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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 16 Recap

It was Wen Ye’s little daughter who pointed to Dongyue, named Wen Xin, who was herself when she was a child. The little girl thought she saw her mother, so she hugged Dongyue and snuggled up. She hadn’t seen her mother for a long time. When Dongyue returned to the banquet, she picked up a child for no reason, and the child blurted out and called her mother, which made Feng Xi very angry. The child didn’t look pleasing to him, he said a little Wen Xin choked him, Feng Xi lost her temper and pulled Dongyue away.

Dongyue became obsessed with this Wenfu Palace. It reminded her of a little bit of things before. Feng Xi was naturally unhappy when she said that she was not happy to follow the day yesterday. He advised Dongyue to forget it, but how can Dongyue listen? his. There is no reason to discuss this matter, and aside from mentioning it for the time being, he also prepared a surprise for Dongyue.

Unexpectedly, Dongyue said that she was going to stay in Wenfu for a few days, maybe she could think of more, Feng Xi was completely annoyed, and after another thought, this must be Dongyue deliberately tempting him to be jealous. Fooled. But as the price of teasing him, the surprise gift was gone, and this time it was Dongyue’s turn to make a fuss.

In the shadow puppet theater, Feng Ziyuan came with a Xiyue notebook and gave the boss enough money to rehearse the play. In front of the door of Wenfu, today is the day to adopt food, all kinds of dishes and meat were brought up by the guys, Wen Ye looked at them one by one, replaced the expensive ingredients with cheaper ones, and returned the extra rice. Dao Le From a distance, I felt that Wen Ye was definitely an upright official who didn’t greedy a little bit of cheapness.

Feng Xi had nothing to say to Wen Ye, but it was said that Xiao Wenxin had been motherless since he was a child. It reminded him of her sister. Since Dongyue likes that child, let her go. In Wen’s house, Xiao Wenxin deliberately pretended to be sick to come to Dongyue, saying that she was dizzy for no reason and wanted to eat the food her mother made. This mother naturally said Dongyue. She came to the back kitchen, grabbing all kinds of ingredients in a familiar way, and shocked the housekeeper.

I made a bowl of red bean Lantern Festival and brought it up, and after eating it, Xiao Wenxin instantly became energetic, and the pretending to be sick instantly revealed her stuffing. In fact, she just missed her mother. Coincidentally, Dongyue and she both fold little rabbits, and both love to eat red bean lanterns. If Xiaowen wants to see Dongyue in the future, she will fold a little rabbit and send it to Feng Mansion, and Dongyue will come to see her.

On the way back, Feng Ziyuan took Dongyue and went to the photo studio. As soon as the story of Xiyue began today, Feng Xi wrote the lyrics for him personally. On the screen, the shadow puppets performed the male idiot grudges. She was fascinated by Feng. Zi Yuan had no idea when she disappeared, and Feng Xi was with her instead. He hopes to sing this Xiyue Ji with Dongyue. He must let Dongyue know his intentions. Even if Dongyue will come for other reasons, Feng Xiqiu also asks her to come and see his Thoughtful.

As the so-called Aiwu and Wu, Feng Xi also prepared many dolls and rabbits for Xiao Wenxin. When he was about to take her to see, there was a maidservant who said that Fu Yuanshan came to see him. In the middle, I was afraid that she would run around and drop the pegs outside the door. According to Feng Xi’s orders, Fu Yuanshan has arranged manpower in the Dingyuan Army, and the Jiaman Song and Dance Ensemble will soon come to Beijing to meet him. Garman’s letter put forward two conditions for him, to increase the price, and to see Dongyue.

When the third prince came to Feng Mansion to look for Dongyue, he heard the cry of a child in the house. He searched for the sound, and Xiao Wenxin hugged himself in the corner of the house. He was afraid of being locked up in the house alone. When his mother died when she was young, she clamored to go out to find her mother. Seeing that she was so scared, the third prince bought a flower on the street. The orchid has the same name as Xiao Wenxin’s mother. The flowers are so beautiful, and the children’s faces must not have tears.

When Dongyue heard about the incident, Feng Xi had a good deal of criticism. He was speechless to refute. He also had the experience of his mother’s death, not to mention that Xiao Wenxin was still a child. This time he really did something wrong. As a compensation, Feng Xi took the entire dough shop the next day, specifically for Xiao Wenxin’s doughter to make her happy. He asked the master to squeeze him and a Dongyue, but Xiao Wenxin squeezed his face badly, and put the beautiful Dongyue and the three princes of the face together, which annoyed Feng Xi for a while.

Xiao Wenxin and the third prince are getting more and more acquainted with each other. Tomorrow the Lantern Festival will be Xiao Wenxin’s birthday. The third prince has to miss an appointment because of affairs and cannot accompany her to visit the lantern. This is an excellent opportunity for Feng Xi to please the children. Walking with him in the lantern, not only had delicious food and drink, but also Dongyue sister went with him, Xiao Wenxin was moved.

On that day, Chang Street was filled with bright lanterns. Daole and Feng Ziyuan followed. Seeing that the family of three in front was happily, they didn’t need them to follow. Feng Ziyuan took Daole to drink and spent three rounds with Feng Zi. Yuan began to speak out loudly, thanking Feng Xi and Dongyue, and finally invited everyone to drink. As soon as he heard this, he asked Daole if he wanted to do it.

He was really insightful. And at a street cafe, a family of three was resting. Xiao Wenxin fed Feng Xi a bite of candy, and he wanted to eat another one. So Xiao Wen badly fed him a lotus seed. Unexpectedly, Feng Xi was suddenly in his throat. On Dongyue’s shoulders, the lotus seeds are too bitter, he has only such a touch of sweetness to rely on.

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