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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 15 Recap

Because the gangsters who robbed food and grass entered Beijing to cause chaos, the offenders took advantage of the chaos and let them go, and these gangs were Yang Yan’s family. This matter sounded suspicious. The emperor only heard him say that the bandits must be killed. As for the Yang Yan family, let them fend for themselves.

Dao Le took Dongyue to a hut outside Beijing, where Yang Yan’s family temporarily settled. Among them was an old couple, a man named Yang Qin, who didn’t like officialdom to fight for fame and fortune. Controlling locusts is even more accomplished. The locust plague was reported by Yang Qin first, but the higher-level officials did not pay attention to it and the situation worsened.

Dongyue asked him for advice and heard that cutting down all the vegetation would cut off the locust food and kill it. Yang Qin was furious when she heard it, and the empty land without plants was more conducive to locusts laying eggs. Wouldn’t it be counterproductive. In other words, the last time Dongyue saw the locust control method in Lu Chuan’s official document was fake, she rushed to the Taishi Bureau, saw her so angry, and repeatedly asked, Lu Chuan had to admit that this was actually himself. Made up out of thin air. Dongyue is in a hurry, this is really going to happen.

The group of robbers who ran in the capital were caught in a short time. The prison disaster was painful and long. Feng Xi disdain to execute these gangsters himself, but there is one scene that I remember clearly. The robber suddenly raised his head and stared at him with resentment. , The ghost cried and said desperate words. The look was terrible, this scene awakened Feng Xi from his dream, and he had a nightmare again.

Taking advantage of the moonlight, she walked out of the courtyard and saw Dongyue under the holly tree. She stood tall and slim under the night sky. Feng Xi suddenly sighed. I was originally a free and easy man who could chant poems and make fus, but he became helpless with his hands full of slaughter, and lived in front of the world with a mask. The only truth is Dongyue, so can Dongyue play a piece for her? Just to appease him who is suddenly lonely. The tune is long, and Feng Xi has a rare dreamless sleep. If he can’t sleep anymore, he will bother Dongyue to play for him.

The three princes returned to Beijing in a dusty atmosphere. Qingxiao thought that it would be good to see the emperor with a sullen face, so that everyone would know the hard work of the three princes, but he has never been such a creditor, so he still cleans up his face. Although the three princes did not say anything, the emperor still saw the wounds covered under his cuffs. For such a son who did not say anything, the emperor made him the king of Qingyan and worked part-time in the household. But this time thanks to Yang Qin who Dongyue recommended for the three princes, I have to say that he is really a locust control wizard.

The capital was even more lively these past two days. The three princes gained a good reputation, and officials from all over the country returned to Beijing to report on their duties. It was a good opportunity to buy people’s hearts and win the group. In the past, the three princes must have avoided this matter, but now it is different from the past, and it is time to break the balance between the several factions in North Korea and China. He sent someone to steal the roster of officials entering Beijing from Feng Xi’s study at night, but it was too easy to do so, and Dongyue couldn’t help being a little worried.

Could it be that Feng Xi deliberately let the three princes get the roster, and deliberately let him go to win over the officials, this is too good for Feng Xi to say. When he was a child, Feng Xi dared to poison Zuo Xiang for personal enmity. Fortunately, he never succeeded in this matter, but the third prince thought he was behaving badly, so he sent him away. Feng Xi is very dangerous. The third prince hoped that Dongyue would return to Yufeng Pavilion, but Dongyue refused as if she could not give a more high-sounding reason. She only insisted that she would find out the truth.

In fact, whether it was sending Yang Qin or the roster, it was Feng Xi’s single-handed arrangement. As long as he wanted, he could decide the ups and downs of the three princes. He is going to use this method to slowly tell the third prince that the road ahead is unaccompanied, and the heights are extremely cold, and no one can help you except himself.

In this issue of Lu Chuan’s Kyoto Miscellaneous Talks, I will write about these officials who have entered Beijing. What the common people like most is the temperament preferences of the adults. Dongyue read his manuscript, and it is popular and interesting. One of them, Master Wen, said that he was very stingy and didn’t even keep a meal for the guests. What to say, Master Cheng Wen in Yushi was right in front of him, seeing that Dongyue looked very similar to his dead wife, he almost admitted the wrong person, and when he asked, he found out that it was the female officer Dongyue-sama. But Dongyue didn’t feel familiar to him, as if he hadn’t seen intimacy for a long time.

Feng Xi also heard that Dongyue cares about Master Wen Ye recently, but after a run on Wen Ye, Dongyue came out to argue for him. In the evening, Wenfu invited all the guests, saying something to treat guests without leaving a meal. Isn’t it necessary to entertain them with delicious food? Feng Xi sneered at this. During the dinner, the three princes, Feng Xi, and Dongyue were all present. Wen Ye mentioned Dongyue again about being like his first wife. Feng Xi became angry when he heard that Dongyue didn’t want to see Feng Xi mad, so he asked to change his clothes.

Walking in the courtyard of Wenfu, everything is inexplicably familiar, and there are many small details in my memory. There are stone bridges where she plays, there are long pavilions where she runs, and there are rockery where she hides candy. She removed the brick, and the bag was still there. Suddenly there was a voice behind her calling mother.

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