingcao in the elixir, and wanted to come to the emperor. Physical discomfort is related to this.

That night, when Dao Le came to see Feng Ziyuan again, he was not seen. After asking, he learned that he was scheduled to go on a blind date. At this time, she and Lu Chuan were having a good time in the restaurant. When she was still a pearl, Lu Chuan I also interceded for her, so Feng Ziyuan was very kind to him, and the atmosphere was harmonious. But this was sweet to Daoraku who was peeping outside the door. He flew out a copper coin to extinguish the candle and interrupt the glass of wine.

After coming in, it was even more disturbing the situation. Seeing that he was stubborn, Feng Ziyuan had to tell Lu Chuan truthfully in the future that she was not here on a blind date, but she couldn’t save Madam Rou’s face. Lu Chuan originally thought that he was going to be the son-in-law of Chenglong of Feng Mansion, but he did not expect the ending to be so bleak. It is conceivable that a personally experienced blind date guide will be published in the next issue. Feng Ziyuan was very annoyed when she left the restaurant. Daole only asked her if she liked Lu Chuan, but she only thanked Lu Chuan, but Daole was playing tricks to make people unable to come to stage.

If Lu Chuan fails, Mrs. Rou still has a bunch of blind date waiting to be introduced to Feng Ziyuan. Feng Ziyuan’s refusal is useless because of distress. Suddenly Daole rushed up and said that Feng Ziyuan was his future wife, and immediately took her. go away. You Dao Le stepped in, and Mrs. Rou could not participate anymore.

In the early dynasty today, Yang Yan, the Shangshu Shangshu of the Household Department, bluntly remonstrated, and the cost of the severe drought would be hard to protect. He advised the emperor not to order a large area of ​​snow spirit grass because of indulging in the pill. The emperor believed that taking the pill was also for the people’s blessing. Yang Yan actually refuted him because of this, which was really unreasonable. Feng Xi stood up at this time and listed Yang Yan’s three major crimes one by one, and then the imperial decree was issued, and Yang Yan was sent to the sky prison.

Dongyue learned from Dao Lekou that Feng Xi’s people were in Zhuming Station, and there must be some action. So that night, Feng Xiyue played the piano, and Dongyue played the flute to make peace. The piano and flute were intertwined and pleasing to the ear. Before the moon under the flowers, there were holly flowers blooming. Such a beautiful day, Dongyue drunk Feng Xi and took his The waist card went to Zhuming Station.

Many officers and soldiers in Zhumingyi escorted Yang Yan’s relatives. Suddenly, a group of robbers put them away under the banner of grabbing food. She had no doubts in the future and saw Feng Xi also here. He hurriedly hid in a panic, but the white jade flute sounded again. Feng Xi was only startled when he heard it, and immediately left Yang Yan’s family to Fu Yuanshan.

When Dongyue returned to Feng Mansion, Feng Xi was already lying on the bed. Everyone knew that he was pretending. Only he and the other could hear the flute. In Zhuming Station, Feng Xi would know it without looking at it. Who is it? Yang Yan’s death is a foregone conclusion, and what Feng Xi can do is to protect his family.

Feng Xi didn’t think much about everything, but was very concerned about Dongyue’s thoughts. The two sat on the bed and chatted together. Dongyue wondered if Feng Xi was as scheming and deep-minded as she is now when she was a child. But in Feng Xi’s mouth, he had to go hungry when he was young. When he was hungry, he went to pick the fruit. His sister was almost washed away by the river in order to pick the lotus seedlings for him. The lotus seeds were very bitter, and he was hungry, so he had to eat. He remembered clearly that The lotus seeds are not delicious.

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